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  1. Cheers for the heads up, the OE speakers had a lip to stop drips splashing on the magnet area. The speaker suspension looks like paper/cloth so I was thinking a shield would benefit the speaker. Already put sound deadening in the doors.
  2. I have replaced the standard speakers with a JBL components set. The door speakers were mounted to Toyota adapter rings to accommodate 6.5" aftermarket speakers. I bypassed the original speaker cable and wired from the head unit to the crossover then to the door speakers and tweeters , the tweeters have been mounted to the "A" pillar trims.I The speakers are a bit exposed to the rain water coming through the drop glass to do I have order some silicone speaker boots.
  3. 10mm nut, arm will be seized so a bit of knowledge on manipulation helps to prevent breakage. Then remove the boot to reveal a big nut.
  4. I have put some red carbon wrap on the inner window scraper and the air vent surround, I'm really happy with the look, the red brightens up the grey/black theme and contrasts well with the white. Here is an image when I bought the car, with grey trims, rubber gear knob and steering wheel. This is how it looks with the carbon wrap, black gloss trims, leather steering wheel and gear knob.
  5. Wheel balance issues are usually cause of 60-65MPH wheel wobble. A clutch can cause a judder but you would usually feel it at clutch bite. Some people fitting a new clutch leave the drive shafts attached to the gearbox and swing the box enough to get to the clutch but I'm not sure if it is possible on an Aygo, this method can cause stress to the driveshafts.
  6. And have a knowledge on how to disconnect the plug without damaging it.
  7. Bolt wise it is a torx type head so you may need to buy the correct tool. The hardest part for an inexperienced person is disconcerting the airbag loom from the floor to the seat safely.
  8. I've put sound deadening on the front and rear floor pans, the pic is a during install but the full floor was covered. I've also got the Kenwood under seat amp/sub installed. The car sounds like a better built car with the sound deadening, and it has a nice thud when you shut the doors. The stereo sounds great and the remote allows you to adjust the low range accordingly. Not sure if I'll upgrade the door speakers and tweeters as it sounds so good now but we will see😁
  9. Nice work, and the vocals look quality😉
  10. This is what I'm currently doing.
  11. It does but using RCA low level signal is supposed to cut down on interference, and pre wiring the plug will allow me to switch the sub to replacement cars at a later date with ease as I will always have Toyotas. It doesn't have a rev counter, power mirrors, speed limiter or reverse camera but has touch and DAB.
  12. I bought and chopped a Connects2 CT10TY01 and soldered it to a Hi-Low Converter to give the factory stereo 2 X RCA output ready for fitting an under seat subwoofer. I have bought a Kenwood so that will be fit over the bank holiday. I did test the loom with an RCA to Phono lead and connected to a JBL portable speaker and the speaker complimented the factory fronts. In hindsight I could have saved some money and used the JBL😀
  13. The way to drive a MMT car is to drive it like a manual gearbox because essentially that is what it is. If you drive an Auto box you can keep the accelerator pressed down as it changes. In a manual you would lift off the accelerator before changing gear. So when you drive a MMT you need to sense when the box is due to change then back off, or rev high then back off to allow it to change. Not really an Auto and should never be advertised as one.
  14. I have a spare wheel but it didn't have the 3 rubber blocks for it to sit on, Toyota sell them on eBay for £8.99 plus £1.99 postage each. I bought a 30mm thick 100mm x 100mm self adhesive foam sample and a 3mm thick of the same size from eBay for £7.98 and cut them into strips. This supports the spare perfectly.
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