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  1. Yeah, I spoke to my local dealer and they said 400 were available this year and sold out in 22 mins!
  2. I may be interested in buying a low mileage Toyota of just a few years old, and wondered if when serviced by Toyota, the mileage is recoded and can be confirmed, ie other than in the service book. Alternatively, other than wear on the pedals and tyres, what are the signs to look out for when estimating the useage/mileage of a car?
  3. Can’t even buy a BRZ either, as that is only available in the US!
  4. Can’t even buy a BRZ either, as that is only available in the US!
  5. Offtopic, but if you place flat AA type batteries in the airing cupboard they are usually rejuvenated, I wouldn’t put them in anything expensive, but ok for a torch.
  6. What Car says the estimated base model will be £34,500:- https://www.whatcar.com/news/2022-toyota-bz4x-electric-suv-revealed-price-specs-and-release-date/n23697
  7. Looking at the weather forecast, it looks like you’ve got/getting plenty of water too!
  8. I meant to say flexible petrol pipes, not brake pipes.
  9. Does that mean that my September 1998 Corolla is definitely not going to have any problems using E10 petrol? I ask because the exhaust has some welds on the front pipe, where presumably a bracket had originally been welded and removed, indicating that this exhaust was one fitted to an earlier model. I believe Toyota updated the design of the Corolla in 1998, this would possibly explain parts from the earlier model being fitted, and hence this could include brake pipes too!!!
  10. I just wondered if anyone has experience of what the petrol availability is like on major routes away from big towns and cities in the south and east of the country?
  11. NOTE, FOR ALL VEHICLE OWNERS, ESPECIALLY DURING PERIODS OF LOCKDOWN:- “ It is a hygroscopic, which means it absorbs water from the atmosphere, leading to condensation in fuel tanks if the car remains unused for long periods of time.”
  12. Two quotes from the article relating to older vehicles:- ”If you put E10 fuel in an incompatible car it will still run, but seals, plastics and metals may be damaged over longer periods as a result of bioethanol's corrosive properties. It is a hygroscopic, which means it absorbs water from the atmosphere, leading to condensation in fuel tanks if the car remains unused for long periods of time.” “ Firstly, as the RAC Foundation points out, there could be as many as 600,000 vehicles on our roads that aren’t compatible with the fuel. "Many of these are likely to be owned by those from lower income backgrounds and while it is welcome that E5 petrol is not being phased out altogether, owners of these vehicles will face higher fuel costs – and will also have to hunt out those forecourts that still sell E5. "Some retailers will also not have the capacity to be able to provide both E5 and E10 fuels on forecourts, so the impact is likely to be most keenly felt by those with incompatible vehicles in rural areas.” You should not put E10 in your lawn mover either, if you do you must drain the tank over the winter.
  13. An RAC guy on TV said that E10 can damage the seals etc of older cars. The government website says that almost all Toyota European cars made from January 1998 are cleared for use with E10, see the attached. My Corolla was made in September 1998, so I think that I will be using E5, just to be sure, even if it is 10p a litre more.
  14. Agreed, this is an extract from the dailymail, which I know has some suspect reporting, but makes some additional points about E10 production:-  “Ethanol might be touted as a green bio-fuel that produces lower carbon emissions, but as Mario Loyola, a former director at the White House Council on Environmental Quality points out, the ‘greener, cleaner’ claims deliberately ignore all the pollution that is produced during ethanol’s production. Corn does not grow itself. Huge amounts of fossil fuel are required to plant, feed and harvest it. Then the corn has to be transported and processed chemically to produce each gallon of ethanol. This all produces high emissions of eco-damaging ozone, particulates and sulphur oxide. What’s more, the vast use of nitrogen-based fertilisers to grow the corn releases high levels of nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere. This chemical not only destroys ozone but has a higher greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide. This is why, back in 2011, the U.S. National Academy of Science warned that when the total impacts of producing corn ethanol are added together, the fuel may prove worse for the climate than petrol. What’s more, turning land used for food-production over to ethanol-producing corn ultimately causes food scarcities that push up the price of our everyday meals. ‘As a result of ethanol-growing, the price of all foods, not just those directly related to corn, increases,’ says Loyola. Because the U.S. is the world’s largest exporter of food, food prices increase all over the world.’ Moreover, the destruction of virgin natural habitats to farm more biofuels has dramatically accelerated our global biodiversity crisis. So who is ethanol good for? Loyola, the former White House environment expert, argues that ‘its sole beneficiaries are large agricultural corporations — and the politicians who serve them’. “ The above is taken from:- https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9949311/Will-new-type-petrol-wreck-car-JOHN-NAISH-says-eco-credentials-arent-seem.html
  15. It says that Toyota have stopped making the 86, so the new one should be imminent.
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