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  1. sportse

    Sun shade / blinds for rear of Auris tourer

    One issue I've found with the rear side window shades is that a low sun from the side means you can't see through them unfortunately. They were fine in the summer, but I've had to remove the side window ones for winter as I'd go to look over my shoulder joining a nearby motorway and find that I couldn't see through them at all!
  2. I had a similar issue with my Yaris hybrid, a grinding noise every time the petrol engine started. Turns out it had been filled with the 'wrong' oil - 5W30 instead of the correct 0W20. Changing the oil fixed the problem.
  3. sportse

    Heated seat replacement

    Mine was all done within a couple of weeks. The parts only took a few days and the dealer handled the warranty claim. I only had to pay for the optional excess waiver on the loan car. They had my car for a couple of days, as there is a fair amount of labour involved so they weren't sure they could do both seats in one day.
  4. sportse

    Heated seat replacement

    Yes, I got them to replace both as both were the same problem. They cycle on and off every few minutes now, keeping you warm rather than hot. Before the fix, they were cool for a long time before cycling on once and then off. Maybe when the weather gets colder they might feel better, I've only had the chance to use them on cooler mornings over the summer since they were fixed.
  5. sportse

    Heated seat replacement

    Had mine done under warranty, but it doesn't seem to have made much of a difference. They must be eco seat heaters that cycle normally, just a bit more frequently than when they were broken. Other cars I've been in they stay on like sitting on a radiator. They need the car for a day or two, and take the seat apart to replace the cushion heater unit.
  6. sportse

    Alarm going off.

    I've only had one false alarm go off, a similar thing. There was a big bug flying around inside that set off the sensor!
  7. sportse

    Sun shade / blinds for rear of Auris tourer

    The vanstyle ones are designed to be fitted and left in place. They have clips to attach them to the window rubbers. The construction is mesh with a wire surround. They are only on the inside of the windows, rather than a sock over the top of the door, so don't get wet. The shades also come with a storage bag, so you can put them in the boot if you want to detach them. I leave mine fitted. They sit in the frame exactly and don't rattle. As they are removable shades rather than window tinting they don't affect the insurance.
  8. sportse

    Sun shade / blinds for rear of Auris tourer

    I've had several sets from Vanstyle on eBay for different cars. They custom make the shades for each model type. These show as the tourer: Sent from my MI MAX 2 using Tapatalk