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  1. Just in case anyone else searches this post, my 190 is doing the same, make sure your crankshaft pulley is all there! I couldn't see anything else wrong with mine until I saw what the pulley should look like
  2. I could literally only find two on eBay for the 2ZZ-GE engine. It looks very old, but I bought it anyway for £9 after offer. The other was someone breaking a 2ZZ-GE celica and wanted £70 for it!!! It's crazy! I might phone up the local Toyota parts dealer and see if I can find a new one.
  3. My crank pulley disintegrated on my 190. On eBay, just about all listings are for 1zz engine. (01-05), mine is 2000 2ZZ engine. I don't want a second hand one, but there is a second hand listing for a 1ZZ crank pulley that says it won't fit the 2ZZ. Another listing says it will. Are they actually the same? Where can I get one from fast? Edit: Looking at the two, seems like they are balanced differently, mine looks like the one with 4 holes evenly spread.
  4. Right, got replacement belt, We've taken the wheel off and had a look at the crank pully... its half the size! It must have broken apart. I remember a clonking noise just before the screeching started. Weirdly the belt managed to stay on and even made new grooves in the pulley.
  5. Thanks, I've ordered another belt which will come tomorrow. Will get the current belt off and feel the pulleys, will update here later.
  6. JoeyJoe

    Oil problem

    My 190 did the same, then I found the oil level was off the dip stick, filled it up and the tapping went away. I have an oil leak.
  7. My 190 is 2000, has done 165k miles and is still going very strong! Only a slight belt issue and oil is leaking slowly, but other than that, it's a decent engine.
  8. Yes, the 140 doesn't have lift. You need a VVTL-i engine to have the lift, which is 190. If you have VVTL-i on your engine, then it has lift. How bad is the white smoke?
  9. Yesterday as I were driving home, my Celica started to make a nasty screeching sound when turning. The sound is definitely from a belt or a pulley I suspect. I took it home, and looked under the bonnet, slight rubbery burning smell. Still it screeched every time I steered it. This morning I started it up for work, it was frosty out, and it was doing it even without steering. It was so bad I turned it off again as not to ***** off the neighbours, while I defrosted my windows with a bank card. I poured a bit of water on the belt (not sure which belt, it has the alternator on it), and there was some steam coming off of it, it felt warm but not hot. I felt the pulleys and the same. Started it up, sound was still there, and drove it, the noise went away after I started driving, but it came back when steering. Not 100% sure what it could be, I checked the power steering fluid which was fine. Any other suggestions? I want to fix it this weekend so want to order the parts asap. Thanks!
  10. It's not the alarm, I got in the car, started it, locked the doors, unlocked etc and they just flash. Eventually they will flash very fast and it stops. Only to continue later. It has happened all night last night during lots of rain so I suspect something is getting water in it. I can't think where to check since the relays etc are inside and dry. Any ideas / thoughts?
  11. Cold air form blowers usually means issue with the cooling. Likely a leak somewhere. Check the rad for wet spots. You should notice the temp gauge going right up if this is the issue.
  12. Yep, sensor not needed.
  13. I bought one last November. 2000 model 190bhp which is what you're looking at. This model is solid, the later models can have problems. I bought mine at 150k miles, feel like at least another 100k miles left on it or more. Check the basic things with any car. Rust under the arches, steering wheel shake, oil level / colour, check the coolant level. The rad went on mine around 155k miles. £40 fix if you can fix it your self (not too difficult to do). Test drive it for sure. Make sure you let it warm up first, seller should have no problem with you / them running it to 6,500 RPM to get to lift. You will feel it. If the lift doesn't work, the most common issue is with the lift bolts, but they aren't pricey if you do the work. The 2ZZ engine is bomb proof. no problems with mine, I have the full history too and there has never been an issue. Edit: Forgot to mention, You can now to a full MOT check on any car. Make sure you check it.
  14. Hmm, only seen this when idle with the revs dropping. The only thing I can think of is the MAF sensor.. but it's unlikely. Worth trying it anyway. It's a small black sensor that is attached to the tube coming away from the airbox. Has a connector on it. Disconnect and pull out the sensor. Clean it in some solvent such as brake cleaner.
  15. Right, If the noise when you're starting it is a clicking sound with the dash light flickering, it's not enough power to the starter motor. Either a bad battery or your alternator isn't charging the battery. 100% sure it is either one of these. Try getting a jump, I am sure it will start with a jump. Leave it running, and disconnect the jumper cables. If it cuts out / dash lights up, then the alternator isn't charging the battery. Best way would be to jump it, and then stick a volt meter on the battery terminals, if it shows ~14v then the alternator is working, if it shows 12v or less, then the alternator is bad. Either way, not a big issue and seriously not worth a call out for a mechanic.