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  1. **FIXED** The issue was the actual stalk.. the issue with the wipers staying upright and not returning home was because the small metal tab that actual fixes on to the motor was positioned in the opposite direction.. looks like some changed the motor before and when re attaching the motor to wiper bar they did not mark the position of the small tab that actually connects to the motor rotation bolt. All i did was remove the wiper complete wiper bar, unscrew the 13mm bolt at the back of the motor and turn the postion 180 degrees. All sorted now. The inital wiper stopping anywhere was the stalk it self. I found this video very very helpful https://youtu.be/xWmtlmDuZAY
  2. So changed the stalk and the wipers now work a full cycle and dont just stop anywhere. HOWEVER... when 1 the cycle is complete the wipers start at the upright position and end in the upright position. I teied to adjust the wiper arm, but no luck. Im tempted to change the motor too (already have it). But before i do does anyone think it actually might be the motor itself?
  3. Thanks. I ordered both stalk and motor fairly cheap from Nippon. I read this issue is to do with a relay in the wiper stalk.. but to avoid guessing it either the stalk or motor. Will update after swapping the parts to see which one it was.
  4. Is the motor under the plastic tray that covers the wipers on the outside? Also where could i find the part number? And i presume other toyotas have the same part that can be used, i mean it doesn't need to be ot a T-Sport right?
  5. Hi, Im hoping someone can help. I have a Corolla T-Sport 2004 facelift which has auto wiper function, in total there are five function on the settings. Mist - flick up for one cycle Off position Auto On normal continuous Fast Issue 1: The only poisitions that work is normal, fast and mist. issue 2: however when i turn them off from the working positions they stop where ever they are, so they dont return "home" i have to flick flick till they get in the home position. Anyone know what it could be? Im assuming it cabt be a fuse or relay otherwise none of the positions would work right?
  6. @pg11Check my post above and there is your solution.. i had exact the same problem as you described, plus my hazard switch was not working. Check the youtube video. I followed rhe video and all sorted. I would have changed the stalk, but i had fogs and majority of the stalks available dont have fogs switch. It tool me 40mins all in all and all sorted and never had a issue since. Hope that helps
  7. Next step is to get it serviced at Toyota and enjoy 12month of warranty 😁
  8. All sorted and Fitted them (in my original post) in 10mins. Get you hand under the carpet and hold bottom part still whist you pop the top part in place.. give it a good squeeze. Moment of truth will be when genuine toyota mats arrive Monday to see if they fix in. . If they dont the kit came with fixing for the mat too, so can be changed. Pic 1: retaining clips attached Pic2: side panel and weather stip need to be moved to get your hand under the carpet.
  9. Not sure if your issue is related to this? I did both hazard and indicator stalk clean myself and saved over £100. A lot if the Aftermarket stalks dont have front fog function. If i didn't have front fogs i would have bought a one on ebay for £15.
  10. Those are the clips that go on the floor mats (pic1). If you look at picture2, thats what i need, they state if you have these then the item in picture 1 will work. I think i might just buy the ones in my original post and take a chance.
  11. Have a look at the pic and you'll understand what i mean. 😀
  12. Hi all, just got myself a little Aygo (5 door 2013) for commuting to work and back. Im quiet familiar with Toyota and Lexus as i have had plenty in the last 10-15yrears. So my question is; i wanted to buy some mats and i dont have any retaining hooks/clips on the carpet for the mats to fix into. I dont know if they were any on the car before, but all i can see are two holes in the cars carpet. I asked Toyota and they told me they dont sell these and if i wanted them i needed a new carpet with the retaining hooks/clips attached. Surely they're has to be another option? I have seen these, but just wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue and if they used these and they worked? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CITROEN-DS3-DS4-C1-C3-C5-C4-PICASSO-FLOOR-MAT-CARPET-CLIPS-PLASTIC-REPAIR-FIXING-/193515657450?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  13. So far driving local and one motorway journey of 100miles I'm averaging 46.7🙂. SAT NAV going in this Wed. I hope its has the 2019 version maps on it.
  14. thanks for that @Mooly, the car is due back next week for them to have a look at.. trust me I wont let that one go. Its a shame to say some main dealers don't do proper checks.. if I had no mechanical knowledge I would have just though the car was all serviced. Good job I checked the filters, will do a check on the plugs on the weekend. I did a check on "My Toyota" site and no sign of plus being changed.. last Major Service was 40k. The 50k and 60k were minor ones 🙄.
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