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  1. Yes, thank you for your help. Toyota have advised that there is currently a stock shortage of this colour touch up but it is available. Part number for anyone else looking for it is PW865-0D100-D5.
  2. Does anyone know if Scarlet Flare touch up paint (3U5) is available? I haven't asked the dealer yet but an eBay seller that supplies any colour paint from the 3 digit code has told me that it is a 4 stage colour and will require 4 bottles of paint to touch up a chip!!! I have never heard of this before and find it difficult to believe they cannot provide a pearlescent red touch up pen.
  3. eyemdee

    Map update

    Map update to 2019v1 completed in 63 minutes. Just out of interest, while sitting in the car watching it I found a Pre Delivery Inspection Checksheet in the glove compartment. One of the items reads "Check for latest map version and update if necessary". It wasn't ticked, neither was anything else on the sheet so you have to wonder whether anything else was missed during the PDI...
  4. eyemdee

    Map update

    Thank you - I suppose I should have thought of that really but I am sure I followed Toyota's instructions! Good job I wasn't in a hurry. EDIT: Yes, just checked the instructions:- Step 3: "Extract this content of the downloaded ZIP file to the main folder root of your USB stick and safely remove the USB stick from your PC when the extraction is complete"
  5. eyemdee

    Map update

    I wish mine was. After getting a "There is an error, please try later" message on the website I eventually managed to "purchase" and download the update at around 4Mbps so it took the best part of an hour to download on my 100Mbps Virgin fibre connecion. The extract to USB took around 1 hr 50 minutes (11.2Gb) to a new formatted16Gb Kingston Data Traveller 3 USB flash drive so who knows how long it will take to update the car!!
  6. I ordered mine on 16th June and was told that delivery would be "September/October". It arrived at the dealers on 16th July and I collected it on 25th. Be prepared for a possible early arrival...
  7. eyemdee

    Map update

    Thanks Lee, that is exactly what I wanted to know. I have ordered a 16GB USB memory stick for the upgrade as all mine are too small. (Shows my age!)
  8. eyemdee

    Map update

    I have read right through this thread but cannot quite understand whether this update is required on my brand new Corolla Design HSD. The navdb version displayed in the Software Update screen is A36.4 and not in the 201XvX format. My Toyota is offering the 2019v1 update but I don't want to break it! Does anyone know what version A36.4 is please?
  9. I am interested to know this as well. My understanding was that the 2.0 Design hatch was not available with a spare wheel. My dealer said there was no room for it but was wrong on other things. I ordered the 1.8 Design hatch with pan roof and no cost spare wheel option.
  10. Must depend on trim level. The manual refers to both keyless and key switch starts so perhaps it is only the Excel models are keyless?
  11. 64 plate Excel Hybrid with keyless start as standard
  12. Can you remove the spring from the arm then refit it after it is reassembled? The spring is probably there to apply pressure from the blade on to the rear screen.
  13. I would not use that inverter in your car as the wiring / fuse is not up to it. Power outlet is fused at 15 amps - the inverter is rated at 20 amps. Result blown fuse - simples! Much safer to use 12v or USB charger for things like phones.
  14. Have you checked if the socket works when the ignition is on? On mine the ignition has to be on for the accessory socket to work. You said it stopped working when you parked so I just wondered...
  15. Remote central locking with keyless start. I think all UK Yaris hybrids were this spec when I bought mine.
  16. My hybrid stood in the drive for about 9 weeks last year when I had a month in hospital then couldn't drive for 6 weeks afterwards. Although I bought a new battery charger before I went in, I never needed it as the car started normally as soon as I pressed the button.
  17. If you mean that the battery is reading 13.5 volts with the engine running then this means nothing. It is the alternator charging the battery that gives this voltage. It would be better to check the battery voltage when the car has been stood. 12.8v is very good but anyhing much below this and your stop/start may not work. If charging the battery does not work then a new one may be needed.
  18. First thing I would do is fully charge the battery. Auto stop/start systems tend not to work when battery charge is low and a full charge may sort it.
  19. Not 100% sure on this but the hybrid transmission is a brilliant system of sunwheel & planetary gears between the petrol and electric motors and is computer controlled. I would guess that if you didn't hear any nasty noises then the computer probably just refused the instruction and with any luck there should be no damage. If any Toyota techs are readng this then hopefully you may get confirmation...
  20. I bought mine new 2 years ago. It has never done less than 50mpg on a tank and the best I had was 67mpg when we had a trip to Norfolk. I think the transmission is superb - by far the best CVT I have ever driven. I used to drive a Honda Jazz CVT-7 but the Yaris Hybrid beats it in every respect IMHO.
  21. Thank you for your comprehensive explanation. I think the Mini actually receives both at the same time as the DAB programme/song information remains on the screen with the Local Radio Station in a band across the top.
  22. Thank you, that is what I was beginning to think. Bit naughty though as the manual says it works and there is a check box to switch it on! Disappointing for Toyota.
  23. I realised the other day that I have never ever received any traffic announcements on my "Go" multimedia system while listening to Radio 2 on DAB. I checked that the option is ticked in the settings but it does not appear to work. I though it was perhaps just a DAB feature, but we collected a new Mini for my wife on Wednesday and that receives DAB traffic announcemnts all the time. Anyone know if it is just something I am missing or is this a fault (Feature?) of the Yaris Hybrid?
  24. I just noticed that you are outside the UK and use a key to start the car. In the UK I believe all hybrids are push button start so may be different from yours. I still think the brake pedal push should be required to start it and you may have a fault possibly with the brake light switch on the pedal.
  25. Pressing the brake pedal should illuminate the green smart start system indicator light which is shaped like a key. The car should only start when this is illuminated. Are you saying that this illuminates without the brake pedal being pressed? If so it is not working as it should. Possibly a fault with the brake light switch. Have you checked that your brake lights work correctly?