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  1. I had this problem a year ago. Back box was rotting and a small hole in the centre section after the cat. I purchased a back box from Toyota (£150) and a stainless mid section (fox in Germany). £320 all in, including fitting at local garage. The original exhaust (2 part) had to be cut after the cat/silencer. I didn't go for a custom exhaust because it would mean having to declare a modification. I'm hoping it last for a couple more years, but I would be careful buying the 1.8 yaris at its current age because a standard exhaust is well over £1200 from Toyota and there's no copy parts avail
  2. Have you managed to put many miles on it since your purchase? So long as the underneath of the car isn't too rusty, these Toyota's can keep going on and on. Odd looking cars, but I'm sure that's the attraction along with the practicality. Nearly purchased one a year ago, but wanted a little more power for the hills near me.
  3. A quick update, I have a new Toyota back box with the stainless steel tip (standard) £150 and a Fox stainless steel centre section arriving from Germany tomorrow £135. Toyota exhaust gasket £15. I will take it to a local exhaust centre for them hopefully to do their magic in the next few weeks. Total outlay about £360. In hindsight I would have got a custom built system, but I really didn't want a modification to declare to my insurance company.
  4. Toyota alloy wheels do have a bad reputation for not holding out too well. Polishing and waxing cars are the best way to look after your body work but my dad bought a new red corolla in 2001 and after 10 years the top coat started peeling in several areas. He use to wash and wax it regularly. I've heard it can be the pigment in the paint that reacts over time causing the top coat to fail. Will you be spending any money on sorting out the paint/wheel issue? What colour is your yaris Gas?
  5. It's not a special car, just very low production figures. I've got a brand new Toyota back box and I've seen a stainless steel centre section made by fox in Germany at £140. But it has to be welded to the existing middle section just before the cat. Mig welder for welding stainless to mild steel. It's either that or £1400-1500 to have complete system fitted at Toyota.
  6. Think I will have to go down that road to. I would also ask for a quiet system and would like to keep the original back box I've ordered from Toyota.
  7. I guessing the exhaust pipe diameter is maybe the only difference! I'm no expert either. It was made in Japan instead of France! I really wouldn't know.
  8. There's nothing special about the yaris 1.8 sr, other than it was produced in low numbers for only 2 years I believe. Hence the lack of demand for companies to invest in doing a copy exhaust. It could possibly be repaired if a garage would be prepared to weld in a new section and replace the hangers which are all corroded badly, its the original 12 year old exhaust. Another option is getting a company to make a custom built stainless system. This is probably the cheapest option and there is a place down redruth that does exhausts. Just had another price through from toyotadirectparts in
  9. So I paid £150 for the rear box which was reasonable for a main dealer part and I have a small leak on the front section by a hanger ( this is a two part system) and its seen better days. So I asked Toyota for a front section price and my jaw hit the ground, £1200+ not including fitting or gaskets etc. I can't find any after market maker for this model! So a trip to halfords with my discount card was in order to buy some gum gum. Does anyone have any recommendations for the front section of the exhaust?
  10. Lucky you Tony. They look like stunning cars. Much more exclusive than the top German three. I didn't realise that they have discontinued the avensis now. The new corolla saloon looks nice also.
  11. Best option for you Dave, I don't think they will supply a guard for my lacquer peel lol.
  12. A lot of cars come with tyre repair kits now instead of a spare wheel. So you don't legally need one for a MOT. Some garages needlessly say " engine cover preventing visual inspection" etc. MOT testing seems so varied and is the opinion of the tester!
  13. Always liked the Camry. They can do mega miles from the reports from American owners. I'm surprised they are reintroducing them to the UK market, I thought the large saloons were going out of favour for the crossovers etc.
  14. dankernow

    Mud guards

    I purchased some for my previous auris and they came supplied with screws/bolts that replace the plastic clips already in place. No drilling required and the genuine Toyota ones also come with instructions. I didn't notice any real difference with them on personally and the front ones left a permanent line on the paint where the guards touch the wings! This was only noticeable when I took them off.
  15. That's what I was hoping.
  16. The Yaris past the MOT today with advisory for the rear exhaust box. No problem I thought, I'll phone up a couple of exhaust centres for a quote! They all said their suppliers don't do one for my Yaris! I then tried ECP, two online companies, my local motorfactor, eBay all with no luck. So I had no choice but to buy one from Toyota. I'm just shocked that no one has one, other than a main dealer. I didn't want to go down the road of a custom stainless steel one, until toyota stop supplying them!
  17. This is the old school radio/cd player unit. My auris 2011 didn't have a radio code either, so it didn't effect it. I think it has more to do detering thieves!
  18. I think the only way to deal with lacquer peel is to repaint the whole panel/part affected. In my case it's on more than one panel. I'm still undecided with what to do! Financially it doesn't make sense, which is why the previous owners probably didn't touch it. But the car enthusiasts in me is tempted.
  19. I'm going to change the battery on a 2007 Yaris (Japanese production) will this affect the radio as I cannot find a code anywhere in the owners wallet? Thanks
  20. I recently purchased a 2007 Yaris SR 1.8 in blue with 93,000 miles for £800. Why so cheap I hear you ask! It's because it's suffering from lacquer peel on the driver's door and the panel above the door (3 door). So my original intention was just to drive as is, without spending a penny. But, because it drives so nice and it looks nice in today's sunshine, it's making me think it could be worth spending some money on the cosmetics. Is it worth the out lay or not? There are the usual marks and stone chips present. I also recently became a premium member with the club and saved 15% on
  21. I have a keyless start 2007 yaris which doesn't always start on the button. Symptoms are when I press down the clutch, the light turns green and then turns to red just as I go to press the button! I then have to press down the clutch 2/3 more times then the light will stay green and start. It might be in my head but it seems to happen more if i open any door before the drivers door! I was thinking that perhaps the car battery maybe on its way out. I have replaced both keyfobs batteries. Any ideas of the cause would be appreciated
  22. The rear seats have great flexibility I agree, but I'm over 6ft and passenger space is limited compared to my previous auris and avensis. Good point, there are so many storage compartments in this model. Even one behind the steering wheel! How does this model hold up to rust? All I can really see is the rear beam has surface corrosion all over it but nothing a rub down won't cure. Also does anyone have a recommendation for a set of spark plugs? I've seen Bosch and ngk for sale around £30 for a set. Thanks
  23. How are you getting with the restoration Dan? I've always fancied having a Toyota day/ camper.
  24. No plans on performance mods, maybe just make it look nicer. Wheels need a refurb, body has the usual marks etc but I don't know if its worth spending on the cosmetics. At the moment it drives good and it was cheap to buy.
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