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  1. I'll stop using Fairy liquid then, although I don't put that much in, just one small squirt into a full bucket of water. I only bought the car in December so had only washed it once in January as it came with a showroom finish. My daughter keeps jokingly telling me that I should have got a Juke like her black one........never shows staining after rain.......maybe I'll pop around her house late one night with a bucket of staining solution........
  2. I washed it in January with warm water and fairy liquid, as I've been doing for over 40 years. Never had this on any other dark coloured car that I've had unless it's not dried properly after the wash. This doesn't appear after the wash, it appears a week or two later after about 2 bouts of rain. Doesn't happen on my neighbours black cars, only on mine. It was my neighbour who made me aware of it. Strange.
  3. Haven't cleaned my black T27 for a few weeks and neither have my black car owning neighbours. Then why does mine suffer from weather staining from door handles and door mirrors when my neighbours Juke, BMW, Kia, Huawei and Ford Focus do not? Since cleaned the car, but probably occur again with the next rain shower. Is this common with black Avensis's?
  4. I had a 2006 1.8cc petrol Avensis and never had to top up the oil, but I do change oil every 6000 miles as I've found it really extends the lifetime of the engine. (My old Nissan Bluebird had done 260,000 miles with no oil burning or leak and was sold to a taxi driver who used it for 2 years that I know of.) The brake pipe is something that should be checked especially if the underside is rusty as mine was. The brake pipe on mine burst while being tested for the MOT and the car shot forward nearly colliding with the MOT office. The 1.8 engine really is nippy for the weight of the car, and economical, varying, for me, between 36mpg locally and 49.9mpg on motorways. Just couldn't quite get the magic 50mpg.
  5. Well, got the car back from my friend's garage. He checked everything suggested on this post and everything else he and his son could think of and they found......nothing. He called me over to take his son out in the car in the hope that I could replicate the problems I've encountered. The flippin car behaved faultlessly. Isn't it typical. So I just have to keep on driving and if the problem occurs again to call over his garage straight away. Thanks again for all the suggestions.
  6. Anyone know why a word mentioned twice in my original post has been removed? It was a descriptive term for axle bounce and not a swear word. A-X-L-E T-R-A-M-P.
  7. Thanks for replies. Car's going into my friend's garage on Monday...I hope he finds something....
  8. Had the T27 a few months, replacing my T25, and I've been experiencing strange thumps at the front end that were not apparent on the T25. First noticed it when I reversed into the turning area at the end of my slightly sloping cul-de-sac, I accelerated a little too much, but still going slow, I got a thumping sound from the front reminiscent of axle !Removed!. If I'm gentle it's ok. Sometimes if I accelerate away from stationary in first gear, in an un-gentle manner but not speeding, I get the same thing. Two days ago as I was patiently waiting forever to come out of my local petrol station onto a main road, there was a suitable gap in the traffic coming up so I decided to shoot out. If I did, all of a sudden the axle !Removed! type thumping started then a single huge thump that sounded like someone under the bonnet hitting the bulkhead with a very, very heavy rubber mallet, at which point the electrics went out - headlights, dash lights, built-in satnav went off and engine stopped for a split second then all came on again, engine kept going and away I went wondering what the heck happened. I daren't accelerate more than gentle in first gear anymore in case the thumping starts and reversing makes me quite wary. As a test I can even floor the accelerator in any other gear without any problem. Wheels are balanced perfectly as no steering shake right up to 70mph plus, front springs seem to be intact and shocks not leaking. Any ideas please?
  9. Couldn't wait till the weekend so did it today. Had heck of a job un-clipping the back but remembered your phrase Konrad, Don't be afraid to use force! Got my fingers under and pulled like heck towards me, and pop, off it came. Re-aligned the cog wheels....looked quite a flimsy layout to me....then clicked it back into place. Alas, I find there's always something when I do a job.....and one part of the top vent had somehow popped up prior to my re-fitting the vent unit, (arrowed in photo), and I only noticed it afterwards. No amount of pressing will get that part of the top vent panel to stay down. I aim to ignore it, but I keep looking at it. Just like when you need a filling in a tooth, your tongue always goes there to feel it! Don't want to remove the vent housing again so I'm hoping my age will come into play here and I'll forget it. Anyway, thanks for all the advice, much appreciated.
