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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I made my selection today and chose the lower mileage 10 plate as it is in very good condition, has every option available and they offered to have it serviced and MOT'd at my local Toyota dealer who have always looked after me well. Looking forward to some happy motoring.
  2. So at least half of the 09 registrations are for Gen 2's. Coming back to the original question, any other things to look for on my test drives?
  3. If yours is an 09 that would make it a Gen 2 wouldn't it?
  4. I haven't found any listed for anything close to that, what's your secret?
  5. I think it must be the time of year but the "mice" are throwing themselves on to the traps at the moment. (Is it fair to call Toyota dealers mice?) I currently have two on hold for me waiting for a test drive,one is on an 60 plate with 36K on the clock for £12.5K the other is on a 10 plate with 33K and just under £12K both look good and have full service history with lots of nice options leather seats, reversing camera etc. I will check about the inlet manifold. Any other tips?
  6. Hi guys, I am looking to upgrade my trusty 06 Mk2 to a Mk3 T-Spirit. Can anyone give me any tips what to look for when doing the test drive? Thanks, Paul
  7. Does anyone have a specific charger model that they can recommend for the Prius? A quick google shows a multitude of choices and I don't want to reinvent the wheel if someone has already looked into it.
  8. paultnl

    Rusty Nuts!

    Manufacturers often try and put limitations in the warrantees that would not stand up to a courts scrutiny. The unfair clauses act covers most of it but it doesn't stop companies trying it on by saying "look what it says in the contract".
  9. paultnl

    Rusty Nuts!

    I think the magic words "fit for purpose" should be brought up. Is it reasonable for such a component to fail after so short a time?
  10. Thanks Pete, spot on. I think I got confused by the other discussion about swapping between Kmh and Mph.
  11. I am sorry for being dumb but I can't see how to do the brightness fix on a UK 06 Prius. Did I miss something?
  12. It doesn't matter what they say in their contract, if it is not "fit for purpose" they have to address the issue.
  13. Try adjusting the volume whilst a message is playing, other systems that I have used appear to have two separate volume settings one for Sat Nav and one for the radio.
  14. 9.68v is way too low and could cause all of the problems mentioned. Readings once the car has started are no good as they are bolstered by the output of the alternator. £90 for a new battery is money well spent even if it doesn't resolve everything though I would be willing to put money on it doing so.
  15. paultnl

    Alarm Problem

    Update, Had the new battery fitted on Saturday and apart from the alarm triggering when I parked 5 mins after I picked it up from the garage (it hadn't had chance to charge) I have had no further problems. Thanks for all the comments and help.