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  1. MikeEH

    Not as fast

    I find my T27 is better acceleration-wise at higher revs, unlike my old T25 that seemed to zoom at any revs. As a test, there's a long-ish hill leading up to my housing estate, and my old T25 could go up the hill in 3rd gear, easily achieve 40 mph and could carry on accelerating, whereas my T27 can only achieve 32 - 35 mph and that's yer lot, mate. My wife's 1200 cc 2003 Micra can achieve 40mph in 3rd, and my daughter's 2016 1600cc Juke can fly up at 40 mph and feels like there's plenty more to go. In 2nd gear, my T27.....well, there's no stopping it. I have to state here that I don't make a rule of exceeding 30 mph up the hill, I just did it the once in each car as a test, and very late at night. On the flat, my T27 seems pretty equal to the old T25 when overtaking, etc. Plugs are new, air filter is new and tyres are at correct pressure.
  2. Thanks, didn't think it would be so simple to access the switch. Many thanks.
  3. Recently bought a petrol T27 and still finding my way around everything. Just noticed that the top-most vent roller switch is stuck (luckily) in the open position. No ammount of pressure will turn the switch to closed. Has anyone else had the same problem, and if so, is it a simple job to fix? If not that simple, I don't mind it being left in open position.
  4. MikeEH

    Not as fast

    My T27 is petrol not diesel, so would the above comments still apply regarding the NOx levels?
  5. MikeEH

    Not as fast

    Thanks for replies. Yes I noticed it when going to overtake....T25 went like a rocket in 5th, have to drop to 4th in T27 for same acceleration. As you say, keeps up with traffic, nice to drive and very comfortable......so great car.
  6. MikeEH

    User Manual

    Thanks for all the replies. It does seem SLIGHTLY more complicated than my father's old Morris Minor back in 1958. Manual was about 10 pages if I remember . Yes, stages I think...starting with clock as it's an hour fast. Then probably the sat nav and associated stuff that you can get on the screen. Happy days.
  7. MikeEH

    User Manual

    Really, 772 pages??? Is one expected to take a week off work to read it I wonder? How am I expected to remember all that, and especiallly at my age? Thanks for the info, I'll check it out.
  8. MikeEH

    Not as fast

    Recently part exed my 2006 Avensis T25 for a 2010 T27 and although the T25 was 129bhp, it was far nippier than the T27 at 143bhp. Can anyone advise on this please? Don't get me wrong, the T27 is quick, but the T25 was quicker. For example, I have to go up a fairly steep hill to get to my home, and in the T25 it would glide up in 3rd no problem, whereas I have to go up in second in the T27 otherwise in 3rd it seems to struggle. Strange. As an aside, during my time with the T25 I was always trying to get the best mpg from it and during a return from Brighton two years ago, I was getting 49.9 mpg along the M4. Even with encouragement from my wife, the car absolutely refused to hit the magic 50mpg. But, last week, as we were driving along the M4 to Swansea to exchange the car for my new (to me) T27, the old girl started going into the 50+ mpg, hitting 53.6 mpg, and averaging 53.2mpg. Do you think she was having a strop, feeling un-wanted and upset at me? Could be..... (Photo was taken over my shoulder)
  9. MikeEH

    User Manual

    Recently bought a 2010 Avensis T27 and when I got home the only manuals in the pack were "Avensis Brief Guide", "SD NavigationSystem Owners Manual", "Toyota Parking Aid" and "Touch Screen Owners Manual" (For a different model Avensis). The only owners manual I could find on the net is nearly 800 pages at A4 long - I'm 70 at the moment and doubt whether I'd finish reading it before I pass on! Can someone advise me where I could EASILY obtain the relevant owners manual booklet that would have come with the car? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the advice. The 2006 Avensis that I sold to get this one was 20x worse, with holes appearing in cross members, but the previous owner lived in Grimsby.......I reckon he must have parked it on the beach! I've been told that this is commonplace with Avensis's. I assumed they apply some sort of protective coating when new, but doesn't seem like it. Thanks again.
  11. Just bought a 2010 Avensis 1.8 with 55K on the clock, and when initially checking it over it was too dark to really see the underside, so judging by the visible external and internal condition of the car and full service history with one previous owner, I decided the buy the car. Now I've seen the underside I'm a tad disappointed. Can anyone please advise on the best way of treating the rust on the underside members. I was thinking of initially spraying all the bolt heads and nuts with WD40, and continuing to do so every couple of months, but dealing with the other rust I#m not sure. Has anyone treated rust successfully on the underside of their cars? Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.
  12. MikeEH

    EPB Query

    Thanks for replies. My brakes did fail on the 2006 Avensis that I've just sold. On the last but one MOT test, as the rear brakes were being tested on the rollers, the brake pipe burst shooting the car forward unexpectedly. Had to replace all the rear end pipes, so I'm just a tad pessimistic now when it comes to brake pipes! When I bought the new Avensis, with full service history, it was too dark to really see the underside, and now that I've taken some photos of the U/S I think it'll need some protective work done. I'll be asking for advice in another post. Thanks again.
  13. I've just removed the Sony aftermarket CD/Radio from my T25 and replaced the original as I'm selling the car to get a 2010 Avensis Saloon. Like a drip, I've left a CD in the player. Not wanting to take it apart to remove the CD, I was thinking of connecting the live and earth pins on the plug to a spare battery I have in my garage. I want to power it up just long enough to eject the CD. There are 2 live pins in the plug, live and switched live. Any idea which live I should connect to? Thanks.
  14. MikeEH

    Sat Nav Update

    Thanks. I'll check the status of the sat nav when I get the car tomorrow.