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  1. Sory sorry sorry I totally forgot about this!!!!!!!!! I'll deffo be at the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'd rather walk! :P Your old Yaris has changed hands again and the girl who bought it last week lives 10 minutes up the road from me. It'll be good to see it going about again! :) It wont be the same turning up with a Ford but i dont care coz you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!! lol The golden bullet will never be the same again, it was MY car
  3. I mite pop along ;) as long as u dont mind me bringing my Puma
  4. Not sure if i met you but i had the wee gold t-sport <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Thanks for the welcome back tho ;)
  5. Hey, dont dis the Puma. Its quite a good car & its nippy ;) taking it for my 4th trip to the Nurburgring in May :D
  6. I hate crail, its boring as hell!!! I used to go alot about 7 years ago but not anymore ;)
  7. Thanks thanks thanks, i feel like royalty lol Hope everyone is doing well ;) Davy, keep me posted on meets up here & il pop along next time
  8. Thanks folks ;) I was kinda tempted to buy it back, but i couldnt since i sold all the good bits off it when i sold it. £2000 & it still has the exhaust & the dastek unichip ;) will be a good buy for someone
  9. Check if the front springs are ok. One might have broken ;)
  10. I stupidly posted up on the main board, no one remembers me :P Hope your all doing good ;) http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...mp;#entry855691
  11. So i see, ive been reading up on some posts :P
  12. I was just thinking to myself that i havent been on here for sooooooooooooooooooooooooo long & i bet ive missed sooooooooooooo much :( Im currently driving a Puma but it compares nothing to my little golden bullet that once graced our pages :( I just hope everyone is well & im gonna start coming on here a bit more coz i miss you guys ;) Ross
  13. Best with the one i posted as the headunit can be fitted in the storage pocket above the ashtray (as i done when i had the car) and if the car gets sold on again then the headunit can be removed without leaving a big nasty hole in the dash
  14. Hey chick................this is the one you want CD Facia This is the one that was in the car whan i sold it!!
  15. Well done on having the second yaris featured in F&M...............mines was the first Only messin mate, well done
  16. Got a Renault 5 Turbo now Ryan. Its getting painted this week so i should hopefully have it by the weekend or early next week. Wish i still had the Yaris tho
  17. ha ha!! Hello!! Hey guys, long time no see. I could be up for this as im f**kin bored out my brains at the moment Wheres the meet taking place?? I should be along for it in my new wee motor
  18. Thanks guys, i'll look into it!! :D
  19. Renault 5 GTT Front bumper required for new project. Looking for a bumper in blue but not to important. Contact Ross on 07746329074 Thanks
  20. I'll probably be there. Its getting a bit cold now tho
  21. Thanks for the comment Earpl. As i said fastgold, it was my opinion. Sorry about the comments
  23. I really wish i hadnt sold this car now!!! Ive heard of all the silly things you want to do to it & personally id rather id written the car off that to sell it on to someone who doesnt have a clue. The car was a showpiece at the time it was for sale & since the back bumper incident ive heard the car has been abused in many places around Edinburgh. Im sorry to have to say all this mate, but im sure theres alot of folk on here will agree with me IT SHOULD HAVE WENT TO A GOOD HOME. I needed the cash at the time so i didnt really think about it. SORRY SORRY SORRY just my opinion
  24. Thought about that Tom but its not in the price range now. Less money.........more car!!! You guys will find out next week i hope
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