  10. I'll attempt it after a drive with the heater on. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for advice. I'll try on weekend. Your last sentence plays on my mind..... Don't be afraid to use force! ......psychologically, it's plastic, and plastic breaks, what if I snap off a clip, what if I snap off another clip, what if.....what's wrong with good old self-tappers????
  12. Just realized that the vent switch is stuck in the closed position, not open as it indicated. Tried to remove the vent housing as per instructions from Konrad C above, but not trying to sound like a wimp, I spent 20 minutes trying to remove the vent housing with not much luck. I managed to unclip in the locations shown by the orange arrows in the photo, but try as I might, I could not unclip in the locations indicated by green arrows. In fact, at the very top towards the windscreen, the plastic lever just sank into the surrounding dash material, and couldn't get any purchase on it, and the edge of the housing now has flats pressed into the edges from the plastic lever. Tried to get the top panel off (with the switch in the front centre) thinking that's all I need remove to sort out the switch, but after unclipping the front, I could not lift it more than half an inch. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  13. Thanks for reply. I have the stereo with the navigation and reverse camera. I was kind of hoping that Bluetooth would be normally dormant until activated by an in-coming call, that would suit me. I'll have to investigate as you have suggested. Thanks again.
  14. Thanks for your replies. Being as it's getting off topic I would just like to mention the following then I will not comment anymore. Regarding mobile phone and electro-magnetic radiation safety, my work colleague's wife's nightly migraine stopped after she discontinued using her phone as an alarm clock and turned it off. An aquaintance of mine was a telecom engineer on 24-hour call. Nearly 11 years ago he was admitted into hospital with a tumour behind his right eye and cancer of the hip bone. These were the locations of his phone. He is no longer with us. My cousin was Head of Intelligence for the South Wales police when he developed breast cancer. He was in the newspapers and interviewed on TV. His consultant asked him if he kept his phone in his shirt pocket. He did. He also kept his police phone in that positon when on 24 hour surveillance. He is no longer with us. An ex-neighbour developed breast cancer in the very location where she kept her phone tucked into the side of her bra. It has been reported that waitresses in the USA have developed the same. My sister-in-law developed Leukemia and the first thing the consultant asked was if she lived near an electricity sub-station. She did, it was opposite her living room window. She is no longer with us. We have discovered that there are 6 other cases of cancer in houses around the sub-station. For my cousin and sister-in-law to be asked about mobile phone placement and sub-station location by their consultants, they must have other evidence of similar occurances. My nephew is a geneticist who has told me on a number of occaisions that electro-magnetic radiation has a detrimental affect on DNA, even low power over a long period. That's it.
  15. Is there a way to turn Bluetooth off? I mean off in the sense of no microwaves emitting from the device. I've gone thru the handbook for the SD Navigation System and can only find how to set up and use Bluetooth, perhaps I've missed it, but cannot find how to turn it off. I don't really know if it's on, I can only assume that the previous owner probably used it so it could still be waiting to connect to a phone. The reason why I want to be able to turn it off is that, like WiFi, I haven't seen scientific evidence stating it is safe regarding health, I've only seen evidence by engineers and ignored electromagnetic research scientists that it probably is not safe. Bluetooth is microwave radiation after all. Just a little bit of info.....my ex-work colleague's best mate works for a microwave oven distribution company and his job is to test the door seals of microwave ovens with a meter. If the door leak is over a certain reading the oven has to be destroyed and cannot not be repaired. He told my ex-colleague to turn his phone on, not use it just leave it on. He held his meter a foot away from the phone and the reading went off the scale. He said that if the phone was a microwave oven it would have to be destroyed.