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  1. That's why I use water from the de-humidifier in the washer bottle (and the steam iron and steam mop).
  2. One of them's marked 58573-52010. Putting that into google comes up with PLATE, REAR FLOOR MAT SUPPORT. https://www.amayama.com/en/part/toyota/5857352010
  3. It may be over charging. If you don't know how to measure this, it may be wortwhile having an auto electrician take a quick look at it.
  4. People seem to complain about revs 'hanging' on modern petrol engines (due to emission control, I believe), not dropping too quick. It shouldn't be a problem when changing gear on the move, as the car will effectively 'bump start' itself if the engine stops. Which engine do you have (1.0 or 1.3) and how long have you had the car?
  5. Doesn't that give an EML, which would be an MOT fail?
  6. I'm not familiar with that type of chain and sprocket, what on earth is it?
  7. What state were the sprocket teeth in?
  8. Is the heating on re-circulate?
  9. I've been known to put a hairdryer on inside the car while I go and have a cuppa. You do need to think about where you're directing the hot air.
  10. Alternatively, syphon some out into a container (I use a yoghourt pot) and put it in your feezer overnight. That's -20c. If it's still liquid in the morning, I don't bother changing it.
  11. In my experience, the best thing is to lightly spray the silicone polish onto a cloth and gentlty wipe that over the rubbers. You don't know what adverse effects chemicls may have!
  12. They'd be easy to test if you've got a multi-meter. You could also use it to check your alternator output. Perhaps you'd be better off taking it to someone who knows diesels.
  13. I don't think the OP's said he's getting fuel. Could it be some sort of inertia switch cutting fuel?
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