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  1. Hi, I only had mine two months in 2015 but didn’t experience any knocking noise on any road surfaces so don’t think all of them are affected. Martin
  2. I’d thought it more the car dealer doesn’t want it as they can then sell their overpriced Sat Nav systems.
  3. Totally agree, it’s almost false advertising. I was really disappointed with mirror link as they gave me the impression that everything on my phone screen would appear on the cars touch screen.
  4. Personally I think the Viva was a nicer car to drive so I hope they keep it. It had more space and felt more grown up. Much nicer ride too.
  5. I've owned both and found the Mk 2 a far more grown up car except there was something missing. The Mk 2 was very uncomfortable and cramped to a point I sold it after two months. Very disappointed. I found your review review spot on.
  6. How can you control the device through the screen if part of the signal is analogue?
  7. I find the Mirrorlink one of the most disappointing parts of the Aygo. Its bordering on false advertising. I was expecting Google Maps sat nav on my Touch Screen. I can only think Toyota want to sell there over priced sat nav rather than let people use their phones.
  8. Martin1973


    The mirror link never worked on mine either which was a shame as they showed it on the brochure and adverts etc. The SMS never worked either. I tried but gave up, the dealer was useless as well. The touch screen was a big disappointment in that it's a great idea but didn't control much. Just music, phone and showed mpg. The whine was always there when I switched the engine off but soon goes.
  9. That's getting a bit pricey for what you get.........
  10. It was just a little too much penny pinching for my liking. How much does a carboard parcel shelf cost to make........
  11. At £400 it's very pricey considering the screen is already in the car. Didn't get it myself as it just didn't seem good value for money.
  12. That's 3k at worse, you probably get better than that. The X is like marmite, u either love it or hate it. I personally liked it as it made it stand out although I agree they should let you have the same colour option. Think the back being a different colour didn't work. The tailgate from memory was the same as the old car. Boot looked the same too. The rear seats and space did look smaller and compared to other city cars was poor. people didn't like being in the back of the car for long. Think the car was good and Toyota made it felt so well put together but it just wasn't for me. Surprisingly the engine made it feel nippy yet I was getting 60mpg, about 7-8p a mile. If you don't need the space or luxury feel and can live with the ride then it's a good cheap runabout.
  13. I got £4K for one 4 years old but top of the range model with Air Con and 50k on the clock. Originally offered 3.6k but I haggled. You should expect at least 3k I would say.
  14. I agree the depriciation is similar but you led to believe that city cars and Toyota do better than average. The car was priced at 9k but ended up being dropped to £8,700 which is a bargain for a car well under a year old. It was the expression model with metallic paint and five doors. The buyers probably got money off that price too. I agree it's not good to sell a car at that age but I really had no choice and just had to get shot of it quickly. Shame as the Mk1 Aygo was the longest car I've ever kept.
  15. Profile amended as requested. i got mine ex demo for 9.5k, that's 2.5k off list. It was 4 months old and done 4K miles. Sold it two months later for 8k. That would be a 33% drop or 4K drop in six months. Pretty harsh compared to the VW Up