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    The relationship is now 2 weeks old and I'm still really enjoying the iQ. My previous car was certainly quicker and more luxurious but the iQ is an incredibly characterful little car. The inside space vs the outside dimensions defy belief and I'm sure I've passed up a couple of parking spaces forgetting just how short and manoeuvrable the iQ is. I bought the iQ not knowing whether or not the relationship would last, but right now I'm fairly sure it will. Cracking car and I can't get over how efficient it is... though I am down to 63.5mpg from my aforementioned 66mpg!
  2. That's really helpful - thank you.
  3. Any chance of a quick iPhone pic when you get a minute? That sounds a rather nice setup...
  4. I'm wondering whether to simply get a Kenu Airframe and pop my iPhone in it. Whist it won't work with the car's speakers etc. it gives me nav and hands free phone for £17.95. Hmmm... decisions, decisions. Mark - thanks for the heads up on the io though. :)
  5. I don't have nav or Bluetooth in my car so I'm considering aftermarket options. What have you done please? It doesn't have to replicate oem, but I do want it to look fully integrated... i.e. with TomTom I'd want a docking station for the unit with all wires hidden, with Parrott I'd want all wires hidden etc. Solutions don't need to address both requirements either. If there's a particularly good nav option, for example, then I could simply keep a Bluetooth earpiece in the car for the odd call. Thoughts appreciated together with any pics of what you've done. Thanks.
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    Afternoon all, I've recently picked up what I think was a fantastic deal on an iQ2. Just sold a car with 2.66 times as many cylinders and fancied running something cheap but quirky as a replacement for my 30 miles per day commute... and there isn't much to challenge the iQ on cheap and quirky. Car is just under 3 years old so has the facelift light grey interior and over 2 years remaining on the warranty. I bought it with just under 7k miles and it still has the new car smell. I've been really impressed with the standard extras on the iQ2 like keyless entry, keyless start, power fold mirrors, auto lights, auto wipers, etc. plus mine has the iStyle (chrome side / rear / fog trim, aluminium kick plates) and iSports (spoiler, rear skirt, exhaust trim) packs plus it has the iQ mats which I presume will have been an extra. And the best bit... it's burnt orange. :D I've been really pleased with fuel economy over the last few days averaging 66mpg (per the onboard computer) for my first c.100 miles. Also really pleased with its practicality. I play golf (I know, sorry) and it fits my clubs in the back with no problem at all and without having to remove the longer clubs from the bag. Furthermore, I took 2 passengers out last night in absolute comfort - they really did have bags of space in both the front and the back. The speed and acceleration will take some getting used to after my previous car, but I must say it's much better than the 0-60 time would suggest. My commute is a mix of a and b roads and it's relatively easy to keep up with the flow of traffic. All in all, I've been really pleased with my experiences over the first few days of ownership. :) Mark
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