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  1. Is there a central bolt hole to secure the wheel, cars of yesteryear never had fabric covering the wheel well, is it there for soundproofing.
  2. Thats good news, for when I change my Avensis, it is getting harder to find any size car which has room for a full size spare, the space saver is just not practical when a wheel change is needed with a smaller wheel well.
  3. Did the 225/45/17 original wheel fit ok in the wheel well.
  4. When I bought my T27 Avensis 2010 2.0 D4D Tourer, I immediatly bought a wheel and tyre exactly the same size as the other 4 wheels on the car, I opened the boot and exchanged the space saver for the new full size wheel, and it fitted in the wheel well without protuding upwards into the boot space, there was no loss of boot space, I have read all 6 pages on this thread, and cannot find the answer. has anyone successfully fitted a full size spare to a Corolla Touring Sports 1.8 the same as my Avensis.
  5. I fitted a Full size spare wheel to my T27 Avensis 2010 2.0 D4D Tourer, Has anyone done the same with the Corolla Touring Sports, It looks like the 1.8 model wheel well may have room for a full size spare.
  6. Exide Avensis battery change.pdfAre these Exide battery change instructions for my car correct. if so looks like a main dealer only option. On my wifes Nissan note battery change you can only loose the radio code, but on the Avensis the steering angle sensor and central locking needs resetting. Are these easily resettable after battery change.
  7. I keep reading about the Prius and other toyota hybrids with stolen cats, just wondering if my car could be targeted.
  8. I hava a t27 2010, 2.0 diesel tourer without a Dpf filter, Is there a catalytic converter on my car which can be stolen.
  9. Looks like I will have to buy an Australian import to get a proper spare on my next car.
  10. You only have to search on the internet, no spare wheel, to find lots of motorists complaining where is my spare wheel or the repair kit doesn't work after having a puncture in their car, they clearly weren't aware there was no spare wheel in their car. The motorists requirements in Europe used to be a full size spare wheel until about 10 years ago, so how does the majority of motorists now don't want or need a spare wheel , If its weight saving or cost by the manufacturers causing no spare wheel, I would rather they delete some other item on the car in favour of a proper spare.
  11. I have just downloaded the Corolla Australia specs, most of the range has a space saver one has a full size alloy spare, see attachment, looks like there is a demand for a standard spare out there, but not here, The problem is every few years the EU keeps lowering or proposing lower emission targets for car manufacturers, it seems lowering the cars weight is one of the methods they use. deleting a spare wheel and having a smaller wheel well using less steel, saves weight which lowers the co2 emissions, the average car buyer just sees a shiny new car and doesn't look for the spare wheel until they have a puncture, I first noticed this about 10 years ago when looking for a new car, most cars I was looking at had a space saver or no spare, then found the Avensis Tourer which had room for a full size spare. toyota corolla_hatch_australia spec_data_Aug2018.pdf
  12. In the good old days all new cars were supplied with a full size spare wheel and had the same quality radial ply tyres that are on todays cars, it only took 15 minutes to change a punctured tyre, now with today's cars without a spare its a breakdown, and using a space saver with a fully loaded car there is nowhere in the car to put the punctured wheel,
  13. I am just saying some drivers need a proper spare wheel, and should have the choice of buying a full size as an accessory, the previous Auris estate had room for a full size spare.
  14. My Avensis Tourer had a space saver spare which I replaced with a Full size spare, in 2013 had a puncture in Belgium on a Sunday, emptied the boot changed the wheel got to Calais on time for the ferry, not having a proper spare can be a problem for some drivers, the Corolla I saw was a hybrid with the usual tyre repair kit in polystyrene filling the wheel well, I was told there were no batteries in or under the boot and that the non hybrid wheel well could only accommodate a space saver.
  15. Just had a look at the new corolla in my local showroom, there is only room for a space saver spare wheel in the boot wheel well, looked at the Nissan Micra in a Nissan showroom yesterday, there was room in the boot wheel well for a full size spare wheel. both cars had a puncture repair kit as standard, why cant manufactures have a full size wheel well in all their cars so customers can if needed install a full size spare wheel.
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