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  1. @RazzerRazor do you have a subwoofer install guide for the underseat sub Mine is on the way hopefully and looking to connect it up. Did you but anything extra to make it easier also did you tap into the stock speakers? Thanks dude
  2. Thanks mate & hope everything works out for you mate the original lights look miles better, Ive given mine to a garage today to get the 1zzz bolt ons upgrade done - manifold and injectors. Also the steering rack UJ got too much play so having it changed too Got a strut bar to fit soon too
  3. All right lads Any more changes recently? Been a while
  4. Haha trust they are bullet proof go the long way around to your mechanic and let me know Im thinking of getting one for my car aswell
  5. How does the brace feeel? bought a 1.4 corolla T2 for the brother in law today thought stick to whats reliable 2004 T2 Facelift Full Main Dealer Service History 79k on clock has had new suspension and steering rack recently on front decent condition for £1290
  6. Trust me mate i work 5days and one night a week hardly have time for myself let alone gym etc but I will incorporate it into my lifestyle
  7. HAha well done for fixing it since i bought a car my bike hasn't seen the light 😂
  8. Aha whats the model no etc? may have to invest in one
  9. My new corolla key :D bought on ebay from USA for around a fiver, turned up with incorrect blade however the seller resent correct blade ( ) had to dremel plastic on inside slightly as the chip inside wasn't seating properly also the metal at the bottom was catching on blade so just cut that slightly also Razzer- My question to you is does your underseat sub vibrate your passengers ****? To an unbearable point or is it okay to sit down on seat with sub on considering on getting one :)
  10. Thanks mate :) much brighter than them led bulbs
  11. Its a done job 😍 Got the dremel out got rid of plastic around connectors added the spade connector onto the led light and hardwired onto previous number plate wires kept the old ones in too just in case for future and heatshrinked them together
  12. New number plate lights came yesterday with leds built in however the fitment is american I believe so time to get my wire strippers out and get to work lol going to stick some spade connectors on the lights and bridge them into the previous wiring https://m.aliexpress.com/s/item/32708002033.html
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