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  1. Hi guys, do you know if TTE rear skirt for Corolla E12 facelift is adaptable (if is possible to mounth) on Corolla E12 no-facelift) This is after facelift: And this is before facelift: For me dimension looks very similar... Thanks and regards :)
  2. Someone of you have tried or read something about TTE Quick Shift? Do you know also the price? Thanks!
  3. Yes, i think CSC2 are very good choise... the opposit of CSC1, that was a bad tires, this are completely different. For me is a great tire. Infact, when i'll change tires (now i have 36.000) at least about 10.000Km, i'll buy or CSC2 again, or Pirelli Pzero Nero. P.S. Sorry for my bad english, i hope you have understood.
  4. Thanks to all! Yes G6-R, my Rolla is lowered with TTE springs -35mm. Regards from Italy!
  5. Finally i've mounted Lexus style taillights and TTE silencer. Do you like it? http://www.toyotacorolla.altervista.org/to...olla_000003.htm I think looks good, i'm very happy! :D Regards from Italy!!
  6. i've bought TTE D-4D Performance kit, TTE grill and TTE Lowering springs directly from TTE Website You can write an email to: Sales.order2@TOYOTA-F1.COM Regards :) Pegasus ToyotaCorolla2002
  7. Try to look here, in TUNING section: Toyotacorolla2002 Regards :)
  8. I bought in Germany via internet on TTE site: www.tte.de and i've payed it 196 euro. I think it's expensive, but it's very beautiful :) If you want information by TTE you can write at sales.orders@tte.de Bye! :)
  9. Thank you! :) No, i haven't plan more mods for now... i'd like to see "Lexus style" Tail Lights for Corolla, but i think it doesn't exist yet... Bye :)
  10. Hy guys! Finally i've mounth TTE Lowering Springs and TTE Front Sport Grille on my Corolla! :D Now i'm very satisfied!! :P :D If you want to see my corolla: www.toyotacorolla2002.too.it Bye!
  11. Hi spwolf, yes, i feel very well the difference.... :D TTE say that with the kit now i have 140 cv, and i believe it!! :P The acceleration is improved a lot, also to low RPM (1500-2000). From 2100 RPM the pointer increase very quickly. B) B) The max vel. i don't know, i haven't test yet; TTE says 10-15 Km/h more. The consumption, if i don't "race", is the same or something less. If i "race" is a little bit more... The only negative thing is the price: 990 €!! If you want to see the kit, go here: http://members.xoom.virgilio.it/corolla2002/ is my corolla, without TTE sport grille, the foto are "old", i must change it. P.S. Today i've ordered TTE Lowering Springs always from www.tte.de because in Italy there are no dealer (other 239€... ) Sorry for my english, i hope you have translate what i wrote! :D :D Regards
  12. Hi Jake, congrats for the look of your car! B) Can you give me a pleasure? I'm interested to buy TTE Lowering Springs, but for me is important the height from ground to the front spoiler... (do you understand my bad-english? :-)) Can you measure how many cm are between the front spoiler and the ground? Thank you very much! :) :)
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