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  1. FYI it's about £50 for the 2 new non-hybrid logo badges for the front and rear on a standard auris MK2 hybrid without radar/etc. The front is a clip on badge, the rear stick on, so fairly easy to change. I used to park away from other cars and nose out in open/free car parks, but now look to park between 2 cars and nose in to make it a bit more difficult for them to get the jack down the side. Downside is I'll probably get loads of door dings now from other cars, but it's less hassle than being stranded without a cat.
  2. What would be good is an add on tilt sensor for the factory alarm. Then the alarm would go off as well when they jacked up the car.
  3. Problem fixed :) Turns out it was a stone stuck somewhere in the suspension and rattling. There must have been stones on top of the tiny speed bump I went over and one got lodged. Car back to normal quietness again.
  4. Many thanks. It's doing it more often now, as well as regularly being set off by accelerating (either on battery or ice) the noise also happens going over an uneven road sometimes. Seems to be something working loose on the underneath. I have it going back in to be inspected next week. It passed a MOT yesterday, so what's rattling is likely an area that isn't covered on the MOT checks.
  5. Thanks. It can happen on any type of road, if you drive over a bump in the road it might not do it. The noise can be absent first thing after the car has been parked outside overnight, but then will start after maybe 5 minutes. Might be something expanding with heat and then rattling. The noise doesn't sound metallic, could almost be mistaken for loose items in the glove box except it's much louder and under/at the front of the car. I drove over a tiny (1-2 inch) speed bump and had a scrape noise. It started after that. So maybe something was hanging down and has been pushed.
  6. Managed to upload the video
  7. Thanks, yes - the car passed an MOT today so suspension/exhaust/etc all checked.
  8. Appears to be coming from the passenger side front underneath area. I thought it was maybe the wheel arch trim, but having it reseated hasn't fixed it. It doesn't seem to be suspension related, more something that rattles when flexed or loose. Happens at all speeds but most noticeable when accelerating from rest or at slow speed. I first noticed it after going over a small speed bump at slow speed a week ago, so maybe it shook/pulled something loose. It was why I'd thought the wheel arch liner had maybe been pulled as a clip was missing. Any ideas?
  9. BBC reporting the huge rise in catalytic converter thefts: Also read a report that one lexus dealer has 500 on order... and not expected to arrive for over 2 months! Not good :(
  10. It's covered under insurance, but even if you have protected no claims your premium will go up & you will lose your no claims discount after they steal the replacement 😞 Looks like replacing the stolen one with a cheap aftermarket converter you pay for yourself & selling the car straight away is the way to go 😞 Very sad, as the cars are great but a theft magnet with the converter sticking out the bottom instead of under the bonnet.
  11. Thanks for the pictures. Is it just a cover over the cat? I think the Prius one chains the cat to the car.
  12. A cat in the engine bay means they would have to break the window, wriggle inside to open the bonnet release and then get to work at the back of the engine bay. All the time the alarm is going off... Rather than one stuck out the bottom of the car, where all they have to do is roll underneath it...
  13. I had one fitted recently as well... the problem is there is now a report on the Toyota blog site of a cat being stolen WITH a catloc fitted :( Apparently they caught the whole thing on CCTV and it took the thieves only 2 minutes. Do we get a refund from Toyota?
  14. I've found it ok, but only after you spend ages adjusting it. Moving the seat back and forward adjusts the height, adjusting the height slightly alters the back angle and also getting the back angle right makes a difference! So it's juggling 3 settings until you find a combination that works. I don't think much of the lumbar adjustment, so don't use it. On other cars I've had it made a difference. I'd much prefer an adjustment wheel for back angle rather than the fixed settings.
  15. Did Toyota say what the mileage limit was for it to be covered under warranty? I was thinking of buying a Toyota extended warranty, but it's no good if it doesn't cover things while still under the warranty mileage limit. If the car is within 6 years from build date, there's also an EU law that goods have to last a minimum 6 years.