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  1. Perhaps she lost the brake servo. When you're used to over-servoed brakes like the Yaris has it can feel frightening without it and it feels like there's a brick under the brake pedal.
  2. My Yaris's now five years old, so I'm taking servicing under my wing. Toyota's recommendation for engine oil's 0W-20 (API SL,SM,SN), but have you seen the price of that stuff? I've no idea what the main dealer used while previously serviced, but the consensus of the oil websites seems to be 5W-30 (API SL), which is a damn site cheaper. Anyone done a critical analysis of oil use in Yaris viscosity? As I see it, the only advantage of using the thinner oil is improved economy and lower emissions - perhaps!
  3. As the sound disappears when you change down a gear, I'd suggest it was pinking. I see you're non-UK, so I don't know what the fuel's like in your part of the world. If a higher octane's available, perhaps you can try that to see if it cures the problem. Otherwise it could be the anti-knock sensor.
  4. Does the noise disappear if you change down a gear?
  5. OP doesn't say if the car is petrol or diesel. If the latter, the glo-plugs draw a lot of current that puts a strain on the alternator and hence the drive belt, possibly causing it to slip. This would be more likely in the Winter months. I'd suggest the OP starts the car, then switches on the headlights and heated rear window. If this makes it squeal, then it's probably the belt. A mechanic will tighten it for a few quid.
  6. Have you tried turning off your heater fan?
  7. Thanks for the replies, exactly what I wanted to know.
  8. My Yaris is coming up to its fifth birthday and I'm going to start servicing it myself. I guess I'll have to buy the special tool to remove the threepenny bit shaped oil filter holder. 1. Can anyone tell me please the purpose of the square hole in the bottom of the oil filter container? 2. Is there a sealing ring on the sump plug and what form does it take, rubber, copper?
  9. I'd check the battery connections, battery earth connection and do a volts drop test across the battery with the engine running and the headlights on or flashed.
  10. Is it possible to get a refill rubber for the 28" (700mm) single front wiper. Mine needs replacing and I can see it's got a 'shoulder' moulded into the rubber that prevents it sliding off the blade.
  11. It only gets dirty when it's wet, so I wet my finger and wipe the lens at the end of a journey.
  12. I put new tyres on the rear last year and after 6K miles there's already a measurable 1mm difference in tread depth between the outside edge and inside - the most wear's on the outside. The tyre pressures are regularly checked and maintained at 32-33 PSI. I certainly haven't clobbered anything and there's no adjustment (other than a damn great hammer). Anyone else experience this? I'm having a couple of new fronts fitted later this week and the tracking checked. They've also worn more on the outside edges despite having the tracking done and toe-out added some time ago. Anyone know what the front toe should be?
  13. Yes, it looks like it could be the RH mounting for that black lump. Mine's also got a tiny exhaust back box.
  14. Possibly. I've come across asymmetrical tow bar fittings before, but I don't think this looks substantial enough. How many other people have now peered under the back of their Yaris?