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  1. Cheers for everyone's responses. Dealer rang a couple of days later to say they'd changed the mid box, so we went back up to have another look. Unfortunately it still just didn't sound right. Luckily we managed to find another Rav just down the road at a main dealer. Took it for a drive and it was spot on, bought it there and then. Tidy.
  2. Cheers for the reply's. You guys have said the same as the dealer, in that they can sound a bit like that. But then he did eventually say that it wasn't right and sounded like the exhaust was blowing. Its frustrating, the car was mint apart from that issue and it seemed frustrating to walk away from a car for the sake of a new exhaust. But he made no moves to rectify the situation which surprised me and if I'm spending £7k I want it to be spot on.
  3. Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone can help me? The other half and I have been saving hard all year and decided to treat ourselves to a Rav4. So we've been trawling the web for a few weeks and have found what we thought was the perfect car. The model is the VVTI-XT3 2006. We've both taken the day off work today and travelled to meet the dealer with the motor. The guy was really nice and left us to check it over really thoroughly, we were very impressed. It was described as immaculate and it certainly was, it looked brand new and we both thought the build quality was excellent. In our minds the car was sold, just take it for a spin and then where do we sign? But then we started the engine, and my initial thought was, whooah that's a bit raspy! Pulled off the forecourt and I thought I was back on my 125cc bike. The exhaust sounded terrible. Once up to speed it wasn't noticeable, but pulling away from junctions it was really loud. Got back to the garage and the dealer admitted it didn't sound right but couldn't find anything amiss with the exhaust. I said straight up we loved the car but not sounding like that!! I had a quick look underneath and it was clear the mid section of the exhaust was new but the rear pipe was a little rusty. Can anyone shed any light on what part of the exhaust may be causing this? Its a really loud tinny sound when pulling away. I've had a quick look through the forum and it appears the exhaust can be an issue on the Rav4. Thanks in advance.
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums Gilbobaggins :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: