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  1. Thankyou for your replies, furtula, a very handy link thanks. gjnorthall yes I have been here before with a previous toyota, I think the plastic protector makes a fantastic trap for buildup of corrosive material.
  2. Hello I have been doing a bit of rust control on my 2007 rav4 and have noticed what looks like deisel in the road crud around one of the lower bolts securing the plastic guard in the NS rear wheel arch. Can anyone help me identify a suitable replacement part that is not silly expensive. I think the part I need is 77201-42150, there are lots on ebay but identifying a good choice is tricky. From what I have managed to find so far most of the connections are push fit appart from the large dia pipe to the tank which is jubile clipped? I would have a closer look but I do not want to make matters worse until I have a replacement Cheers
  3. Sorted, Replaced keyfob batteries, no change Replaced car 12v battery which is showing signs of age, no change Replace door control receiver and reprogram Keys, fixed
  4. OkThe latest, I have changed the cars 12v battery and the two key fob battteries (red lights showing when Pressed).I have fitted a replacement door control receiver, But still on action on the remote locking front. I am suspecting I need to reprogram the keys to the new relacement receiver I have fitted as mentioned by heifirst a few posts up, I seem to remember having to do this with a previous Rav4 when I got a replacement key, you have to open and close doors switch ignition on and off etc.Would this be right? I ask before going and confusing the car even more. Thanks for contributions so far
  5. Ah Frosty the alarm going off occoured in two different locations now i come to think about itm so I dont think it is down to local interference. The failure pattern is of a component / module slowly dying and then failing completely, the door control sensor being a likley culprit.
  6. I am suspecting the door control receiver, which is located rear LHS behind the filler cap.I am getting this from www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/184863-rav-remote-lockingalarm-problem/?tab=comments#comment-1480649
  7. Hi frosty yes the car is in one location.
  8. Yes the little red LEDs in the fobs do glow when the buttons are pressed
  9. Sorry for being unclear. The fobs are not opening the doors now. Clicking the buttons has no effect, i have changed batteries in both fobs to have no effect. When the problem started the fobs were causing the alarm to go off and not opening the doors. Now nothing happens at all. However i can open the door using the key in the door lock and the car will start and run. I have a long journey coming up and would like to sort this before then in case it causes other problems
  10. Hi all I have a problem where by the key both fobs opening the doors remotly operated intermitently and a few days later stopped operating at all. During this tiime operating the fobs sometimes set off the alarm, but if the car was started and the engine reved the alarm would stop. Since this time i have changed the CR2016 batteries in the key fob. I have also changed the cars 12v battery as it was the cars original and was possibly showing its age in the recent cold weather. The doors locks still work with a key in the door lock and the red securitly light on the dash LHS is still blinking. Otherwise the car runs normally. any ideas as to the source of this problem? sort of feels like a failing relay or something of that sort?
  11. I guess this is true, but from what i have read Toyota abandoned this practice due to poor reliability of repaired engines?
  12. The heat shield sits above the mid section exhaust. Its held up by 4 nuts to bottom of car. Mine had rotted at fastening points and was sitting on exhaust making rattling noises. It was 4 nuts and 4 large penny washer job to fix myself, good as new. Need a good look underneath to see. Mine is a D-4d mind you could be different.
  13. Um, So more than the cars worth.
  14. Hi Lee, Thanks for the information. Not sure i understand what it means for me as the owner of a sick out of warranty Rav4. How much do you think i should expect to pay? Thanks again Worried2
  15. Hi Mikis No solution yet, only using it for short trips. Fortunately I do not need to drive to work etc. Pretty sad situation really still weighing up the options Worried2