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  1. If anyone is after a fun fast replacement for their Aygo, i can recommend either of these!
  2. Thanks both - not worried about theft around here. I'll multilock it if anything. WBAC was brilliant with the Aygo. Utterly hassle free and 750 over trade in, about 250 off private sale ..... Except no buyers to deal with. Will pop some pics up of new one tomorrow but as above, thanks for being a good set of folk and it's been a pleasure.
  3. Because that's what the model of the car is - or was because as of tomorrow, it gets replaced with a 2014 Fiesta ST3. I no longer need two cars so both the Aygo and the S2000 are off to new owners and i'll be either in the Fiesta or on the Z1000. Thanks for all the help folks, seeya around 🙂
  4. It's how they kept the weight / cost down - pretty sure the clutch is only just about up to the 67bhp as are the bearings and other components. When you come from a FIAT Seicento, cheap and tinny is relative :D
  5. *chuckles* If you stuck 4 really %$(ing fat people in there you could hit 800kg no bother at all!
  6. A nice subtle drop, handling / roll much improved / reduced.
  7. After carrying almost 800kg of sand / gravel / paving stones and other stuff back from B&Q a few months back, the time has come to replace the suspension. Picked up a Koni STR.T kit off Ebay for the princely sum of £250 delivered ( brand new ) so that will be going on over the next few weekends. Hopefully that will sort the handling out.
  8. Fitted a reverse camera ( had one lying around ) stupidly easy and stupidly pointless. Think this might get sold soon for a Swift Sport.
  9. Tbh @ 50 quid each fitted ... Whatever the tyre place chose. I'm motorways / A roads on my new 15 mile commute so they just need to be round :)
  10. 2 new tyres fitted, existing cheap Nexen 3000 **** had gone 50p shaped. They came with the alloys so not worried. Will replace the other 2 at the weekend and then that's all the horrid droning dealt with.
  11. Fitted in 30 minutes on the drive .... was expecting that to be a worse job than it was however the original silencer is FUBAR. The mount in the right hand wheel arch ( drivers side ) was just about ready to snap off.
  12. Picked up a brand new Irmscher ( From Irmschers ebay shop in Germany) backbox for a shade under £200 - there were / are two on Ebay for £185 and £195 respectively but both were > 3 years old and looked a little shabby. Figured i'd rather cough a tiny bit more and have new. I could care less how much power it doesn't have but i DO like the noise it makes, a noisy triple is a happy triple. edit - they clearly have more. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=262869917684#ht_1152wt_1397
  13. I wear mine out every 15k miles ..... it's had more discs and pads than it has had tyres, just.
  14. It was more of a joke about 100/80 being too bright but Hir2 being 80 percent brighter than 60/55 halogen is fine
  15. So .... Like a 100/80 halogen? *Gets coat*
  16. Given the biscuit tin nature of the car, the addition of glass that is thicker than the biscuit tin with the added sound deadening / bracing from the sunroof, i wouldn't have thought it would be any more noisy with it fitted, probably less so if anything. I also have a sunroof - it's called an S2000. If you haven't owned a convertible ( and driven it all year round ) you are missing out.
  17. Actually no, fault will be set either way but as the one who is drunk, you'll get done for drink driving and IF they think alcohol caused the accident you'll be done for that as well as driving without due care. If you are just involved because someone drove into you then they'll be at fault and be dealt with accordingly AND you'll be done for drink driving.
  18. lol - it rarely comes up on the MOT forum i frequent and the two mates of mine who are Traffic police don't seem overly interested either so ..... Anyway, 80/100 really does perk up the light output to a useful level so i'll leave them in for now :)
  19. In 15 years of fiddling with cars / using the internet .... the only people I've ever seen get properly uptight about headlight lamps / HID in reflector type lenses are people on internet car forums. With any mod you make, you run the risk ( if stopped ) of getting a notice to rectify it within a set number of days followed by an MOT retest on the item(s) that should be rectified. This applies to de-cats / exhausts / oversized wheels that stick out the arches / 'race' spec brake pads / 4 point harnesses on non FIA approved seats / window tints / blue lights fitted as side lights and the list goes on and on and on. The fact remains the standard headlights aren't the best and better lamps improve them, it's up to the owner what they do or don't do to their vehicle.
  20. Passes mot fine - not remotely worried :) more issue with folk who have a light out or badly aligned and more than enough of those for the dwindling number of real police to stop.
  21. If the beam cut off is correct - they will (and are) be fine. People generally only flash once ........
  22. 100W/80W Halogens in mine - no complaints about the headlights from me
  23. Squeaking from rear window means it needs cleaning and the boot seal needs a bit of silicon grease to soften it back up. Rattling from the rear for me has either been spare wheel not fastened in properly / seat belt retaining bolts chattering. I presume yours has standard wheels and tyres on?
  24. Just click on 11.2.019 or whatever the version link number is.
  25. Tried the Halogen - the LED in the link above has it licked both in brightness and in power requirements. Both fit without issue.
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