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  1. Thanks to all for such a kind posts. Just for the record, I'll try here to compare two dealers: Toyota and VW (VW, Audi, Skoda) as I already owned 7 VW's and one Toyota. My new Octavia will be serviced at the same VW dealer as my other Golfs were: TOYOTA: When you come to reception you'll find little room, like 3x5m where they receive clients. It has two tables with receptionsts behind. If there were more then 10 clients waiting, nobody can tell who's next. As they finish with one, they just say "Next!". Try to imagine how many times I had to discuss who's next, me or him... If you come for waranty claim, first answer you get is: "It's normal...". Then if you show some skills in mechanics, they try to listen to you and convince you from technical point of view that it's still normal. I'll give here two examples: 1st, it was handbrake question. It would lock on 13th click. Answer: "It's normal", then a bit of discussion, then service book where it was written: "The best arround 7th click but it can still go until 9th". Me: "You see...?", them: "it's still OK, no need to adjust, and even if we do you have to pay because non of adjustments are covered by waranty." Went back home and done adjustment by myself. 2nd, it was tyres question as all four got oval after car was 2 month old and had something like 5.000 kms. They said it was my fault because I've probably done some hard long braking and as wheels blocked tyres got oval. Me: "...wheels blocked????? What about ABS? Are you kidding me?" Them: "well... (long silence), ABS don't work if you go for example 10 mph on dirt road and brake instantly...", Me: "I still think you're kidding me, 10mph on dirt road if I fully brake, car will stop in 2 meters"... They took the car to Bridgestone Dealer and they cahged all 5 tyres, saying they had a knowledge about problem on other cars too. I've never solved the clicking steering wheel (it's normal, they said), noisy brake pads on irregular roads without braking - had to go to the dealer each 2-3 months for them to lubrificate something to stop the noise, noisy dashboard, behing the radio, whistelling wing mirrors above 140 km/h (had to close them on that speed, it was driving me crazy), and so on, and so on... VW When you come to reception you'll find huge room, like 30x50m where they receive clients. At one end of that room, there is beggining of the showroom, so if want you can go see new cars while you wait. There are a lot of confortable sofas arround with newspapers from the day and free cofee machine. 4 tables with receptionists and above their heads huge plasma screen with names of the clients, the time to be received, name of the receptionist, licence plate number. This is for apointments made by phone. If you come without apointment, there is one side-reception where very kind lady take your name and you go on the list on that big screen. If you come for waranty claim, no need to make the apointment. You just go, talk to the lady and your turn will be in 5-10 min. One receptionist gets up behind the table and go to your car with you. Once I had on my Golf wing turning sign full of water after washing (car was one month old). Receptionist went to call mechanic and there he was after one minute comming with new turning sign in his hand. Replaced it less then a minute and I was ready to go. They have never asked what hapened and why it got the water in. And yeah, there is a service (I don't know if it is only in Portugal) called "Mobility 24" which means if you have your car serviced regulary at VW dealer, you have the right, if your car breakes anywhere on the road, for towing truck, hotel, taxi, and then replacement car if you need, all free of charge. Thanks for all best wishes you gave me. Bosnjo
  2. None of Avensis models (pre-2003 or post-2003) can do that. I used to own VW's and they all do it (Audi, Skoda, Seat...), but Toyotas just don't have that option.
  3. I'm surprised at the problems, but problems are problems. Skoda in the surveys I've seen do very well. Though VW cars which share a lot of the engine components do not and have a lot of ECU issues. So I'm a bit confused, must be the chekz assemble the cars better than the Germans?? Every people in the world is known by something. If you take japanese as known for electronics, franch for wine... then czechs are known as auotomotive engineers. Sounds funny, doesn't it? But it's true. They were stranguled over decades in socializm and just couldn't make it through. Now they have the freedom and they make what they want. If they just weren't under VW they could even do better. VW doesn't let them develop enough as they have already many inventions tested, fearing to loose customers for VW cars. Anyway, arround 40% of Skoda customers are ex-VW owners. That says enough, I guess. Cheers
  4. When I got the car it was my first Toyota, but sadly I hope it was the last one I owned. 1.8 VVTi Saloon with extras, January 2005, 20.000 km on the clock yesterday. I wrote so many posts here about problems car had. So many visits to dealer and I just got tired... Sold it yesterday, lost a lot of money because of that, but I just couldn't take it anymore... Ordered Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDi Sport. Thanks to all of you guys for help and support during almost two years I owned the car. I also hope I helped some of you with things I could. It was nice to share experience at this great forum. I'm gonna miss it. I just hope nobody gets the new car with so many problems the way I did. So long Bosnjo
  5. I just don't believe Toyota paint anymore. It doesn't have to be 3M shop. As long as it's shop that does computerised mixture of paints matching code you give them, you should go for it. But, just a little advice: Before you use it give just a little touch somewhere over original paint, on the place that's hidden, like by spare tyre or under the hood, bellow some carpet etc. Let it dry and see if it's ok.
