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  1. hi thanks for all the advise,will definitely bring my car to a few more garages... just notice today ,the knocking noise can only be heard after rolling over a speed hump, I mean when you ran over a speed hump the noise will not come on the approach but definitely after I get over the humps does it mean anything?y hi tccom ,are drop links easy to fit ,do I need to replace them as a pair,anyone has a link for drop link suitable for corolla tried to search on web but no luck..
  2. hi Kc funny you mentioned loose exhaust hanger,the Croxdale guy did tighten a loose nut on the front exhaust and then he gave the keys and try if the noise is gone if didnt that is when he went for ride with me and heard the knocking noise..
  3. Hi thanks. the thing is If a went for the cheap option and the noise is not mended I would have just wasted 59 pounds because the lad did not confirm on inspection that the drop link is broken.. on the other hand I do not mind replacing the shock absorber if it is definitely broken,I just could not believe that is gave way so early is there any way I can check myself if the shock is knocked,my car is lowered and on 17 Superleggerras with low profile tyres and ride is a bit harsh already normally there is not much play on the front suspension thanks
  4. hi the noise only comes on any bumps,pot holes or any unevenness on road surface,there is no noise on braking,pulling off or even on hard cornering. thanks
  5. hi, Need some help i a lost now,I have a knocking noise on the near side front area,? suspension or ??? My car is an E12 53 reg on TTE lowering springs and have only done 22500 miles ,highway miles and this knocking noise just came on ,now I am using it as everyday car and is a pain,worried now. I went to my local Quick Fit and these guys think the near side front shock absorber is knocked (really it has only done 22500 miles and highway miles hardly used at all) and happily quoted me 346 pounds to fit 2 front shocks and shock tops, would have been more expensive it I did not say insist that my springs are TTE aftermarket lowering springs,so I said thanks I will give a call. Then not convinced I went to another shop Croxdale Fast Fit and coulnt see anything wrong with suspension or shocks I insist the noise is there and the lad went with me a test drive and heard the the knocking noise without looking at it again, told his manager it is the suspension drop link and will cost 59 pounds. My dillema is which shop should I go for ,I am afraid if Croxdale fit the drop link and is not broken the noise will be there and will not go over again,but I am more afraid or not entirely convince the my shocks will be knocked after just 22500 highway miles as what these Quick fit lads were suggesting. I need some advice on these pls. Thanks
  6. Hi Time has come to part with my pride and joy. Can someone helped to put a price a such a beloved car. It is a Corolla 2003 T Spirit ,Neptune Blue. With Factory fitted Rear Spoiler and TTE front grille and TTE front spoiler also a TTE Sports Exhaust.It comes with a Ultraleggera 17 inch alloys and is lowered 30mm with TTE lowering springs. Very low mileage and seldom used car only has 21000 motorway miles still smells like a new car.Regularly waxed and covered and garaged. Visited Parkers but no option to list extras mentioned.Can anyone suggest of any company that can price the car. Thanks..
  7. hi, you can try ebay,put TRD on the search you might get lucky also try to find one that you apply on the inside of the windscreen it is much better .. lust like this...http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w202/ally2yana_album/06032006002.jpg try this link...
  8. hi, just browsing on the forum and stumbled on the above info.. I am just happy that there is typhoon kit available for 1.6 engine. Can I just check if anybody has fitted this on their car.Have you noticed any differnce aside from the loud noise it will make.Does it worth the money? thanks so much ...
  9. hi, Thanks just have to ask that ,D-4D badging shoudl have confirmed it for me. I envy those D-4D owners,a plug and play improvement,hope TTE will do one for 1.6 VVTI petrol models. Cheers..
  10. hi, Can somebody tell me if these Tte chip is only suitable for diesel models. thanks
  11. hi, I have recently had my car serviced and the courtesy car I was given is a 2005 reg corolla and so I had the chance to the measure up the sideskirts of the new Corolla, it was 74 inches long,sadly when I got my car back my 2003 Corolla the side only measured uo to 73 inches,my question is does anyone has fitted a new Corolla sideskirt to a 2003 reg Corolla ,did it fit ,will an inch make a difference..thanks in advance. also for your info, for those wondering if aftermarket parts will afffect your warranty ,it will not,well I am stating it here in UK, I have an original TTE exhaust fitted by myself and an K&N filter fitted and it passes the service and warranty without any questions,although I have fitted the sway bar after the service.
  12. hi, I have a lowered Corolla T Spirit 2003 model fitted with Toora T240 size 18 with 225/35/18,offset 40, no scrubbing at all even when fully loaded,many T sport ownwers has fitted 18 with no probs,Toora T240 is similar to the 18 wheels fitted on the new Corolla TTE Compressor,send me your email if you want pics. Caution though, the ride comfort has suffred greatly and it slowed down my car. So I am using a Superleggera size 17 on long travels.
  13. hi, it sounds great,but I cannot find the picture of your car without the midsilencer. thanks
  14. hi G6R, just noticed your mods,you have no midsilencer,how does it affect the car and mileage,does it sound good?
  15. hi, you are spot on it cost a fortune,well if you are interested there is someone in Ebay selling the rear spoiler,just put Corolla in the search box,my TTE front spoiler cost me 30 pounds off ebay just got lucky.Toyota is charging me 150 :ffs: spraying i,I will fit them myself,good luck
  16. hi, Thanks for the photos ,they are very helpful,G6R your corolla is looking so sweet and agressive with those TTE strut bars,I see you we have the same model of Corolla engine wise (mine is a T spirit 1.6 engine).I am planning to order strut bars from the U.S., they have carbon fibre look air craft grade billet aluminum in there, going so cheap.And are fully adjustable. Also have you done any modification to your air filtration,I am wondering if the K&N typhoon kit will fit the 1.6 engine air inlet.I have installed a panel filter from K&N did notice slight change in engine response but not to my contenment.So I was hoping anybody out there who fitted any kind of high performance air filtration especially to 1.6 engine to share their experience. Cheers
  17. hi, thanks for the info so far :D ,has anybody got a picture of the TTE strut brace?
  18. hi, try ebay,you can find a lot in there,word of auction it is addicting.
  19. hi everyone I have research the forum and had read a few good and bad comments about fitting a strut brace,but I just want to see for myself how it will affect my car once fitted. My question is has anyone fitted one on a pre-facelift model E12,mine is a T spirit 2003 model and my brake fluid reservoir is on the left and seems to be an obstruction.I have seen a picture of one fitted on a Tsport with brake fluid reservoir on the right seems alright if that is the case. If anyone has fitted one on prefacelift E12,would you mine sharing the manufacturer of the strut bar and if there is any modifications made. Your response is greatly appreciated.
  20. ally2yana

    E12 Kit

    hi, I am looking for corolla e12 side skirt and sports grille. thanks
  21. hi, just want to know if anyone attempted to use a K&N induction kit for 1.4 corolla on a 1.6 engine,just a found out that there is an induction kit for a 2003 1.4 corolla but none for 1.6 engine and I dont think there will be soon thx
  22. hi, well I am planning to install this filter, I was quoted 52.50 pounds for this here in UK,is it worth it?,
  23. hi, :) thanks for your reply,at last decided to contact TTE directly ,Florian gave the part no. quote 'If you ask for part no. PZ439-E9490-ZB any local Toyota dealer can help you.' thats is the part no for TTE front sports grille, am still waiting for toyota dealer around Tyne and Wear to give me a quote ,also got a TTE front spoiler of ebay for price of chips ,the bad side is dealers is charging me a fortune for fitting and painting
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