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  1. Does anyone want to take a look at the following information and give me a hint what is wrong with my car? Under a load sometimes it is very under powered, I plugged into it and the knock sensor readings are all over the place, fuel trims are crazy and so are the lambda sensors. KGJ 1KRFE -0911 w/ Smart Key
  2. Hi people. As the title says, my car has started to develop a small fault. When sitting at idle the idometer lights and the AC display flicker. If I bring the revs up a bit it stops flickering or flickers less. Anybody got any ideas???
  3. I'm glad that I have upped your confidence :P I am after the same thing haha I want somebody to have 250k+ please????????????????? I have a Eurotrip planned this year down to Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia and back up again I did it last year and it was 4000miles in 2 weeks and the little noddy car held out perfectly. Went through the Swiss mountains, to the castle at the top of the hill in San Marino, then into the Bosnian hills towards Mostar and down towards Budva in Montenegro. 13-17% incline hills in places :P Hoping I don't kill it this tim
  4. Hello people. The IQ is getting on for 8 years old now and I am starting to wonder who has the highest mileage on their clocks. Ill start the ball rolling: IQ2 1.0 2009Insert other media 185000 miles (photo to prove later)
  5. I have them. Bright as hell, doesn't affect me, might affect other drivers though. Beam angle is perfect too, really sharp cutoff line
  6. Just a thought, Loads of smart cars out there but has anybody seen or heard of an IQ with a bike engine in such as an R1 or Hayabusa?
  7. The parts are still available to buy for Toyota. All parts used on the EV have a part number. I think the price would exceed £20000 to buy and build your own one though (excluding the price of a donor car)
  8. Only 98.......... I've just got back from a 4100mile round trip to Budva in Montenegro and back. Through the Bosnian mountains too. My car just keeps on going and going :-P its just clicked over 176000 miles and guess what's gone wrong with it............. Nothing (well almost nothing) The air con was working the hardest it ever has in the Croatian 40degrees so it leaked on my floor. A quick 5 minute fix with a piece of hose pipe and no more trouble. So after 176 THOUSAND MILES I don't think that's bad going !!!!
  9. Has anybody got any information on the EV. I'm wondering if it ever came to the UK and if I could possibly get my hands on one
  10. Nope it's a RHD. What does this actually do? How can it leak back into the car from that pipe ?
  11. I have the exact same problem. Only happens when the air con is on. Just too my noddy car on an epic road trip to Montenegro and back and the air con was on all the time and now the floor is !Removed! soaked. Can anyone tell me where the drain hose is and how to fix this please ?
  12. Just an update on my car 1 year on When I first got the car I instantly put a clutch in as it had 145000 on the clock. £250 fitted (three piece) Full service and front pads £70 2 full services since £100 A new battery £35 Last week bought genuine Toyota pads and discs all round £180 (I think the ones I took off were the originals and still had loads on them) And today the first problem my car has actually had: a drivers side window regulator £70 Not bad going for 170000miles !!!
  13. Adam Evans

    Solar Power

    I am looking at doing a drive all over Europe and down towards Greece in the summer. Was thinking that any saving is a saving !!!! I was trawling the internet before and came across this: I was wondering if anyone has tried anything similar with their Toyota IQ to try and squeeze that extra few miles out of it !!
  14. Adam Evans


    So my car has done almost 3 times the mileage of yours, so I can expect to not get anywhere near the MPG you get. Do feel that the Terraclean worked ?
  15. Adam Evans


    How do you get so many MPG !!!! How many miles has your car done and also what's your limit on Revs before you change gear? I am struggling to see 40MPG out of mine. (but it has done 170000miles)
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