  6. When I bought mine (2005) I looked at the colour code (Silver) and it said 1C0. Went to the dealer and got 1C0 touch-paint so I could cover those little holes made by stones. When hapened the first one I've cleaned it out and gave just a touch (touch-paint, is't it?). It was so different that I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought it needed some time. One year later it was stil much lighter than the rest. In all my previous cars (mostly VW) I would go to the 3M shop as they make car paints by code you give them. Never had any problems and the most of my cars were silver (light grey metalic). So, I gave the code 1C0 at 3M shop and they made me 0,25L bottle. I gave the touch on the spot that I've ruined with Toyota 1C0 touch-paint, and booom... got it perfect. Thrown Toyota Touch-paint to the garbage straight on... By the way, there is a little plate with engine and paint code. Just look for it. In new Avensis it's on the pillar between driver's door and door behind. Maybe it's on the same place on yours.
  7. Mine is 2005 1.8 VVTi Saloon It's not whole the rack, it's one shaft on the bottom that Toyota says may loose tightness or even fall apart and cause loosing of the control over the vehicle (according to the Recall Letter). That's why I got worried and drive carefully waiting for the part replacement, as they already checked mine out and said it's damaged and not tight anymore.
  8. Do you have it booked for part inspection or to change the part already? Mine has been inspected two weeks ago but part takes long time to come because there are too many orders (they said). My concern was what if they said the part was ok and then it fails few months later. But the part was damaged so they'll change it. I wasn't able to feel any problem on the steering. Now I drive it carefully because I fear it may fall apart. I have to wait until 12th of October. Cheers
  9. Thay've just called me and marked for 12th of October as just then they're gonna have the parts. I hope the steering will not fall all apart till then.
  10. No, that's not the point. They will take care of everything as Recall. They don't blame me at all, but the letter said that damage can happen only if hitting sidewalk few times or heavy duty driving. Even then, they'll take care of it free of charge. The point is that it happened anyway, even I haven't done anything described in "Recall Letter". When I got the car as new, I was so hapy and felt that I have strong, reliable and long lasting car. Now I feel very bad about it and going to sell it at beginning of 2007. I don't even enjoy driving it anymore. It gave me so many problems and I'm just fed up.
  11. As I've posted earlier, I've got Recall Letter for possible steering failure. It's been marked for today. I've picked the car up in the afternoon and they said they'll phone me as the part to be changed has just been ordered (see my previous post about Recall Letter). They said steering system is damaged. Sad, isn't it? My Avensis is from January 2005, 1.8 VVTi Saloon, AND WITH ONLY 17.500 KM ON THE CLOCK. I've never hit the sidewalk, any big hole, no hard steering driving. I've been so carefull with the car.
  12. Thanks, good point of view. I'm happy to see that people think it doesn't apply to Avensis.
  13. I've just found this link: Toyota gets 40 lashes with a wet noodle from Japanese government over recalls :o Don't know if it's true.
  14. As all toyota steering wheels hold air-bag that is connected to the system by spiral coil cable it would give you big headache to do it. On the other hand, you will invalidate your warranty unless you get the letter of approval by Toyota dealer. Note that many of Avensis cars have problems with steering wheel (including mine) so it would be good excuse for dealer, if by time something goes wrong with steering wheel/rack, to blame you. The best option would be to talk with dealer's cheef engineer (not cheef mechanic), through Customer's relations. Hope this helpes.
