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  1. Hi, I set my membership to not renew a few months ago, but it automatically renewed this morning. I've tried mailing as per the instructions on the membership page, but the email bounced. The mail system <>: host[] said: 550 No such person at this address." (in reply to RCPT TO command) Please could someone drop me a PM to try and get this sorted out. Cheers, Alex
  2. Hmm, nice idea, but a second-hand 160Gb iPod Classic should be pretty cheap, meaning I'll have plenty of change left over after selling my 64Gb 4S. Should be able to get my entire music library on there too. Thanks for the offer to test the lightning cable, let me know how it goes. I know the dock connector included a flat analogue line-out while the lightning cable doesn't, which has screwed up a lot of accessories. The official Apple lightning-to-dock adapter actually includes a DAC to emulate this, although it's not up to the quality of the ones built into the phones.
  3. I've just got a 2010 Auris 1.6 V-Matic TR, which seems have had a few factory extras fitted by the original owner (mudguards and parking sensors, for instance). It has a USB port in the upper glove compartment, below the line in. I expected this would only be good for playing MP3s off USB sticks, but when I plugged my iPhone 4S into it via the dock cable, it surprisingly provides full iPod control via AUX on the head unit. It does seem to get a bit confused when the app with audio control is anything other than the Music app (e.g. my non-Apple podcast app), but it's a nice bonus. Quick Qs: 1) Is this standard for the 2010 Auris TR, or did the previous owner get some kind of iPod kit fitted? 2) Does anyone know if it works with the newer, lightning connector iPhones (5/5S/5C), or just the old dock connector ones? Will probably be upgrading later in the year, and want to know if I should also budget for a used iPod Classic to load up with music, stick in the glove compartment and forget about.
  4. Biggest shock has been finding a UK insurer who'll honour my 5 years no claims from NZ. Eventually found a policy via Adrian Flux (cheers to TOC for making me aware of them) which was about the same price as the rest, but will let me convert my NZ NCB into UK NCB, so renewing next year should be a lot cheaper and easier. Signed up for TOC premium by way of saying thanks!
  5. Morning all, I'll be picking up my Toyota Approved 2010 Auris 1.6 V-Matic TR 5dr on Thursday, and thought I'd join up to learn a bit more about my new car. Just back in the UK from 5 years or so in NZ, where I drove Toyotas and Mazdas, so hoping the UK made Auris lives up to the quality standards set by all the secondhand Japanese domestic stock in NZ! Also test drove the Mazda 3 and the Ford Focus, but both had weird offset handbrakes which made me feel like I was reaching over to squeeze the passengers thigh each time I pulled up at the lights. The Auris felt more pleasingly familiar, and the 6 speed gearbox makes acceleration good fun. The Focus also had no dead pedal, which is just bizarre. Anyway, expect questions about accessories and maintenance! Sent from my iPhone using Toyota OC
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums Alexlotl :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: