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  1. Many thanks. They would have disconnected the battery when the tilt alarm was fitted - I wonder if it wasn't tightened up securely afterwards.
  2. Another weird symptom to add to the list is the power steering also appears to have momentarily lost assistance a couple of times in the last few hundred miles. Both times I was driving at 60-70mph on a very slight bend in a straight road. Steering was light as normal, then tightened up for a few seconds before going back to normal. Still drivable, but steering feeling was just like you had put a lexus into sport mode and it had added weight to the steering for a few seconds. I've had the car for over 2 years and driven the same roads in it hundreds of times, but it's never done that before the tilt alarm was fitted. Steering feel has been consistent and light for the last two years up until now. My car is an excel with self-parking, so not sure if there is some weird feedback from the tilt alarm plugged into the ECU that's affecting the steering.
  3. Many thanks for the detailed reply. It's booked in next week so hopefully they will find the issue. Car has less than 60k miles on it, mainly motorway the last few years.
  4. The part numbers were the same for mine - 101 is the sensor and 201 the alarm horn. Difference seems to be your invoice is showing a goodwill contribution. Also slight difference in parts prices and the labour cost for mine was 135 Vs 110.
  5. Thanks, that sounds interesting - I haven't tried N at speed. The other symptoms seem to match yours, but mine only started after the alarm tilt sensor was fitted. The Toyota one plugs in and connects to the electrical system in several places, so it can reset on power on, and set off the horn, etc. It looks like there are multiple connections to the ECU in the installation instructions. How many miles do you have on yours? Maybe when they get to a certain mileage there is wear in the system that causes vibrations and it's just bad luck they started when the alarm was fitted. My electric motor certainly whines more than it used to.
  6. Drive the car for an hour today to try to find out more about the issue- does seem to be electrical. It's most noticeable at speed on smooth roads, but the frequency doesn't change with speed. Cruising, accelerating or decelerating don't seem to affect the constant issue. Almost seems as if the electric motor might be stuttering/surging very slightly. It's a constant slight feeling - Car feels as though it's on a bumpy road when it's not, you can feel through the steering and car. Perhaps the wiring for the tilt sensor has affected something? At lower speeds you can still feel it a bit, even cruising in EV. Someone not familiar with the car might not notice it at slow speed as it could be mistaken for a bumpy road, but at higher speeds on a smooth road it's more apparent.
  7. Thanks Hopefully this one will be able to be sorted as you can feel it through the steering on the motorway. I used to have a Yaris hybrid before. Despite the Yaris being supposedly a lower group car, I thought it was better built than the Auris.
  8. I've had the official Toyota one fitted. Cost was £250, but it may be causing issues so I'd wait before recommending it:
  9. Yes, I think there's a chance it could perhaps be a misfire/motor/abs/traction control issue, as the alarm plugs into the ECU I believe. I've booked it in to be looked at - I double checked all the tyre pressures today and they are still fine.
  10. Thanks. The alarm horn is mounted up towards the top of the suspension under the bonnet so well away from the wind - the vibration is more the whole car feeling off. It's weird because it's almost identical to the early stages of a tyre going flat. I think they mount the second alarm horn up high as I've heard of the ordinary horn wires being easy to cut from outside. Yes, the installation is pretty involved. I've seen DIY ones where you just add a sensor to the interior light, but this involves control boxes being mounted securely hidden away as well as running wires through the firewall and connecting to the car's electrical systems. Also removing a fair amount of trim during installation. I'd thought £250 seemed high initially compared to the DIY installations but there's a lot of work in fitting it, as well as the component costs.
  11. Thanks, it's a weird one - I was convinced it was a tyre deflating as it happened 15-20 minutes after starting driving at 50+ mph. I was expecting the vibration to continue getting worse and then the tyre warning light to come on. It's not speed dependent, usually a balance weight would give you vibration at specific speeds - this seems noticeable at any speed from 50 up, on smooth roads. The frequency of the vibration stays the same. Cruising, decelerating and accelerating don't seem to make much difference but I was mostly doing a steady 70mph. I first noticed it yesterday, but haven't driven since. Will likely go out again later in the week and try to see if it's more noticeable whether accelerating/decelerating. Car has 59k miles on it. The Toyota tilt sensor was £250 fitted. Reasonable when you see the pages of fitting instructions and how it's wired into the electrical system and a separate alarm horn fitted under the bonnet. Although the number of connections to the cars wiring could mean it's possibly causing some sort of electrical issue perhaps with the motors/ice.
  12. I've been experiencing a weird vibration since yesterday. At first I thought I might have a puncture as the vibration is very similar to what you would get initially with a tyre deflating, but: - it's remained at the same level, despite the tyre pressures all being fine - the vibration doesn't change with speed, it's the same between 50 and 70 mph - you feel the vibration through the body and slightly in the wheel but the steering wheel doesn't visibly shake Accompanying it has been a slight burning smell. The engine seems very slightly rougher too. Has anyone had anything similar? Perhaps the power steering failing, or could be drivetrain related? It's not something I've come across before. The only thing done to the car recently was fitting the Toyota tilt alarm, which plugs into the wiring at various points.
  13. Plenty of people on the blog have paid out for catlock... and had a cat stolen afterwards. Lots of unhappy former Toyota customers on the blog being fobbed off. I don't think anyone at Toyota realises just how bad this is for them. These are former customers who had previously been big fans of the brand and bought multiple vehicles from them. I've bought 3 myself, all from main dealers and main dealer serviced. My parents and 2 brothers also won't be buying Toyotas so that's a lot of lost business just from one family... and there are hundreds on the blog. How hard can it be to come up with a solid protection option and to add a tilt sensor addon for the factory alarm? I had one of the first ones fitted to my own car, but would have been better saving the £250 towards a new car instead.
  14. It should be pretty simple to design a thief proof cover, which should have been done within weeks of the whole problem arising. If you check out the comments on the official Toyota blog you will see how many people are fed up with their attitude of just cutting and pasting a stock response without taking action. No-one in my family would ever have one, and my own (the second Toyota hybrid I've owned) will be the last. As it stands I have a car I can't use as I would like, having to only go to places where I can park behind a secure barrier. Not knowing if the catalytic converter will still be there everytime I try and start it means an effective reliability rating of zero. I'll be swapping for a car that has the converter under the bonnet, as it should be. VW 1.0 and PSA 1.2 standard petrols get almost the same mpg as the Toyota 1.8 hybrid on the motorway and are just as reliable.
  15. Still happening - check the comments on the Toyota blog site: Many people wouldn't have another Toyota hybrid because of the issue and their response:(