  15. Steve84, My steering got rattle at 1500 miles on the clock. I've done many visits to my dealer and cheef engineer finaly checked with Toyota Database and found out that it was normal and it was not to be treated as a fault. I've asked if it was normal how come the car didn't have it when I got it first and they said again: "It was normal. We can show you other Avensis cars comming here and you'll see your rattle is nothing compared to them." EXCUSE ME??? Camplaining that car in this class or any other just can't have that kind of noise simply didn't help. They said: "Don't worry, it's just air-bag spiral (coil) making that noise while turning the steering wheel because it has no enough space to fit well. But, it will not brake so NO to changing steering rack". I love those guys in Toyota, great comedians, they talk to the customers like we don't know anything about cars and I was even mechanic many years ago. Let me tell you this one. Alarm mounted by Toyota as the optional request when I was buying my Avensis worked well for about a year. After that it started to go off by itself in the middle of the night. Took the car to the dealer and they said: "It's your fault because it's normal". FOR THEM EVERY FAULT IS NORMAL. "You are using it wrong way. When you go out of the car you have to wait untill light inside the car switches off and just then you may lock it using key remote". EXCUSE ME? (again). So, for them that was it. I took the car out and was ready to make complain to customer's service but just few miles after I got out of the dealer engine shut itself off (imobiliser), alarm sirene went off and car stucked in the middle of the road. I got back on foot to the dealer and just handed them a key and said: "It's few miles down the road. Go and pick it up and call me when you get the alarm problem solved". They called me the same day to go to get the car. They took the alarm off and ordered a new one. New one arrived a month and a half latter and they mounted it and now it's OK. It was 4-5 months ago. Just one more thing. I've seen how it works if you do complain to customer's service of Toyota. They send the copy of your letter (with your name and licence plate number) to the cheef engineer to investigate the case and then he takes it to the cheef mechanic. At that point cheef engineer is angry and both of them go to look for the mechanic who treated your vehicle. After investigation concluded cheef engineer has to write the letter back to customer's service explaining what happened with apology. The problem is - all of them (from garage) get angry with you because you revealed their level of competence. So, next time you come for service... By the way, I asked if they get steering rack changed because of recall duty would that solve the rattle and they said no, it wouldn't because it's not that area to be changed. Cheers
  16. After your post I've made long visit to Briskoda Forum and found out that there people make their posts arround 30% about problems, 60% doubts and 10% future upgrades. Our forum is 90% problems and it's bigger then Briskoda. Please, don't get me wrong, I still love my Avensis, just getting more worried day by day.
  17. Well, mine is 2005 and the letter I've got was from Toyota Imports Co. not from Toyota dealer who sold me the car.
  18. Went to Toyota today. They said to leave the car next week and they are going to inspect all parts and "DO REPLACEMENT ONLY IF SOMETHING WAS NOT OK!" I asked what if everything was ok and the said they'll not replace anything in that case. I'M SERIOUSLY THINKING NOT TO BUY TOYOTA AGAIN. They don't seem serious to me.
  19. I agree, they shouldn't have sold you the car with those tyres. Try to make them pay for changing.
  20. Avensis 1.8 VVTi, Saloon 2005, Traction Control, Automatic AC Just got Recall Letter from Toyota to take the car there so they can do the work on my steering rack. Letter says: "... We have verified some Avensis cars equiped with EMPS (Electric Motor Assisted Power Steering) with possibility of gaining unwanted space between intermedium shaft and adjustable cardan that connect steering wheel with steering rack. If there was an excessive force applied on the steering, these parts may get loose or even separated, that might result in loosing the control of the vehicle..." I guess (and hope) they are going to change the steering rack. Dealer is official Toyota dealer Portugal. Uhhhh, just thinking about what might happen if those parts get separate makes me wishing to keep the car parked untill going to the dealer. :crutchy:
  21. Avensis 1.8 VVTi, Saloon 2005, Traction Control, Automatic AC Just got Recall Letter from Toyota to take the car there so they can do the work on my steering rack. Letter says: "... We have verified some Avensis cars equiped with EMPS (Electric Motor Assisted Power Steering) with possibility of gaining unwanted space between intermedium shaft and adjustable cardan that connect steering wheel with steering rack. If there was an excessive force applied on the steering, these parts may get loose or even separated, that might result in loosing the control of the vehicle..." I guess (and hope) they are going to change the steering rack. Dealer is official Toyota dealer Portugal. Uhhhh, just thinking about what might happen if those parts get separate makes me wishing to keep the car parked untill going to the dealer. :crutchy:
