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  1. I'll try the brimming test - I've been relying on the mpg display up to now. Reset it 3 times but make no difference.
  2. Thanks for reply. It's the 1.8 valvematic like yours. My tyre pressures are as specified on the door pillar and the most I have in the car is two people, me and my wife. It had a full service in December of last year and I've only done 3.6K miles since. It has NGK iridium tipped plugs. I'm in South Wales and there are a few hills, but I don't accelerate up them like a boy racer. I try to change gear when advised to by the green arrow, but on hills it doesn't always work out as expected. I only rev higher when needed too. I fill up to the second or third bar down on the gauge. I just don't unde
  3. My 2010 T27 petrol Avensis (56K) is only giving me 31mpg locally and 31.1mpg on motorways. In comparison to my old T25 which gave me 34-37mpg locally and 44-49mpg on motorways. The specs state 41-42mpg. I know this model is heavier than the old, but I'm not getting anywhere near the spec. Can anyone give me any tips, hints, mods or adjustments that I can make to the engine to improve the mpg? Please don't suggest my driving style as I've been driving for 54 years and this is the only car that has disappointed me regarding fuel economy.
  4. I'm driving the car exactly how I used to with my old T25. (32 - 37mpg locally and 40 - 49mpg on motorways). Since Covid I'm only travelling thru built up areas to Sainsburys and Lidl, but went on a 32 mile total (there and back) motorway trip recently to a B & Q. I've reset the mpg display twice. My mpg locally is dead on 30.1, but after the 32 mile motorway trip (averaging 65 - 70 mph) it increased massively to 30.2mpg. I don't understand how the mpg on this car doesn't really improve when motorway driving. The Toyota specs reckon I should be getting 42 - 43mpg. Anyone know of tips/mods
  5. Thanks for replies. I'll probably just borrow my wife's Tom Tom. Sounds like a better option.
  6. Hello any advise how to take radio / cigarette cover plate of TOYOTA estima/ Lucida 2.2 please?

  7. Reset the MPG display...wish I hadn't now.....I'm only averaging 30.1 MPG whereas I was getting (allegedly) 31.8 MPG before.....that'll learn me!!! 😀😀
  8. Thanks for reply. I'll reset tonight. You're right about the weight of the car...the doors feel heavier than my wife's Micra....with an empty boot, of course. 🙄
  9. Ok, thanks. How do I reset the MPG display?
  10. I didn't know there was a reset for the mpg display. I didn't need it do it on my T25. Could you tell me how to re-set it please. I haven't calculated the mpg manually as I'm now doing so little mileage so infrequently because of covid but will try now. Thanks.
  11. That's an idea - my car is black so it would match - I'll see what the boss thinks (if you know what I mean). Here's a pic of the bubbling. Is it an alloy wheel with a chrome or similar finish? I don't understand how an alloy wheel can bubble like this.
  12. Seeing the factory alloy (?) wheels on my 2010 T27 Avensis (petrol) were starting to look filthy, I was about to give them a good clean when I noticed that in places the surface of the rear wheels had started to bubble, as if they were chrome and about to flake off, so I desisted from cleaning them in. Would anyone know if the wheels are in fact alloy or chrome finished and any recommendation as to what I should do would be appreciated.
  13. Bought my T27 Avensis last December and as I haven't been anywhere new due to covid, I haven't taken much notice of it. However recently I went on a 35 mile motorway trip and my wife suggested using the sat nav to familiarize myself with it. Seemed quite simple to use, but as I was nearing home, I noticed that a main street near my housing site was named Chameleon Street when it should have read, Mayfield Road. Could this be a sign that the sat nav has been fitted with an unauthorized update card?
  14. Bought my 2010 T27 Avensis (petrol) last December and although haven't travelled much due to Covid, I did make a 35 mile motorway trip the other day. As a comparison, my previous car was a 2006 T25 (petrol) and driving locally I would get 32-37 mpg and on motorways, 40-49 mpg. However, with my T27, I'm getting (on the display) 31.8 mpg locally and on my motorway trip it did increase to 31.9 mpg. Those seem to be the magic numbers at the moment. Also I'm finding that at low revs the car performs worse than my wife's 1200cc Micra, especially on hills, but at high revs, it zooms along. This perfo
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