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  1. Hi where are the bolts to undo starter motor anyone done as the bolts are hard to see
  2. ok thanks is the saloon and estate got the same rear calipers
  3. the handbrake shoes are fine the piston on the caliper was a bit sticky to push back
  4. rear brakes done but the drivers side rear is heating up what could the problem be
  5. anyone done the rear disks and shoes
  6. hi how easy is the rear disks and brake shoes to remove
  7. will cleaning the egr valve make a difference
  8. its runs fine when cold once engine heats up it has power loss then it will clear with a puff of black smoke
  9. no engine warning light on dash car drives fine when engine is cold it does the loss of power when engine warms up
  10. thanks do you think that is the problem the egr valve
  11. hi my car seems to loss power then its shudders then the power comes back any ideas i suspect its the egr valve where is this located on the car
  12. hi looking for a silver 8 spoke 16 inch alloy wheel anybody got one for sale
  13. hi where the best place for front disks and rear handbrake shoes plus fitting kit
  14. need the whole knob that screws on the stick