  22. Don't let them charge you for owner's manual. You have the right to have it.
  23. I have nothing to add as others already said almost everything about Avensis. Maybe the only thing is my, still unresolved, problem with steering wheel. It works fine but on turning it quickly point to point while stationary or moving slowly, it makes clicking sound. Went to the dealer many times, they contacted Toyota Data Base and final answer is that it was air-bag coil that makes that noise and it wasn't considered as a fault. Nothing to do. I mean, car of that class and that much money with problem like that? It started with 2000 km on the clock 3 months old. Not all of Avensis have that problem but many of them do. Yes, and one more thing. There is aerodynamics problem with side mirrors. They make loud noise above 150-160 km/h. Sometimes on higher speed, it depends on the wind orientation. Solution - retract (close) outside mirrors. No solution by dealers too. Yes, and the question: "Why do you need to drive so fast?". Yesterday, I went to Skoda dealer and just for curiosity took test-drive on Skoda Elegance 2.0 TDI 140 HP. Let me tell you, behavior on various road surfaces and curves left me suprised. So damn good. It's quite, no any noise, excellent construction and materials on the dash and arround. Alarm comes with it already. Boot bigger then in Avensis, lot of room for legs at the front and back. Steering wheel is fully adjustable but goes up-down and in-out much more then in Avensis. Driver's seat goes down more then in Avensis. It's 6 speed (my Avensis is 5). Tyres same as Avensis. Conclusion: My Avensis is 1.8VVTi 129HP. If I today wanted to change it for the same one, I get: Avensis Saloon 1.8 VVTi 129HP, there is no central diplay and buttons anymore, Alarm is extra option. Price total Portugal: €31800 (with alarm option) If I go for Skoda: Skoda Elegance Saloon/Hatchback 2.0 TDI 140HP with Alarm. Price total Portugal: €32400 And not to mention power and consumption difference. When I took test-drive in Octavia I got suprised with it's pulling power on low revs. For example: you're driving slowly in 2nd. If you press accelerator fully, car pulls so much that you might loose control. In 6th gear on standard speed, you want to take over few cars at the front of you, just get the 4th gear, press the accelerator and no more gear changes untill passing was done. Then back from 4th to 6th. In my Avensis, to get the full power, if I drive 70 km/h and want quickkly to take over few cars, I have to go to 2nd for 1-2 seconds, then 3rd then 4th to get 130km/h. Just after passing back to 5th. Also, one problem. If I was on 80 km/h, I can't change to 2nd because it would go to too high revs with no accelerating power. So I go to 3rd but I feel lack of power untill higher revs. You can imagine how much I hate to came to the back of the lane moving 80 km/h. If it was just 70 or 90 km/h... Sorry for this long post. It was because I love my Avensis but I don't see why to go on with gasoline in the car that is getting worse, having unsolved problems etc, etc, while there is a car whose name has bad history but now gives you something you find out only driving it for a while. Friend of mine has Octavia with 300.000 km on the clock (186.000 miles) and had never have single complain, just regular servicing.
  24. 1. Steering pulls... First, you need two tyres the same brand and SAME WEAR at the front. Swap them with the back ones, but back left to front left and back right to front right. NO OTHER WAY ARROUND. Second, you need to do steering alignment. You need both things done to make sure everything is on it's place. Yet, as you'll have two different tyres on the back, you still might experience slight pulling on the side. If that happens (not much probable) you'll need to get two tyres same brand to the back. 2. I don't know about warranty documents because new car doesn't bring any warranty contract. As your car is used and you get 1 year warranty, all you need is receipt for buying that car, that has correct date on it, licence plate number and your name. That's all you need for warranty claims. 3. You should have user's manual. Go back to the dealer and ask for one, as you have the right to have it. Each car comes from the factory with complete user's manual, not only quick start guide. Yours was probably taken out and given to other customer that didn't have it or to some friend who lost it. When they sell used car they MUST give it with user's manual, especialy if it's Toyota Dealer. Don't let them fool you. By the way, how many miles your car has? Good luck
  25. What colour are the wires that are hanging in the hole? It would be easy with voltmeter.
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