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  1. Anyone checked the brake fluid level?
  2. Does it have a sunroof?
  3. It doesn't matter about the exhaust and compression stroke on re-build, as long as you get TDC and camshaft correct. I once crossed over exhaust and inlet valves on a re-build - it did several thousand before the inlet (in the exhaust) burnt out. I suggest you go back and carefully check everything.
  4. Wouldn't a narrower tyre tyre reduce cornering ability, hence reduce body roll? The heavier weight of the transmission at the front would probably be counterbalanced by the traction battery at the rear. I wonder if Toyota had thought of this and fitted harder springs to compensate?
  5. Can you explain how the tyre size affects body roll please?
  6. Just done mine. Don't know what the sump plug torque is, but I do 'sensible'. I always fit a new washer. The filters I buy come with a sheet of paper giving the torque for the filter drain plug and filter housing. Included with the filter is a nylon 'tool' to drain the housing. I've never succeeded in pushing it in, so I've shaved one to fit more easily. Both the filter housing drain plug and housing removal tool use a 3/8" square drive.IMG_20200616_0001.pdf
  7. You need to check the PCD, offset and centre bore diameter, apart from the obvious wheel diameter and width. Here's a website, but others are available if you do a search:
  8. I wouldn't bother for a fifteen-year-old car. If you do ever sell it you can point out the discrepancy to any potential buyer and even give them the old cluster. I doubt if anyone buying a car that old would get the ECU read, particularly as the MOT history wouldn't show the anomaly.
  9. bathtub tom


    Just serviced the Yaris. Found the cabin filter was installed upside-down. What's so difficult to understand about UP and an arrow? Where do they find these clowns? I was charged sixteen quid (plus VAT) for the privilege of having it incorrectly installed at a main dealer. New one was seven quid, delivered. I wonder why I service it myself.
  10. The fuel additive pellets were discussed at length recently on the Honest John forum. I suggest the threads that were added this year are read and you form your own opinion:
  11. It seems to me you've bought a heap of trouble. Was it a private sale or dealer?
  12. Looks to me like part of an oil filter too, although very clean? If it's part of a fitted oil filter, then I'd suspect you have no oil pressure. Does the car have a cartridge oil filter, or a replaceable paper element?
  13. I would think that if it's been run with a leak in the system, then air would have circulated and that means water vapour. You could be looking at a new dryer too. Best consult an A/C specialist.
  14. Sorry, that should have been ten quid a litre and the final 0W-30 should be 5W-30. I'm getting old.