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  1. daz205

    Buying A Mk2

    what is the going rate for a good rev 3+ turbo anyway?
  2. ok now i`m confused the beams isnt the vvti engine ? so what power is the vvti engine and is it any good?
  3. am i right in thinking that this is the vvti version found in the later models gen 4+? is this engine that much better than the gen 3 na? what would people chose beams or turbo taking everything into account reliability,insurance, etc.???
  4. wouldnt an uprated lsd help in these matters?
  5. daz205

    N/a Mods

    the beauty of haveing a na that is as quick as a turbo is that the power is there at all times not suddenly hitting in when you go on boost, no one on here use nitro ? anyone everthought of putting a s`charger on an mr2 instead ??
  6. daz205

    N/a Mods

    has anyone got throttle bodies/carbs on their mr2 na or turbo? also anyone got mapped ignition on an na? if so how`d ya find it
  7. i`ve got my mk2 mr2 and a race tuned pug 205 and i got the mr2 cause its fun and reliable. (moreso than the pug anyway)
  8. daz205


    sorry to say this but i recently bought my mr2 and the final reason i decided that it was the one was because of a full T service history i had seen one simular but without it for a couple of hundred less but decided on this one. so it does count for a few hundred even if it to a novice like me
  9. i dont smoke in my car just like things to work the way they should whats the point in it being there if it dont work
  10. i push it in and it doesnt stay in tried holding it in to see if that works but no it doesnt, could it be a fuse? everything else seems to work any other ways of testing? how much would a replacement cost ? i saw one go on ebay for £34 seems a bit steep to me
  11. daz205

    Clunky Gears

    3rd gear is the worst on mine when cold as well
  12. daz205

    Clunky Gears

    do i just need to change the g/box oil or is it a sympton of something worse?
  13. 94 rev 3 t-bar stock clutch cheers daz
  14. hi all sorry should have said i`m new here first. i`ve just got a 94 mr2 t-bar with the stock 8 speaker set up but with a kenwood head unit. i`m thinking of changing the speakers for some new ones any ideas i dont want to have a mega load amped system just one thats a bit better than stock. i would like to put a sub unit woth built in amp where the stock ones go is there anything available that will fit straight in or do i have to make a custom one ? what speakers are people running for the front and rears? last question i promise on this tread is there a nice double din stereo that has a pop off on it cause round my way it would be gone if it didnt (another reason for wanting to use all the standard speaker places so they are not on display) cheers daz
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