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  1. He comes this weeks update!! I took the car to a recommended auto electrician and unfortunately he wasnt able to remove the error code. He did confirm that the EPB was working correctly. The error codes are; C1346 Zero Calibration of clutch stroke sensor undone current C1336 Zero point calibration of G sensor undone current C1203 Vehicle information mismatch current. What he said was that the ecu would not accept the EPB. Ive noticed that the change indicator on the rev counter doesnt illuminate now and the whilst the cruise control light comes on when activated, it doesnt work now. Thought I'd give you all a laugh! At least he didnt charge me. Stumpy
  2. I thought I'd give everyone a laugh/update on the parking brake saga. Got the car back from the dealership. Even though they acknowledge that the brake is working perfectly, they were unable to calibrate the system and therefore couldnt remove the message on the dash. They confirmed hat it was the correct part etc. They did wash and clean the car though, so for £136 + vat it seems like a bargain! They recommended that I replace the working actuator with a brand new one for £1700. Bargain. Surely there must be an auto electrician out there that can remove the error message or calibrate the system. I;m in Scotland but would travel.
  3. hi guys just a quick update. My friends diagnostic computer couldn't initiate the EPB actuator so I called Toyota. 2 hours "labour" at £76 + vat. And they said as another garage fitted it they cant guarantee that they will be able to initiate the unit. Its going in next Thursday so i will report back. Whats annoying is that effectively im paying for a message to be erased as the unit works perfectly
  4. thank you so much for the reply. My next question is how do I do that now the actuator has been fitted? My garage isnt a toyota dealership but has all the usual equipment. Or is it a visit to the dealer? thanks for your help and patience.
  5. Hi everyone 2010 Toyota Avensis 2.o D estate I've had an intermittent fault with my Electronic Parking Brake for some time now. Especially during periods of extended wet weather a warning light would flash up saying "parking brake inoperable" and the parking brake wouldnt respond whilst the engine was running. Once I'd switch off and then on, the EPB would work fine for either hours, days or weeks. I decided to replace the part as surrey electronics had done an investigation into the brake actuator and discovered that moisture was getting into the actutator via the bowden cable used for the manual release http://www.surreyelectronics.com/leaflets/TOYOTA%20AVENSIS%20ELECTRONIC%20PARKING%20BRAKE%20SYSTEM.pdf . Part 46300-05010 has now been taken out of service (funny that!!) and replaced with 46300-05011. I sourced this part and had it fitted by my friend at his garage today. It was also serviced and MOT'd. The swap over was done, passed it MOT with no advisories. However there is a message saying "check parking brake system". The EPB works was perfectly. My friend said that the discs and pads were great and the brakes perfectly balanced, so there is no reason for the message. He also said that there was no error messages when he hooked it up to the computer. Anybody got any ideas? I'm really hacked off as I love the car but this issue is getting me down. My friend says that it must be the switch as everything else works perfectly. Thanks for any help you might give Stumpyj
  6. Hi guys I'd like to wipe an error code from my Toyota avensis 2010, could anyone point me in the direct of the obd port. I just cant find it!! Cheers
  7. Thanks Melvyn. I've got to make a decision shortly on the car. The steering rack needs replaced. Toyota have agreed to reduce the cost from £1200 down to £330, however i still cant see why i need to pay this as this should have lasted the life of the car. Now the actuator needs replaced, albeit its only intermittent. But it happens probably twice a month, or more in the wet. The car has 107k on the clock and I do about 400 miles a week so its climbing. Funny thing tho, this was my company car, which I have had since new, and it has wanted for absolutely nothing, with full Toyota service history. I have to decide whether to keep and to sell on. I wouldnt feel good about selling to a punter without mentioning the brake. Wheresas I fix the brake and because of the expsense keep it until it dies
  8. Hi mcorban, regarding copper grease...not that I'm aware of
  9. The car was registered March 2010 so I have missed out on the warranty. I have already checked with Toyota. The fault started in November 2014, but only once or twice, and I put that down to the weather for some reason. A Toyota mechanic recommended that I change the rear disks and pads as this sometimes caused the brake to malfunction. They needed doing anyway so I got them dne. This seemed to stop the problem. But after a couple of weeks it came back. I can source a used part for about £350, but Im concerned that that one will do the same. I've contacted Toyota and they wont help , as the car has done 105K.
  10. Hi everyone I've got a 2010 Avensis Estate 2.0 Deisel with 105K on the clock. This error message comes up about once a week. The handbrake light flashes and the handbrake doesnt work until I switch the engine off and the handbrake comes on. I switch the engine back on and it works ok for a week or so. Surrey Electronics have written an interesting article onthis http://www.surreyelectronics.com/leaflets/TOYOTA%20AVENSIS%20ELECTRONIC%20PARKING%20BRAKE%20SYSTEM.pdf I have fitted new rear disks and pads, which can sort the problem, but this has made no improvement, so I have decided to source a replacement actuator part number 4630-05010. Unfortunately this is £1000 + vat from Toyota!!!! This part has now been replaced by part number 4630-05011, which is even more expensive, and which in my opinion proves there is a fault with the part. Anyway I am considering getting a replacement from a breakers yard but wondered if this was a common problem with the part? Does anyone else have or had similiar problems? Thanks Stumpy
  11. Hi everyone In the recent weeks this warning message has been coming on all the time. I switch off the engine and the brake comes on, I push the handbrake button which releases it and it seems to reset it. Apparently this was due to the rear brakes being worn. So my friend who owns a grarage replaced the pads and discs which were worn, yesterday. After they were fitted the warning stopped. Job done!. Not so this morning when the warning came on again. I stopped, switched off the egine and it reset. Any ideas (oh and i have an annoying rattle that seems to come thru the steering??? any ideas on this) Cheers and many thanks for any help offered Avensis 2.0 diesel tourer 2010 100k miles
  12. cheers guys, ill get these checked out. ill let u know how i get on.
  13. Hi everyone I have a 2010 Avensis Estate that I have owned from new. It was my company car and was serviced by Toyota so wanted for nothing. Its got 92k on the clock and has been pretty much trouble free. Typically, now that I have bought it from my company, a noise has developed over the last couple of months. Its hard to describe, I first thought that it was coming from the steering column, as it is worse when driving slowly over rough ground. It definately reduces as I speed up. There is no play in the steering, but the noise comes from that direction. I have had the car to my local garage, and his first thought was the tyres on the front which were worn, so I replaced them. The garage owner is a friend so he went for a drive with me, and immediately heard the sound. His initially thoughts were the ABS motor. When we returned to the garage, we put the car up on the ramps and checked underneath. There was no rattle or noise when the car was not under load. I then went upto the local Toyota dealer and the foreman came for a ride, he noticed the noise and said that he thought it was a mechanical noise. He had a good look under the car/bonnet and couldnt see anything wrong. He said that he had not come across that before. He said that the car was not unsafe and was probably more annoying than anything else. Anybody got any ideas?? Cheers
  14. Welcome to the Toyota forums stumpyj :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum-0/announcement-49-how-to-use-our-forum-video-guides/

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