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  1. Wot he sed, plus do you know what oil the old boy put in it? It may have been something like a 20W-50 which would be quite unsuitable and may cause the tapping you're experiencing. I'd suggest you give it a good long run before you take out and flush the system.
  2. The Australians (I think) have a saying: If you want to go into the outback, take a Land Rover. If you want to come back, take a Toyota.
  3. NO! I suggest you get someone who knows what they're doing to have a look at it!
  4. Get someone (heavy?) to sit on the back seat and see if they light up when you turn the ignition on.
  5. Have you tried looking under the bonnet in the dark to see if you've any sparking going on?
  6. Is it me, or does that rubber ring ('O' ring) on the RH side of picture number four look a little misplaced? I guess that would make it cylinder three.
  7. If you don't know that, I think you may have to consult a mechanic. I'd suggest you take off both the battery terminals, give them a good clean (inside and out), replace them and try again. If that doesn't work, you need to look at electrical connections around main earthing points and stater motor connections
  8. That suggests to me it's a key problem. I'd fit key batteries I knew were good.
  9. I had a crank position sensor go faulty and it threw up the relevant code. The cam position sensor is the same part number, so I swapped them over. The fault code then showed a faulty cam position sensor. So I doubt if it's a cam or crank sensor causing a code on only one cylinder. This may not point you in the right direction, but may help to avoid going down blind alleys.
  10. My bluetooth failed today. Sorted by switching it off and back on again on the phone!
  11. I've experienced similar on a Mazda. Turned out to be a coil pack breaking down when it got warm. I see you've changed yours, but it could still be something electrical around that area. It may not be engine heat causing the breakdown, but also consider heat from electrical current.
  12. Folk nowadays seem adverse to saying 'I don't know' and will make up any old bull.
  13. Does the car have ABS and if so does the ABS light come on when this pulsing occurs?
  14. It would seem that mine and others experience here would complain about the high level brake light failures. I note the replacement is a different part number to the original - at £100!
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