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  1. Does that mean Tesco Momentum isn't available in NI or are the additives exclusive to NI?
  2. I see Vlad-the-mad has stopped exporting diesel fuel to reduce the cost in russia. I expect to see fuel prices rising here. Glad I filled yesterday.
  3. I suspect you'll be lucky. I had my front 'screen replaced earlier this year and was told it was a two hour job. Partly to let the sealant harden, but mainly because that's how long it took them to set up the auto dipping headlights/auto lights/ adaptive cruise control/auto wipers etc. All they had to do on mine was stick the rear view mirror back on!
  4. I wonder what dealer that was? (Ironic question)
  5. Mine's just gone from£140 to £240. The only thing that's changed is both the car and I are a year older. It wasn't so long ago it was less than £100!
  6. What sort of use does the car get and where did you get this 10 month 0ld battery from?
  7. Perfectly normal for a hybrid. When you brake: 1. First the car uses regen. 2. Further pressure applies the back brakes. Front is being retarded by regen and it helps to keep the back wheels behind the fronts. 3. Further pressure now applies the front brakes. If you tend to brake gently, the front brakes may be rarely used.
  8. May not be a good idea if you think the system has a leak and intend keeping the car. It could vent to the atmosphere and any re-use may require a new dryer. I'm concerned the amazon link you posted referred to 'equvalent to R1234YF gas'. Is it R1234YF gas or not?
  9. The problem with a worn timing chain, is it will wear the sprockets, so replacing the chain (tensioners and guides?) will mean the new one could still be a bit loose, however. I had this code on a Nissan and finding the cam sensor was the same part number as the crank sensor, I swapped them over, the code moved from the cam sensor to the crank sensor. One new sensor later, all was resolved.
  10. I once moved a 20 ton trailer with a 15cwt van. Got it going, but thought I'd never stop it! Didn't bother to try and manoeuvre it into position and was grateful for getting it out of the way.
  11. First off, it's a DOOR MIRROR! I wonder if the mod you've done is approved by by construction and use regulations? Have you informed your insurer of this modification? WHY?
  12. Not a good idea to 'ride the clutch' like that, can cause premature wear. I think you'll find a '14 reg has a cable operated clutch.
  13. You'll also need to inform your insurers of this non-standard modification and be robbed blind for the premium increase. If you don't inform them, they could welch on any claim. Do you think it's worth it?
  14. I suspect that may be a connector problem. I did replace the LEDs in my high level brake light with some success. You may need to dismantle it and look on somewhere like ebay for LED strips.
  15. And probably parked in a driveway, or out on the road (mine's kept in a garage, how quaint someone said).
  16. The old spindle seems to have two sets of splines and a sheared shaft?
  17. I wouldn't have thought so. The child lock prevents the door being opened from the inside.
  18. I tried to help someone with their PC. Told them "right mouse button", only to see them typing 'mouse button'.
  19. I knew a motorcyclist who'd fit a sidecar for his missus each Winter and take it off again when the weather warmed up enough for her to be happy on the pillion. Said he'd drop it at least once a year after removing the chair when coming to a stop, fogetting he'd taken the chair off.
  20. I always used to check fluid levels after a main dealer service. My oil was once so overfilled, I asked if I'd been charged for the extra and if I could return it for a refund. I don't think they had a sense of humour!
  21. You could give a liberal squirt of WD40 at the very top of the spring, so it runs all the way down the coils, coating all of it. It won't guarantee it not breaking, but it'll probably make it last a little longer.
  22. Was there a parking sign there, I didn't notice😆.
  23. I suppose it could be wheel/tyre balance, but without a clutch you can't coast and find out.
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