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  1. I think we need to know what the problem is.
  2. If you disconnect either battery lead, how can there ever be any path back to the battery? I deal with car 6V batteries, that often have open links on top of the cells. You should see the 'splash' marks from less than cautious spannering.
  3. Depends on what rim you're talking about. Personally, I use three sheets, one back, one forward and one to polish!
  4. I find those websites useless, as they don't recognise the VIN of my French-built Yaris.
  5. Walk away because it's got problems. Anyone offering a car for sale with faults is looking for a quick buck. If they haven't fixed the faults before offering it for sale, then the cost of fixing it is probably more than they're prepared to pay and the next owner gets lumbered. It's not as though a 1.3 Yaris is a rare car. Look around, take your time and buy one you're completely satisfied with, follow your gut instincts.
  6. Walk away from it. I suspect it was from a dealer?
  7. bathtub tom

    Horn Part

    Isn't it a common crimped on connector. Two a penny from any car accessory place.
  8. bathtub tom

    Horn Part

    Connector, which end?
  9. My '14 reg poverty spec icon has the tightest turning circle I've ever had on any FWD car. In fact the front tyres tend to judder at full lock, something to do with the 'improved' Ackerman steering I believe. Do higher specs and hybrids have a larger turning circle?
  10. I had an Almera before my current Yaris, It had a sump capacity of 2.7L and a cam chain. I made sure the engine oil was changed every 10K/year. I treat the Yaris the same. Does the OP know the service history?
  11. Do you mean 10C, or 10C lower than the outside temperature?
  12. I've the same problem with my non-hybrid. Main dealer wanted to give it an air-con service, but I baulked at the cost. Did some research, measured the temperature at the vents and found it to be 11 degrees cooler than ambient which was within expected range. Asking around, it seems the air-con on Yaris is considered to be carp!
  13. It's surprising what you can find in second hand cars. Usually a few coins under the seats when you give it a good clean. My best was £39 in coins, in a bag, in a fold in the fabric of the front passenger seat squab. I'd only just bought it and the seller messed me about, so I kept it. Found some brand new disc pads under the seat of one car.
  14. Oh dear. As my Yaris had its fifth birthday I'm doing my own servicing. Let's hope nothing goes wrong while I've got it.