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  1. Hi @Konrad, you have helped me in the past and I am thankful to you. Could you please take a look at my post and spill some suggestions please: 


  2. I have a 2009 Toyota Avensis 2.0L D4D diesel car I have got a standard audio device OEM Part Code: 86120-05150 or unit name: W53828 I am looking to replace the double din with the latest Android head unit and welcome suggestions. Requirements to support the steering wheel controls, maps, USB and Bluetooth for phone connectivity. Anyone who might have done this or have some experience, please share. Thanks in advance. Cheers!🙂
  3. Hi Konrad/ Anyone else who got redirected here or looking for a solution on the same problem. After much research and googling and messaging few members, finally I bought this product to play music off of an USB as you cannot play music via bluetooth on this head unit. Thanks a ton to Konrad with all his valuable suggestions and help. Here are few things that I observed: The installation document and the technical support person told a lot of crappy useless information This device plays music off of an USB of size 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB but not 16GB (Tech person told a max of 4GB) The folders on the USB can be named anything (Tech persona and the document says the folders should ne named as CD01, CD02, CD03 etc) The folders can contain any files including music files (Tech person told that the folders should not contain anything else except the music files) The max number of folders I have on my USB are 38 and I did not test for max number the device supports (Tech person and the document says the max folders should be equivalent to the msx number of CDs your CD changer supports) Did not test for an SDcard as I dont have one but guess all of the above would hold good The Aux-in works fine than the in-built The steering controls all work fine for song changing, album changing, volume up and down The cable is more than long enough to connect it to the back of the unit and bring it down into the storage compartment. Still left with the usb extension cable PM me if anyone got any questions regarding this product
  4. Hi Konrad, Thanks for your reply and I really appreciate your suggestions. I was keeping the USB option as back up plan if I am not able to get to play music through the Bluetooth seems like I have hit a dead end with Bluetooth and should now retort to the USB. The first link in the above post has the exact pictures of my head unit model (I ripped mine open and saw the back of the head unit). If you could be kind enough and suggest me some links on how to get this done or where and what cables to buy, I would be really grateful to you. Cheers!
  5. Barry, I will be really grateful to you if you could you please check and confirm me the unit model on your car is same as mine OEM Part Code : 86120-05150 or unit name:W53828
  6. Hi All, Thank a ton for each and everyone who tried to help me in figuring this out. If anyone is looking at this post for a solution for the same problem, here it is: There is no way in hell you can play music via the Bluetooth on this model as there is no option for playing music. You can only connect your mobile as a phone for making or receiving calls and only that. I have done a hell lot of research on Google and youtube and read loads of information from different forums and what not, I even read the complete manual of the car. I even ripped out the music system to physically look at it if I am missing on anything. Thats all and I give up now, I have wasted more than enough time on this. Cheerios!
  7. Thank you Lee, I'll give it a try today and let you know how it went. I hope I will find some success with this try.
  8. Hi George, no luck with that, I paired my Samsung Galaxy S4 with the car, went out of the cars Bluetooth range, started the music player on my S4 and brought it into the car. The car did not pick up the songs or played the music from S4. Somebody/Anybody/Buddy help me plsss
  9. Thanks GG30340 , I will give that a try today and let you know if that worked. Also, is the car radio in yours same as mine (unit name:W53828)
  10. Hi There, I am fairly new to the Toyota, bought an Avensis 2.0L D4D diesel car a couple of days and am already into troubles. I have got a standard audio device OEM Part Code : 86120-05150 or unit name:W53828 and I have a Samsung galaxy S4. I am not able to figure out how to play music via bluetooth, however I am able to connect it to make calls and receive. I have spent enough time on the manual and googled to see if at all I can play music but, with no luck or proper answer I am left in vain. My question is: is it possible to play music via bluetooth on this device? if so how? Thanks for all your help in advance. Cheers, Siddu
  11. Welcome to the Toyota forums Siddu_j143 :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: