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  1. That's the one. Looks like part 52535. I'll speak with toyota today and see if they can replace that bracket Thanks a bunch
  2. Hi there, Not been on this for a while as my girlfriend now drives the aygo. However,leaving work today she hit her bumper off a high kerb and the drivers side is hanging off between the headlight and wheel arch. Ive had a look at it and it won't go back into place because a black plastic bracket connecting the bumper to the body/headlight has snapped. Does anyone know the best process to fix this? Would toyota be able to supply smaller components or would these be part of a higher assembly such as a full front bumper? Hopefully make it to toyota tomorrow but in the mean time any replies would be great thanks.
  3. Yeah I realised it would look a bit rotten lol. Going for a partial wrap but won't be changing the colour:)
  4. Kyle, Glasgow, aygo ice. Any plans for a meet then give me a shout:)
  5. I was actually debating wrapping it mint green lol!
  6. Thanks:) I've tried a bit of self study on mods but not seen very much. Is there alot in the way of meets or club stands etc.. on here?
  7. Thanks:) thats pretty nuts Ive only see one modded aygo and one UP down my way
  8. Hi, Just joined the forum and downloaded the toc app for android as it was advertised on the site. However, I can't login through the app as I used facebook to set up my profile. Logging in online is fine but I have no username to use the app and it doesn't have a Facebook option. Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on this? Thanks Kyle
  9. Hi there, My name is Kyle. 20 and an apprentice aircraft mechanic. drive a 1.0 2011 aygo ice in burgundy red (don't know the name of the colour haha). Had my aygo for a few months now and figured it was time to get back on a forum. Used to own a salamnque orange peugeot 207 with a few mods but cost more fixing it than its worth so traded for something newer, cheaper and more reliable, therefore an aygo. original plans was to leave it plain but slowly but surely getting modded. Well anyway here's a few pictures. So far have Xenon white headlights, and white led strobe headlights and alloys off of a Yaris SR. Wheels are being booked in for a refurb after the misses 21st and few bits and pieces wrapped once the design is completed with a final price. Pulled out the cruise scene when I bought this but looking forward to joining a couple of meets/shows and look forward to seeing what people have done and what can be done with an aygo. Thanks Kyle Glasgow, Scotland
  10. Welcome to the Toyota forums kylehally :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: