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  1. 2019 Touring Sports Excel


  2. Now arrived on the 10th 8-)
  3. I ordered my new Corolla 2.0 Excel Touring Sport in March , the first delivery was due 6th May, that slipped to 21st June and is now promised w/c 10th July !!! Could it be the Pano roof or that they stopped the build for a battery fault? - various reasons have been given to me for the delay - anyone else know the facts?
  4. Thanks for your help FB - price now added Joe
  5. I have had this car from new and loved every minute driving it. Reluctant sale but the new Corollo has persuaded me to part with this lovely car after 65000 trouble free miles. Ice grey leather interior and Panoramic Roof My location is DL6 in the north east if anyone os interested with a reasonable offer. It is on Auto Trader at £11,900.
  6. Guys, Thanks for your responses - much appreciated, I will definitely consider the cross climate tyres, as to the Dunlop tyres being noisy, I agree, that is totally accurate. as to fuel consumption, my car since new has averaged around 52 MPG, I drive the car in Eco mode and only occasionally use the Power mode, fuel consumption is higher in winter than summer - could it be the greater use of lights / headlights using up more battery ? I dont know, I also notice that sometimes a change of fuel supplier helps, generally I use Morrisons but have noticed that Tesco fuel seems to be better for fuel consumption, so how much tyres influence consumption I am not sure. Thanks again Joe
  7. My Auris Touring Sport 1.8 Hybrid Excel Auto has now done 31000 miles and at my 30000 mile service the dealer said there was at least another 5000 miles left on all four tyres. The tyres are Dunlop 225 45 R 17 Sport SP Fast Response. So 35000 on a set of tyres seems good to me when my previous C Max needed a new set after 24000 miles. Is this normal tyre wear for an Auris? I can get them replaced by KwikFit or Halfords for around 90 pounds a tyre which seems reasonable, does anyone know of a better tyre to fit or where I can get them fitted cheaper? Joe
  8. Happy Birthday Joe2014!

  9. Joe2014


    I too have problems with my Auris Hybrid Excel heater controls, it appears that on AC that operates the warmth as well as the cool but I seem to have to turn both temps up to 25 or 26 to get any decent degree of heat into the car. Maybe I too need to go back to the handbook (if all else fails,,,,,,, read the instructions !!! ). Other cars I have driven seem to have separate AC and heating controls or a proper Climate Control that changes automatically from AC to the temp control is adjusted. Am I doing something wrong? Joe
  10. I also had this problem - there are some icons arranged vertically on the right hand side of the screen display, one is an ear - if the sound is muted the ear icon shows a muted sign within the icon, press this once and the sound should return. It seems to happen if you inadvertently touch the icon (I too have fat fingers!! ). Joe
  11. I bought my Touring Sports a month or so ago, I saw the write ups before I bought it and the stuff written like "it is not a fun car to drive", "the dash presentation is poor" etc etc. I wasn't looking for a fun car , merely a comfortable car to drive - which it is. Yes, the dash presentation is a little so so but I am getting used to it. There is a bit of noise too but no more than some diesels and I am sure I will get used to it, it is not a problem, just a different noise from other cars. My mpg seems to be improving all the time as the car settles in, 55 mpg on a brim to brim fill this week. One annoying thing is the Sat Nav screen being poor to see as it seems to suffer from reflected light (even with the sky roof closed). Other than that I am more than happy with my new car! Joe
  12. I have now had mine just over 5 weeks, this morning's brim to brim fill up was 55.4 mpg so I am more than happy with that, I too went for the panoramic skyroof and I couldn't resist the ice grey leather seats. I have yet to test the automatic parking, I suppose I'll get round to it sometime. My previous car was a Ford C Max 1.6 diesel which I bought for economy, sadly it didn't fit the bill, 43 mpg was pretty poor when they forecast 70+ in the brochure (I know that is on a rolling road but I would have been happy at 50 mpg). It was a six speed manual which I seemed to be forever changing gears and the turning circle was about as good as a London bus! I am so pleased I decided to bite the bullet and changed to the Auris, the automatic is great and so much easier to park in a tight garage. Keep in touch on here so I can pick up / pass on tips. Joe
  13. I too am new to the hybrid system. I bought my car 4 weeks ago. main findings so far: 1 I am happy with the mpg at 50 plus 2 I have difficulty seeing the screen presentation on the central display unit even with the skyroof closed. The screen could have been set in to the dash a bit more to enable better driver visibility. This can be a bit disconcerting whilst driving. 3 The engine does have some unusual noises compared with other cars I have driven, it does tend to be a bit noisy particularly when in the Power setting during acceleration. 4 The tyre pressure monitor reset switch is located in the glove compartment. Any others have experiences to share? Joe
  14. I just bought my Auris 4 weeks ago, computer is stating 55 mpg average, of the two brim to brim fillings I have done, both have returned over 50 mpg, so no complaints so far.