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  1. Cleaned them out last year, was informed it was the abs console (from the plug in comp) and would cost circa £1500 to fix after I stood back up, the mechanic called Mr T and they said it was unlikely to be that and start with a new abs sensor, worked a treat for 1/10th of the cost. Was interesting to see how much the vehicle would drift and wheel spin if all the computer stuff switched off!!
  2. Help please?? The car has been 100 mile trip from Glasgow (all motorway and A roads - drove by the Mrs on her own), parked up for 40 mins, then swiftly off for a pub tea. En route I drove and felt a 1 second judder twice in 5 min journey, assumed this to be abs and found it strange as was light breaking only. On way home (mrs was driving); the check VSC, ABS & 4 x 4 warnings illuminated on the dash. Any ideas or thoughts welcome.
  3. Top links cost me £36 from local factors and bout an hour to fit, would have been less but managed to shear an Allen key and had to go to plan b (hacksaw)!!
  4. To pints = top mounts!! Predictive text!!
  5. Well changed the drop rods and still got the clunk. Had a craic with local MR T and 5hey suggested either non genuine brake pads (poor fit in the mounts) or to pints on suspension!! Went for the cheaper and easier DIY job, £50 something for new pads and fitted myself on sat am (in the rain ). SO FAR SOO GOOD!! No clunk and had a good run round the lake district today as the ultimate test.
  6. I'll know 8f it's gonna work once I've fitted them, as if they go straight on and it's been an easy job, it's been too easy and bound to be something else . Unfortunately playing daddy day care so won't get the chance to wd40 them, but like the idea!!
  7. Had wheel off on drivers side and they have not been replaced and there is no play. Gonna call local factors in am and have a go tomorrow afternoon, here's hoping! !
  8. Had my car in the garage twice this month trying to resolve a clunking noise that only happens when braking and nearing stationary. A clunk can be heard from the front left wheel area and front right wheel area. The noise has no definite pattern can be left first or right first, only guarantee is both sides will eventually clunk (never at same time). The clunk can only be heard when slowing down and nearly stopped, nothing while turning, reversing, accelerating etc. First time garage replaced both front lower suspension arms and thought they had resolved it!! Nope! Second time in garage suggested it was drive shafts as there was a lot of play (I felt the play myself and did seem excessive but did not know what good was). Could not source replacements so had removed and sent for refurb, refurb company called and said they had inspected them and nothing wrong with them. They repacked joints with grease and fitted new boots. Mechanic thought play was excessive in the driveshafts he sent away, but acknowledged the refurb lads were the specialists! Upon return he inspected them and confirmed that the joints were stiffer than when they went. Re-fitted and said he could not get the clunk noise, got car back last night. Driving today and you guessed it, clunking exactly same as top of this thread! Gutted as really like car but funds are limited and don't want to have to part ex. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY THOUGHTS! !
  9. Manag ed to get me hands on a lindop set late yest afternoon here's hoping!!
  10. All looking for your valued experience on applying a tuning chip to me 08 Sr180? I am talking to a guy who has one to sell which has recently been taken off rav4 - I believe it's lindop. Main reason for the chip is to bring my mpg from 30 ish mpg to as high as I can get it. Struggling to find info on the lindop chip, is there only one or are there different chips for different models??
  11. Thanks gents looking at the full kit now! ! 24 squid for slime compressor and tools
  12. Had my 08 SR180 2 mths or so now. Checked my tyre repair kit (Run flats replaced with standard tyres) to find the Sealent had an expiry date of 2012! The sealent is part of a legit Toyota kit (sealent, hoses and 12 compressor). Visited local Toyota servicing desk yest to be told a replacement bottle of Sealent (Bottle only) would be > £60!! Asked him what the difference between his bottle and the cheaper option in halfords was to.a shrug of the shoulders answer. Anybody any thoughts on the expiry date, is this a product that will expire?? Anybody recommend a suitable replacement? I am mindful that my wheels are 18" and the majority of the off the shelf tyre weld bottles are suitable for 16", can this be combated by using the tyre weld and the compressor to up the pressure?? All info gratefully accepted!!
  13. Good effort. Let me know how u get on. Still trying to work out my "spec". Dab, bluetooth, sat nav, etc. Camera should be easy enough to fit, if it's not wireless the hard bit will be taking leads thru the car !