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  1. Wanted Gen 6 Toyota Celica 2.0 GT ST202 ( not 1.8 ST or 2.0 GT4 ) Wanted for a rolling project so not showroom standard but must be mechanically sound and capable of passing next MOT with minimal work Must be manual transmission Ideally facelift ( 96-on ) but any considered Any colour, although my preference would be the turquoise 'blue' Within driving distance from, or willing to deliver to, Nottingham
  2. I'm looking for a Gen6 Celica GT for a track car project Ideally one which will pass an MOT, albeit with a little work As I'm looking to eventually strip down and use as a full-time track car the overall condition is not an issue, so long as it is mechanically sound MUST HAVE / BE: Celica Gen6 ST202 2 litre GT manual transmission Roadworthy and in a running / drive away condition Able to pass the next MOT even with some work IDEALLY: Facelift ( '96 onward ) In or near Nottingham
  3. I am looking for the original Toyota stereo radio cassette which came as standard with the Gen6 Celica or MR2 of the same age With it I also want the optional CD module which plugs into it, rather than the plastic blanking plate That can be either the one-shot CD, in-dash CD changer or under seat / boot mount CD changer ( only if head unit to changer cable is also available ) Thanks
  4. My '96 Celica is running a '92 Camry 3VZ-FE V6 Camrys seem to have only been available with automatic transmission in the UK Does any one have the dashpot sub-assembly ( 22202-62080 ) or the full throttle body for the manual version? Without this the throttle linkage snaps closed when the pedal is released, where the automatic transmission would have absorbed the effect
  5. I have just changed my radio from a B9010 to a B9013 because I wanted to add the rear camera Along with this feature I have also gained the options of DAB radio and Bluetooth hands free I have 4 questions on this unit ( question 4 also relates to the B9010 ) 1. If I am in the audio mode ( radio / CD display ) when I select reverse ( screen switches to rear view mode ) it will switch to SatNav mode when I release reverse gear Is there any way to get it to switch back to audio mode rather than navigation? 2. Does anyone know where I connect a microphone for the Bluetooth
  6. I am looking to upgrade my '96 Celica sound system but don't want to go aftermarket I currently have the standard 4-speaker system ( 1 per door and 1 each side under the rear quarter glass ) I want to upgrade to the 8-speaker system ( 2 in the back, 2 tweeters and 2 per door ) I have the tweeters coming from ebay but am still looking for the twin door speakers Does anyone have the 2-speaker door cards with speakers ( including the lower ones, just in case ), wiring and any special brackets for sale? I'm lead to believe it needs a special amplifier to get them all worki
  7. I'm looking to add EGR option to my 1992 3VZ-FE ( Camry ) engine I need the EGR cooler which fits under the inlet manifold MPN 25681-62010 Ideally including cooler hoses and fixing bolts
  8. 1996 Celica GT ST202 Camry 3VZ-FE ( 3-litre 24 valve, not VVTi ) conversion courtesy of Paul Woods ( http://www.woodsport.org/joomla/ ) SEGA Rally livery 22 years old ( 26 year old engine ) but still pulls like a train and drives like a dream She'll go even better once I get a new non-slippy clutch! These are old pics as I have just put in an Avensis B9010 colour touch screen sat nav
  9. I have recently upgraded my Celica radio to a B9010 colour touch screen sat nav unit from an Avensis For some reason the screen switches to night mode with the ignition on but I have not modified the wiring in any way and as far as I am aware there is no ignition feed ( battery and ACC only ) This is the behaviour ( results from 'secret' diagnostic mode in brackets ) ACC on, lights off = Day mode ( IGN off, TAIL off ) ACC on, lights on = Night mode ( IGN off, TAIL on ) IGN on, lights off = Night mode ( IGN off, TAIL on ) IGN on, Lights on = Night mode ( IGN off, T
  10. Does anyone have a link to a wiring diagram?
  11. I am trying to add A/C to my '96 Celica as I thought it would be fairly straightforward as I appear to have the wiring already in ( spare connectors ) I didn't realise I needed an amplifier for this to work and have managed to source a unit with wiring but need help on the last few bits The car is a bit of a Frankenstein's monster in that it is a 1996 Celica GT ( was 3S-GE ) with a Camry 3.0 V6 ( 3VZ-FE ) and the amplifier is from a 1994 ( ish ) GT4 ( 88650-2B280 ) Referring to the attached images can anyone please tell me where I need to connect the following cut wires: Lo
  12. CD changer issue: I have just swapped my radio for a B9010 TNS700 ( Gen5 ? ) Sat Nav unit in my '96 Celica, replacing a 2002 Celica 58806 TNS310 Traffic Plus system as I wanted the colour map display I also have the Yatour digital CD changer working with it after buying a different cable ( 6+6 instead of 5+7 ) The CD changer module works perfectly in that it will play from the same SD card as was being used with the old 58806 HU and allows the selection of 6 'discs' and use of the track / seek buttons The 58806 could support 15 'discs' and the Yatour remembered I was listen
  13. Thank you I already have the user manual but the link has gone some way to matching up some of the connections I did find this while searching but don't know if it is actually for my unit:
  14. I have just bought a Toyota B9010 satellite navigation head unit to replace my 58806 TNS310 Traffic Plus system in my '96 Celica As far as I can tell from looking around the internet it can support a reversing camera so I have bought adaptor cables which are originally for adding an aftermarket camera while keeping the original loom intact https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LZ4XQKT/ref=pe_3187911_185740111_TE_item Can anyone please help by filling in the gaps in my knowledge regarding the rear connectors Looking at the rear and starting from the left: 5-pin ( grey ) - Reve
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