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  1. Could be a number of things. Checked your tyre pressures lately? Clipped any kerbs/ potholes and knocked the wheel alignment out. Does the car feel the same, acceleration etc?
  2. I recently had them fitted. A damn sight more air in the tread than rubber. They seem to be not up to much in the dry, but better in the wet (than in the dry!). I'll wait and see what their wear's like.
  3. I volunteer at an airfield, which requires often driving fair distances at a very low speed. I've found the 'annoying beep' doesn't activate below around 10MPH and turns itself off after 30 seconds or so.
  4. I think you'll find that's only under extreme conditions, when braking could upset the car's control - although I'm prepared to stand corrected. I've experienced Toyota technicians and don't regard the ones I've come across as being any better than 'thick qwick' tyre fitters.
  5. Does it matter? The bass will rattle all the rust out of a 2003 car that's holding it together.
  6. Sorry, I stand corrected. Initial application of the brakes only activates the regenerative braking. Further pressure activates the rear brakes first, this is necessary to maintain stability. The front brakes will only operate under even further pressure.
  7. I understand that initial application of the brakes only applies the rears, because the fronts are retarded by regenerative braking. The brakes have to be applied fairly firmly to apply the fronts. That is why brake dust is more noticeable on the rear wheels of hybrids and why the front discs are more likely to be corroded.
  8. I suspect it's a 'bulb check'.
  10. Sunroof open,windows open,doors open,tailgate open when it's raining?
  11. I think we need to know what the problem is.
  12. If you disconnect either battery lead, how can there ever be any path back to the battery? I deal with car 6V batteries, that often have open links on top of the cells. You should see the 'splash' marks from less than cautious spannering.
  13. Depends on what rim you're talking about. Personally, I use three sheets, one back, one forward and one to polish!