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  1. It's had Toyota HQ Technicians trawling all over it. It's an actual part failure, not just an update, although very similar.
  2. I understand the problem with my car is much more complex than this. I saw the car during the week, and dashboard interals are all over the place. Doesn't fill me with much confidence. Three weeks off the road, another two to go at the earliest.
  3. Although my car has been in the garage for nearly three weeks, and won't be with me for at least another two, I got a recall notice today. Yaris Hybrid Skid Control ECU Reprogramming WGG20 Due to an inappropriate version of the software installe in the Skid Control ECU which montors and controls various functions related to brake system, the ECU may not complete all of its processing tasks. If this were to occur, multiple warning lights will illuminate on the vehicles instrument panel and the electronic parking brake will become inoperative.
  4. Thanks, this makes sense with the multitude of error messages I saw.
  5. So, an update on my sorry situation. The car has been with the garage over two weeks, and they need another three weeks for a part to arrive. They've provided another Yaris as a replacement. The car has had someone come from technical head quarters. Not really what I expected when I purchased a new car 5 weeks off the road, particularly a Toyota.
  6. While the fuel may be contiminated, I struggle to see the association with the error reports. Radar system malfunction ABS break malfunction Pre-collision system malfunction Power steering malfunction Cars should be designed to cope with some water in the fuel (it's near on impossible to avoid), and usually have a filter for this. I would envisage an engine stall, but not radar system, ABS malfunction etc etc etc...
  7. Thanks, already on the case. I've succuessfully rejected cars before. I understand I have to give them the opportunity to repair.
  8. My car has been with the dealer now for well over a week. I understand the mechanics at my dealer are in contact with the factory, but still have no idea what is wrong with the car. It had over 50 fault codes! I am relieved that they are doing proper investigation and not just resetting the codes and replacing a component sending us out in the car with no real understanding. However I am deeply concerned about this issue with the car.
  9. Houston/Toyota we have a problem. Oh well, this happened to mine this morning. Fortunatley happened on the drive. I had planned to drive on Smart Motorway later on in the day. I shudder to think.
  10. This is a real safety concern. I don't want to drive my car if it could lose power, say on a smart motorway.
  11. I had the same issue, and got one free of charge from Toyota after discussion with the supplying dealer. You don't have to pay £1,000. You can get it for free.
  12. Look at my first post. You should get it for free from Toyota. I did.
  13. I had the same issue. The car came with remote locking and alarm. Two keys, one remote one not. The problem is the non remote won’t disable the alarm. Try and unlock your car without the remote key. You can’t disable the alarm. After a discussion with the supplying garage I got another remote key free of charge. I think Toyota UK messed up with this. Good luck.
  14. Hi. I managed to have a look at one on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately the rear seat is a bit tight for three growing kids. Lovely car otherwise.
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