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  1. What happens to the engine revs when you turn on the a/c? Some engines slow, while others automatically increase the revs. If yours slows, what happens when you apply an alternator load such as headlights, HRW, fog lights, brake lights all together?
  2. What you need is some spudgers. I wasn't aware of them until I needed to replace a tablet battery.
  3. I was driving when wing mirrors were fitted to the front wings. It was, I believe, due to EU regulations, requiring mirrors to adjustable from inside the car that necessitated moving them to the doors. There were some wing mirrors adjustable from inside the car via Bowden cables, but I guess costs ruled them out for new cars. Don't know the term for mirrors on single seat racing cars, as they don't have doors and mirrors on the wings would be useless. Don't get me started on PIN numbers, LCD displays and people that pronounce aitch as haitch!....................................................nurse.
  4. I've often dislodged the side repeater indicators in my door mirrors (THEY AIN'T WING MIRRORS) on my garage door frame. I've always been able to just 'nudge' them back into place.
  5. I did consider the damage to cat and sensor my suggestion might cause, but as the op has already done a wet compression test I thought a little more gloop wouldn't matter.
  6. I'm leaning towards sticky rings now they've been mentioned, particularly those compression readings. There's something in the back of my mind about pouring diesel fuel (or Redex) into the combustion chambers and leaving overnight. Be fun getting it out again. I've done it once with Redex and had to drive for miles before it stopped smoking.
  7. What's the mileage and service history? Those low compression readings are worrying and only a complete strip down may find the problem.
  8. I once had a Fiat Panda (750cc) with all of 30-odd BHP. Never any problem. It all depends on gearing.
  9. Thank you! WD40 stands for Water Dispersal formula number 40. Although a reasonable substitute if you can't get hold of some Plusgas, or even better, a mix of acetone and ATF.
  10. I don't think you have much chance chasing a private seller, but a dealer or trader is a different kettle of fish. When was it bought and who from?
  11. I'll await the cure for throttle hanging with interest. Both my last two cars suffered this and like you I find it really annoying.
  12. I already had a jack lying around. What about a wheel brace and locking wheel nut key?
  13. May i suggest the protagonists read the following links:
  14. I understand a full size wheel and tyre will fit in the spare wheel well. May be worth sourcing one for less than a space-saver! Wish I'd known this for forking out for mine! You'd also need a jack and wheel-brace.
  15. Gone are the days when you could bolt a bit of angle iron to the bumper mounting bolts of a Moggie Minor and hitch up something (dinghy trailer in my case).