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  1. Thank you for your kind advice. I've looked at the papers that I have and found the receipt, which indicated the allowance for my old car. The receipt also spelled out the car model and its number. I will send a copy of this receipt.
  2. Could you pls advise? So I have bought a used Prius and part-exchanged my old car with an independent dealer. He has a proper office, so I don't think there is anything fishy about the dealer. However, today I received a penalty charge for speeding. It is about my old car. The speeding happened one week after I part-exchanged with the dealer. To put the situation in a timeline: Two weeks ago: Buying and part-exchanging the cars. The dealer said he would send all the papers to DVLA. One week ago: the speeding (old car) happened. Now: I have received the DVLA confirmation for the new car. Howeve
  3. Thank you so much. About the road tax, I'm very much confused. I read that immediately after buying the car, you have to pay tax before you can drive it away. Given that you can pay tax online, does it mean that the dealer should pay the tax on his computer right before my eyes, so that I can drive the car away? Thank you.
  4. I forgot about zero road tax. But what I meant is whether there is any compulsory paper work that a buyer has to do. Thank you
  5. Can I ask a basic question? Suppose I make a deal with the dealer, can I expect them to do all the paper work? I read that as I pay for the car, I will also pay the road tax at the same time. Is there anything that I will definitely have to do after buying the car?
  6. Dear chi tang, thank you for your kind advice. I did contact Jemca Toyota about their £15,000 car. If I understand you correctly, I should contact Edgware store instead. BTW, I use Parker's Guide to check whether the price should be accepted or not. Do you think I should follow Parker's? Regards,
  7. Dear Julian30 and all, after reading your comments, I looked again and found there are some 2008 Prius T Spirit with satnav, intelligent parking assist for under £9,000. These are the price at dealers. Judging by the appearance, the second gen looks very similar to the third gen. So it is very tempting for me, given that the price difference is very big.
  8. Dear Grumpy Cabbie, you are so nice. I want to thank you. This car's number is 10, so I suppose it only gets 5/8 year warranty. :( Just to make sure I understand correctly, does it mean the car will not enjoy the 10-year battery extended warranty? I've just looked at autotrader again and found another car, the same specs but at nearly 50,000 miles. The prices is £14,000.
  9. Thank you. I read that there is also the option to have the battery pack’s warranty extended from five years to a maximum of 11 years. Does this apply to a used 2010 Prius Hybrid? After I buy this used car, can I apply for the extended warranty?
  10. Thank you again. I've just checked on Toyota website's recall checker. After typing the car's number, it said this is "Prius MY09 T Spirit". May I ask what MY09 means? The car is advertised as a 2010 car.
  11. Dear Grumpy Cabbie, thank you for your advice. I will look at autotrader again. So far I choose dealers 35 miles from me. Perhaps those very far from London can get the car at cheaper price. The car I'm going to see has less than 30,000 miles, satnav and intelligent parking assist. I don't know if it means the car is more expensive. The cheaper Prius on autotrader seem to have more than 50,000, or even 80,000 miles. Maybe that is the reason.
  12. I also have another question. I read that on February 12, 2014, Toyota UK announced a recall of the Prius, citing a software error which could cause the car to stop suddenly. Is there any way to check if the 2010 car that I'm going to see is affected by this? I will visit the dealer this week and ask them. But how can I verify? Thank you
  13. Dear Joseph D, thank you so much for your kind advice. It is very assuring. About £15,000, I checked with the Parker's guide and this is also the price they give for franchise dealer, while private sellers would be cheaper. But I would prefer to buy from a Toyota dealer. Hopefully it gives me some peace of mind.
  14. Hello everyone, I wish you all a very nice day. I would be grateful for your advice. At the moment, I'm looking for a used 2010 Prius Hybrid. There are quite a few available for roughly £15,000 or more from dealers. I have read some articles about the Prius and it seems a big concern, among would-be buyers, is about the repair cost if something goes wrong. Some say there is a lot more potentially to go wrong, since it has two engines, two electronic control systems, a load of batteries, etc. So is it advisable to buy a used Prius from a dealer, or should I try to buy a new one? My sincere than
  15. Welcome to the Toyota forums xinsingtinhuk :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum-0/announcement-49-how-to-use-our-forum-video-guides/

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