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  1. Video unavailable This video is private. I think you need to change privacy settings in youtube.
  2. It may be gunge in the reservoir. Try sticking a hose in it and give it a good blast out. Similar discussed here:
  3. Put it in the boot and the weight would add about as much downforce, but without the drag?
  4. Chemistry not your strong point flash22? I doubt very much if draining the liquid from a battery and re-filling it with water would do anything to re-rejuvenate it. However, what would I know?
  5. Dealer, scrap yard, e-bay?
  6. It may be a piece of debris in a valve seat holding the valve partially open. Worth a look with a borescope down the plug hole?
  7. Before you jump to conclusions, are you getting a spark? You've had a plug out, so connect it and get someone to crank the engine while checking it sparks.
  8. I'd suggest a poor electrical connection somewhere between the battery and starter motor. If you try to start it with the headlamps on, do they dim considerably or extinguish?
  9. I've noticed a harsh spot in my 1.3 petrol Icon at around 1800RPM if I ask the engine to pull too hard. That would be about the same as the OP. I tend to change up in the higher gears now when I know the revs will be above 2000. As a rule I now use 4th at 30MPH, 5th at 40 and only change up to 6th above 40.
  10. The additional weight isn't just the battery, There's the comparative weight difference between an epicyclic gearbox and a manual (I don't know which is heavier), the motor/regenerator and associated electronics (converter/inverter etc). I'm not convinced hybrid is the way ahead - yet. If we were on the Titanic, I'd head for the bar, others would go to the lifeboats.
  11. Also you should consider you're carting around a damn great heavy battery. Would you think putting a few kilos of mass in your boot would improve economy?
  12. You could try: Trading Standards Approved. I've no connection with them, but have found contractors through them in the past and unlike such sites as '', the traders do not have any control over recommendations and criticisms. I believe any trader who gets negative comments is removed.
  13. If you paid a sensible price for it, then they can't say it was 'sold as seen'. I suggest you consult your local trading standards or citizens advice bureau for advice. Have you looked at reviews for this 'garage'?
  14. Yup, it's around £80 from a main dealer. I've one LED out on mine, but because of the cost of replacement and the fact UK MOT requires at least half of the LEDs to be working I won't be replacing it for now. I've had a look inside mine and it seems near impossible to replace a single, faulty LED.
  15. If you bought it recently from a garage, then they may have some responsibility, depending how long ago and how much you paid for it.. When did you buy it and or for how much?