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  1. Have you tried looking under the bonnet in the dark to see if you've any sparking going on?
  2. Is it me, or does that rubber ring ('O' ring) on the RH side of picture number four look a little misplaced? I guess that would make it cylinder three.
  3. If you don't know that, I think you may have to consult a mechanic. I'd suggest you take off both the battery terminals, give them a good clean (inside and out), replace them and try again. If that doesn't work, you need to look at electrical connections around main earthing points and stater motor connections
  4. That suggests to me it's a key problem. I'd fit key batteries I knew were good.
  5. I had a crank position sensor go faulty and it threw up the relevant code. The cam position sensor is the same part number, so I swapped them over. The fault code then showed a faulty cam position sensor. So I doubt if it's a cam or crank sensor causing a code on only one cylinder. This may not point you in the right direction, but may help to avoid going down blind alleys.
  6. My bluetooth failed today. Sorted by switching it off and back on again on the phone!
  7. I've experienced similar on a Mazda. Turned out to be a coil pack breaking down when it got warm. I see you've changed yours, but it could still be something electrical around that area. It may not be engine heat causing the breakdown, but also consider heat from electrical current.
  8. Folk nowadays seem adverse to saying 'I don't know' and will make up any old bull.
  9. Does the car have ABS and if so does the ABS light come on when this pulsing occurs?
  10. It would seem that mine and others experience here would complain about the high level brake light failures. I note the replacement is a different part number to the original - at £100!
  11. Ask them for the numbers and claim you're a PhD.
  12. Cyker's reply most certainly applies to halogen bulbs. I always give them a final wipe with clean tisuue soaked in meths.
  13. I did put 5 litres in a can in my boot to try and find out what the reserve was, as I'd never got more than 32 litres in when the light came on and range was at zero. This in an advertised 40 litre tank. I did about 40 miles with the light on and range at zero, but it was a wet Sunday evening and I was about to join the A1. I didn't fancy standing on the side of that, while I poured some in the tank and tried to re-start it. I got 36 litres in it without using any of what was in the can! I wonder if the tank will hold 40 litres.
  14. I thought hybrids applied the rear brakes before the fronts. Braking: 1: First brake pedal pressure, re-generative. 2: Second brake pedal pressure, rear brakes (because the fronts are already being retarded by re-generation and you need retardation at the back for stability). 3: Further brake pedal pressure applies the front brakes. Or have I mis-understood it?
  15. Is the car garaged, or parked outside? If the latter, try driving with the handbrake on for a few hundred yards, that should remove any corrosion on the brakes.
  16. Be careful, I had an indicator stalk that wasn't working properly. It was arcing across contacts and caused me to vacate the car, rapidly, on the M6 when smoke started appearing!
  17. If it's not been working for some time, then its probably got water vapour in the system and a new dryer will be needed. The longer you leave an a/c sytem not working, the less likely you'll be able to afford all the parts needed to fix it.
  18. Exhaust problem? Have you tried blocking the tailpipe and listening for leaks?
  19. Update. I've been home with covid and decided to relieve the boredom by having a play with the old brake light. I carefully dismantled it as described in the following two links (managed to crack it in a couple of places because it was cold I think, warmed it up and it made it a lot easier): https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/201774-toyota-yaris-mk3-2013-centre-3rd-brake-light-led-replacement-solved-in-less-than-half-an-hour-and-cheap/ I didn't bother trying to replace the individual LEDs, as the whole unit wasn't working and although I'm used to soldering components onto PCBs, these surface mount LEDs looked too small for any iron I've got. I got four strips of six,red, LED, 10cm long from ebay for less than four quid. The spacing was different from the original. The original LEDs shine through a clear plastic lense, through a clear plastic diffuser and then through the red outside diffuser. Because the LEDs didn't line up with the originals, I put the strips between the two clear lens and diffuser. I had to bend the end of one strip back on itself to get it in. The wiring was simple to deal with. The end result means I've now an eleven LED high level brake light for less than four quid and two spare LED strips. I've still got the hundred quid Toyota jobby. My 'cheap fix' isn't as bright as the original, but I think it will do. I'l leave it in place for a while to see how durable it is. If anyone wants to do the same, please feel free to PM me.
  20. Or KY jelly? Know what I mean, nod nod, wink wink? 😉
  21. MOT testing station inform me it's an advisory! Buggrit, I've just ordered one (£101). As Adam states: "If less than 50% of it does light up, then it becomes a failure, but if it does not work at all its advisory". Crazy innit?
  22. MOT tomorrow and a check of the car tonight shows the high level brake light not working. Not just one or two LEDs, but the complete thing. There's power to the plug. What chance there being one in stock?
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