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  1. Grumpycabbie, you are a genius! My problem was almost certainly that I assumed the a/c was fully on when the Auto button was depressed. On checking the car, I realise that the a/c was in fact off. Hopefully this will solve the problem. Thanks again
  2. Don't think the prius driver had a chance. That estate car would probably have obscured the bike right up until the point of impact. It'll probably end up as a 50/50 accident - Prius pulled out in front of bike and Bike was on wrong side of road and going at huge speed. Bet the cabbies insurance didn't pay out enough for a replacement car. Just hope Prince Harry had a nice day watching the games, otherwise two ruined lives wouldn't have been worth it.
  3. Hmmm...thanks Grumpy cabbie - I'll keep careful watch on the settings for the next few days and report back. I normally use the "outside air" - the auto switch is certainly on, but I'll make sure a/c is on too - can't swear to that, but I'm pretty sure I would have picked that up because I do like a cooling breeze! Thanks for your input. I'm going to bring the problem up with the supplying dealer later, we'll see what they have to say about it.
  4. Thanks for your responses. I do have the climate control on all the time - set at 21c or so. The problem seems to happen once everything is warmed up and putting the A/C into demist mode actually makes things worse. However, the front screen demist button just under the fan speed buttons clears the screen in no time, but it seems a bit off that I have to do that manually when the car is supposed to be doing it for itself! Does anyone think that this could be caused by a blocked cabin filter?
  5. I've had my gen 3 prius for about a month now, and am a very happy camper indeed! The weather has been good since I got the car, but now that the temperatures are beginning to drop, I'm finding that I am continually having to push the demist button to keep the windscreen clear. I thought the climate control was supposed to keep things under control - it does in other cars I've had with this feature. Just thought I'd ask if anyone else has noticed this, or whether I have a problem. Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm sure someone out there will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the only difference is that the newer one will have the Touch & Go system as standard and the older one may have the standard Nav system unless Touch & Go was specified as an option.
  7. I have a Samsung phone and an Ipod touch for music. Both work with the car with no problems. Especially the other day, when I went past my house slowly in traffic and the car picked up the Ipod in the house and started playing it. Took me a while before I realised what was happening!
  8. SimHo

    New To The Prius

    HHC Guarantee?????
  9. SimHo

    New To The Prius

    Joseph D....In the words of the great man "Because it was there"... I was on a very long hill and using B was more comfortable than using the brakes (not a tremendous amount of feel as we all know). Not something I will do routinely, now I know its not really helping anything.
  10. SimHo

    New To The Prius

    Lol...Thanks Guys!
  11. SimHo

    New To The Prius

    Well, I've had the prius for a little over a week & all in all I am incredibly pleased with it. The good... 60mpg on a run to the airport & 45 mpg hooning around town (2nd one could be better I guess) Really like the way Bluetooth/audio/navigation all integrates and works. Quiet. Much better performance than I had feared Dealer (Agreed to update sat nav free!!) Not so good.... Acres of nasty plastic in cabin Manuals translated from Japanese via Swedish (it seems!) It seems there is something called "Prius rage" - not something I have come across as I have usually driven performance cars. People seem to go,out of their way to overtake, cut you up, pull out etc etc. luckily the prius is fast enough to put them right :) A little help needed..... Once you have used B mode, how do you switch it off? The only way seems to be to shift into N then back in to D.
  12. SimHo

    New To The Prius

    Opifex - Thanks for that. All good stuff!
  13. SimHo

    New To The Prius

    Hi All Can I expect the Toyota Dealer selling me the car to update the Sat Nav maps if I ask? Its a 3 year old car & they could well be out of date. Has anyone tried to get them to do this in these circumstances? At the end of the day, I'm not too fussed because my Tom Tom is certainly better for long journeys, but it would be nice nevertheless!
  14. SimHo

    New To The Prius

    Thanks for all the comments Guys! The car is coming from a Toyota dealer & everything seems to be up to date. Dapple - Yes I'm gonna have loads of cash now! - Even better, I've sold the ST to my Son & he still lives at home, so I'll get to drive it if I "Feel The Need For Speed". Mind you, 14mpg around town and 28 on a run - it's not going to be hard to beat. Korat - Don't jump start from the Prius....Got it! Just got to make sure I don't become an mpg bore ;) Oh, and my Facebook profile picture is probably not that appropriate for a car/driving forum, sorry!
  15. Hi All Excited to be getting a 2011 Prius on Saturday (after 4 years of feeding a very thirsty Focus ST!). Just thought I'd say Hi, and ask if there are any "things I should be aware of" or Golden Rules with regards to the car? Thanks in advance!