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  1. bathtub tom

    Fuel additive performance boost

    For my two-pennyworth. The only noticeable difference I've found in fuel grades was in an early 750cc Panda. Using expensive, premium petrol 'seemed to' make the throttle more progressive, but no noticeable difference in performance, economy or anything else. I never used premium diesel in any of my previous oil burners, which I abandoned a decade or more ago. I've always put a couple of tankfuls of premium through my current car every year, as it appeared to improve the economy for a while, but it hasn't this year! Don't know what I'll do in the future, as it's now out of warranty and all bills will be down to me.
  2. bathtub tom

    Yaris EML

    I recall reading somewhere that some error codes are reset, if they no longer exist, after around twenty or so operations of the starter motor IIRC. Does that apply here, if so, it may be worth doing nothing for a while?
  3. bathtub tom

    Space saver spare tyre or tyre repair kit?

    Careful, that's a 15" spacesaver wheel and may not be suitable for the OP's car. My '14 reg owner's manual shows seven different types of tyre combination with 15" and 16" spacesaver wheels. Incidentally, the manual refers to car types A to G, but doesn't specify clearly which type is which model. Can anyone enlighten us please?
  4. bathtub tom

    Space saver spare tyre or tyre repair kit?

    The puncture repair kit also has a much shorter life than even a spacesaver. How long do you expect to keep the car? I can't remember when I last had a puncture (touch wood), but got a spacesaver kit for peace of mind. You need a jack, handle and wheel brace too. You also need to remember to keep the thing inflated (60PSI - strewth!)
  5. bathtub tom

    Yaris wont start

    I've had cars where to clear a flooded engine you did as HughA advised, but by flooring the accelerator pedal with the starter operating the fuelling was disabled.
  6. bathtub tom

    auto full beam dash light comes on

    I presume it's still in warranty? Let them deal with it.
  7. bathtub tom

    Warning Light

    For the same reason they put the USB port in the damn glove box!
  8. bathtub tom

    White residue near battery

    How clean are your battery terminals, how old are the car and key fob batteries?
  9. bathtub tom

    EGR valve 'whistling' after engine shut-off

    It doesn't attack the rubber (or whatever material) brake and clutch hydraulics are made from. That's why you'll often find an old jam jar with old brake fluid and a paint brush in old, amateur mechanics garages.
  10. bathtub tom

    EGR valve 'whistling' after engine shut-off

    I find it's excellent at quietening squeaky, rubber suspension bushes.
  11. bathtub tom

    Poor headlights using HIR2 bulbs confirmed?

    The old, standard, 7" circular headlamps. I replaced them on a couple of cars with Wipac halogens, but the best were Cibies.
  12. bathtub tom

    2001 Yaris T Sport Intermittent Lack of power

    That doesn't seem good to me, but I wonder if it's just the knock sensor retarding the ignition?
  13. bathtub tom

    2001 Yaris T Sport Intermittent Lack of power

    How do you know that?
  14. bathtub tom

    p0016 bank 1 sensor a (1.3 L 2NZ-FE)

    Do you mean the car hasn't been serviced (or has no record of being serviced) in 50K miles?
  15. bathtub tom

    Speedo Inaccuracies 2014 Yaris

    The speedo and odo can never be spot on, unless they use GPS or similar and even then there will be some error. New tyres normally have around 8mm of tread and assuming they're replaced at 2mm, that means there's a 12mm difference in diameter between new and old. When you also take into account manufacturing tolerances and the difference between the total diameter of different manufacturers of the same size of tyre..................................................................