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  1. bathtub tom

    2001 Yaris T Sport Intermittent Lack of power

    That doesn't seem good to me, but I wonder if it's just the knock sensor retarding the ignition?
  2. bathtub tom

    2001 Yaris T Sport Intermittent Lack of power

    How do you know that?
  3. bathtub tom

    p0016 bank 1 sensor a (1.3 L 2NZ-FE)

    Do you mean the car hasn't been serviced (or has no record of being serviced) in 50K miles?
  4. bathtub tom

    Speedo Inaccuracies 2014 Yaris

    The speedo and odo can never be spot on, unless they use GPS or similar and even then there will be some error. New tyres normally have around 8mm of tread and assuming they're replaced at 2mm, that means there's a 12mm difference in diameter between new and old. When you also take into account manufacturing tolerances and the difference between the total diameter of different manufacturers of the same size of tyre..................................................................
  5. bathtub tom

    Knocking sound from rear when cornering

    Suggest you check the tyre for any lumps and bulges. Spin it when it's off the ground and check both sides. Could be some irregularity that's showing up a weak suspension bush.
  6. It's meant to do that, it's telling you the engine's cold. It's when it turns red you need to worry.
  7. bathtub tom

    2 problems - doors and window

    I'd suggest checking all the heaters are working.
  8. bathtub tom

    2 problems - doors and window

    I'd definitely not keep the spare key in the car. Imagine locking yourself out............................. The missus has the other key. It means if we're together there's a backup, if not together it means getting to wherever the other one is.
  9. >> it was working before but intermittently. Please advise on this. I'd suggest it's something to do with the stalk, if a spray with contact cleaner cures it, then I'd suggest replacing the stalk.
  10. bathtub tom

    Yaris TR VVT-I 1.3 2010

    I think he means the camshaft is chain driven. It's his day off and may have been at the 'juice'.
  11. bathtub tom

    Clutch not fully disengaging - 2006 yaris 1.3

    >> My mother owned the car before I got it, and she's retired, so it didnt get much use I'd suggest that's the problem, despite however much you may choose to ignore it. Elderly folk tend to 'ride the clutch' and use excessive revs when maneouvering, causing excessive clutch wear.
  12. bathtub tom

    D4D Maintenance

    Last time I filled a gearbox I found the largest diameter pipe that would fit in the filler/level hole, wedged a funnel in the top end of said pipe and filled it that way. I also stood the oil in boiling water for a few minutes to thoroughly warm it through so it would flow easier.
  13. bathtub tom

    mirror indicator removal

    Shouldn't be too difficult, I often dislodge mine on the garage door frame.
  14. bathtub tom

    Auto high beam not working

    Tell me about it! My SIL complained about lack of headlights until I pointed out the aim adjuster (on the car she'd owned for a few years), but I declined to let her know about the dipswitch on the basis she'd probably drive on mainbeam all the time.
  15. bathtub tom

    Struggling to start

    Was it started and moved a few yards before this starting problem?