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  1. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/second-generation-toyota-gt86-greenlighted-bosses No pics or dates though, anyone got more info?
  2. olddriver

    Spare key

    I would immediately request a refund as the car is not fit for purpose, see furtula's post about the Sale of Goods Act.
  3. olddriver

    Spare key

    Is this a regular Toyota dealer?
  4. Some people keep their keys in the micrwave, but that sounds a bit dodgy to me in case it gets turned on.
  5. Yes there are usually a row of arrow heads indicating the direction of rotation of the wheel, I supoce you could try swooping the front with the rear tyres.
  6. In addition to the above, the handbrake pad and or the brake piston could be seized. I don't know how your rear caliper works, but one of the small pistons that centralise the calliper on my front disc also became seized, although that was only picked up on the mot, and he passed it! You just have take the rear wheel off and have a look.
  7. 1. Where's all the other posts gone? 2. My local dealer is getting the showroom model next week, supposedly 29 Jan, and the demo model two days later.
  8. Some bright spark, will probably buy them all up and put them on eBay for a fiver 😀
  9. My clutch bearing started making noises at 33,000 just outside the 30,000 guarantee period at that time, cost me over £500 at a Mr Clitch type garage and it is still going strong, touch wood, 16 years later at 150,000 miles.
  10. What company are you with?
  11. Is it really that bad during long distance? I've had two short test drives and apart from one large pot hole which jolted the car quite severely, the ride didn't feel too harsh to me.
  12. But it's an automatic ☹️ (although I note it's got paddles) and I've read elsewhere it has a BM engine! I note that they don't mention that in the official literature.
  13. My original Toyota battery lasted 7 years, 69,000 miles, and it looks like the Halfords battery HCB012 which I replaced with a similar battery last year, lasted 12 years, unless I fitted two previous batteries not one, in which case the Halfords batteries lasted about 6 years. I've mislaid my service manual, so I cannot confirm that, my photo copies of it only go up to 2011. The car is 20 this year. The prescribed battery by Halfords did not fit the carrier, so I had to buy a smaller battery, but it has always started the car first time. However, I always plaster the terminals with loads of Vaseline.
  14. Probably because of all the extra regulations that they have to comply with ☹️