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  1. Bev J

    Any advice

    Thank you ! Will do
  2. Bev J

    Any advice

    Thank you, will do
  3. Bev J

    Any advice

    Hi, it’s as if everything is dead and the ignition just does a couple of clicks. After 5/10 minutes though it starts again and seems fine! Just trying to get hold of my Toyota branch but they’re obviously not answering the phones yet 🤣
  4. Bev J

    Any advice

    Hi, I have a 2014 Argo play which is a great little car for me and up until about a month ago had never given me any problems. However , 3 times recently the car has started normally and been fine until I’ve needed to stop for a couple of minutes and switch the engine off , then when I’ve tried to start the engine again it’s as if the battery is dead! Absolutely nothing! I’ve found if I leave it for 5 minutes or so it will then start as normal. Very odd and baffling me. I will get it booked in to be looked at asap but really want to go with s little knowledge if anyone can help??
  5. I guessed as much, iwont be rushing to make the
  6. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone else has had a letter starting with Good News...!! Apparently i need to ring a local number regarding ''some good news'' about my existing vehicle Aygo Play 2014 model Just interested to know whether it's worth the call! Thanks Bev
  7. Just got the phone call! Picking my x-play up on Thursday at noon :)
  8. Still waiting for mine and not even a courtesy call this past week......feeling very frustrated now but trying to be patient!
  9. I was originally told 2 weeks......that was 3 weeks ago! That was if i had grey as it would be October if i wanted red or white! Now i'm being told a whole load of Aygos have had to ''go back'' due to a bumper problem.......ah erm.....i think its simply a case of demand is too great at the moment. I also had no choice of reg plate
  10. I get a ''courtesy'' call once a week from my dealer just saying they cannot give me a definite date and there's nowt they can do about the long wait! So for now i'm just waiting.......No perks, treats or freebies where i live!!
  11. No date given, just told it ''should'' be 2-3 weeks!
  12. I'm not sure when my Aygo is going to arrive. Went to see the dealer today only to be told ''loads have had to go back (wherever back is!) as there issome problem with the rear bumper?!?! '' They cannot give me any idea of delivery but assured me i'm not the only one! So the wait goes on!
  13. I'm waiting for the new x-play, i was told it would be October BUT if i had grey it would be 2 weeks! Couldn't wait until October so ordered the grey and 15 days on no sign of the car. My sales person phoned me today and said he couldn't tell me when it will arrive :( Getting impatient
  14. Hi i'm new here. Waitng for my new Aygo xplay and very excited as its my first ever brand new car
  15. Hi, i'm waiting for delivery of my new Aygo, can't wait! How long did you wait for delivery?