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  1. Note they say "rear silencer corroded", NOT leaking! I suppose it could be physically damaged but I would have thought that they would have said, consequently as it is stainless, then I would leave it and see if it passes the MOT next time. My Corolla has done 150,000 miles and there has not been any problems with the exhaust even though the rear silencer is corroded! As oldcodger said, I would get a local independent garage to do the repairs, as they could be half the price of those quoted, ask friends and work colleagues, etc.
  2. You reminded me that the nuts securing the gas analyser to my exhaust are not stainless and had corroded, causing an audible leak, but I don't know if that would affect the CO2 content.
  3. Are you using oil, mine doesn't use any and has the same mileage?
  4. Oh dear, I bought the £15 a pair ones from eBay, I was hoping that they were redundant stock. Toyota wanted over £200, and I didn't stop to ask if that was for one or a pair! One strut went just before Christmas and the other 4 days later, so I know how heavy the lid is! My garage is full of junk, so as I've got some tower scaffolding, I may put that up and tie the lid to it. Thanks oldcodger.
  5. What month was you car produced, mine, which was the cheapest Corolla on the market, was in December and has a rev counter fitted as standard? I seem to remember that there was a model change in September 1998,
  6. My main concern is supporting the bootlid while replacing the struts, I can prop the bootlid up with a pole but am worried about it slipping and breaking the window, anyone have any suggestions? Additionally, the Haynes manual says ease off the clips with a screwdriver, any other advice? It is a 1998 Corolla Hatchback.
  7. I'd be interested to know if they charge you more for changing the wheels?
  8. My car was probably 15 years old at the time, and one of the front to back pipes actually burst during the mot test, and it was a female tester!
  9. From front to back, although they couldn't get at the bits of the pipe/s over the tank, and I had already replaced the short U pipes, that I bought from Toyota, adjacent to the rear cylinders.
  10. Brake pipes on my Corolla cost me about £200 in an independent garage, I think that they used Cunifer, I can't remember but I know that we had a discussion about it and they didn't use Toyota parts.
  11. Gordon Bennet, 30 years ago Continentals were crap, and I don't think that they were usually original equipment, but I don't know how good they are now,
  12. Well I've still got the same copies that I sent before, so there will be a gap of a few years but I will have to suffer that. Also, I keep all my receipts as I am a terrible horder, but they are not organised, so I need to put them in a folder.
  13. Yeah, I've got a Haynes manual, but I wanted to create a record of when I service the car, and from the pics in the advert, that book looks exactly like the Service Record book supplied with the car when new. Once when I had an accident, my insurance company asked to see copies of the Service Record book. Apart from the first 3 yesrs, I carriied out most of the services myself, writing things like brake pad thickness and when plugs ect were changed in the margin of the book. That was for my benifit, but as it turned out it probably showed the insurance company that I had actually done the work.
  14. I've mislaid my Service Record book, haven't seen it for about 2 years, and saw this on eBay and wondered if anyone has bought one:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-SERVICE-BOOK-D4D-PETROL-AND-DIESEL-ALL-MODELS-AURIS-AVENSIS-COROLLA-IQ/162673636976? I wondered if the service intervals for plugs, air filter, cam belt will be the same for all vehicles?
  15. It could be a rusted bolt/s on the heat shield, all the exhaust on my Corolla is stainless EXCEPT the bolts on the heat shield AND the nuts on the gas analyser! My shield bolts rusted away one at a time, and each time the shield made a muffled noise, I replaced the bolts with stainless bolts, and am waiting for the fourth bolt to rust away completely. I couldn't see any way to remove all the bolts before they had rusted away, without damaging the shield.