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  1. Mike Thanks for monitoring this thread. I hope Jayt13 was able to sort his issue. Last week the government announced a drive to get manufacturers to make “things” more repairable. While “it is as it is” as you say, there is no need for it to remain so.
  2. I’m afraid ease of fitting doesn’t wash with me. A unit with replaceable LED(s) is no more difficult to fit than one with non-replaceable LED(s), it’s more to do with restricting spares choice and extending the profit stream post vehicle purchase.
  3. Thanks to all who contributed to this thread, I contacted Toyota customer relations and within the hour I was contacted by the dealer who ordered and arranged with me a visit to replace the light. I was lucky that when the fault was discovered the car was ten days inside the warranty. LEDs are efficient but why not fit standard LEDs instead of a unit costing £130 to replace.
  4. Thanks Phil I'll revert to this if the warranty is not honoured.
  5. December 30 2013, still not heard from Toyota.
  6. MOT and service yesterday revealed high level brake light needed replacing for approx. £130. I’ve contacted Toyota quoting this thread. More to follow if they answer.
  7. I've found out I do have an aerial. Outside my home I get no signal at all, however a portable DAB radio sat on the roof of the car gives satisfactory reception. I'm inclined to think that either the aerial is not connected properly or the DAB add on is faulty.
  8. David Thanks for that, likely to be a major factor. Regards
  9. Mike Thanks for that, Ive checked the manual and the unit is manufactured by Panasonic. I will ask my dealer to check the aerial as there are three causes of "no signal". No service,weak signal and Dab amplifier not connected correctly to the antenna film? I don't believe I have an antenna film. should this be on the windscreen? Regards
  10. I had the DAB head unit fitted when i bought my Yaris hybrid in January. I'm shortly due my first service and am intending to ask if they fitted the aerial and if so, did they plug it in. the Dab has a facility that silences it if there is no signal. Mine always says no signal, yet I had a Pure highway in an Avensis I previously owned and that only cut out when the FM signal used to transmit the sound to the tuner was in use. I would recommend trying to speak to someone who lives near you who has one fitted in a Toyota to find out if it works. Does anyone know the manufacturer of the toyota fitted head unit, I'd like to contact them to find out how to test if the head/ aerial unit is working correctly.
  11. Elliot, I assume the Go is the satnav add-on, I didn't go for that but did have the DAB tuner. In the touchscreen manual there is a "Browse" button shown on the screen but I assume something has to trigger it. The Bluetooth compatibility shows that with my phone that tracks can be changed but there's nothing about browsing albums. I think probably that Toyota have outsourced the touchscreen unit and don't really know what it does.
  12. I listen to music on a Samsung S3 mini via Bluetooth. The manual says there is a browse button on the touchscreen of my Yaris to select albums. The up and down arrows in car enable track changes but the browse button does not show. Any ideas?
  13. I have had a yaris hybrid since january, the car records consumption as 56mpg and my continuous brim to brim calculations give 54mpg. I think these figures are reasonable when compared with other automatics. I believe the efficiencies are supposed to come from energy recovery when slowing down.
  14. This reply is a bit late but maybe worth reading. I've had the DAB option fitted and it depends on where you live whether it's useful. Where I live the reception is rarely good enough. In my previous car I had a Pure Highway mk1 costing seventy pounds that was far better than the four hundred pound toyota unit. The Pure unit connected via FM transmitter which I understand is how the "cheaper" Toyota option works. A FM frequency had to be found that is not used and this varies geographically and therefore the Pure used to cut out in different parts of the UK. I can' t explain why the Dab part of a seventy pound tuner has better reception than the four hundred pound (panasonic) Toyota unit.
  15. Welcome to the Toyota forums Malcolmz1 :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: