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  1. I'm looking to add EGR option to my 1992 3VZ-FE ( Camry ) engine I need the EGR cooler which fits under the inlet manifold MPN 25681-62010 Ideally including cooler hoses and fixing bolts
  2. 1996 Celica GT ST202 Camry 3VZ-FE ( 3-litre 24 valve, not VVTi ) conversion courtesy of Paul Woods ( http://www.woodsport.org/joomla/ ) SEGA Rally livery 22 years old ( 26 year old engine ) but still pulls like a train and drives like a dream She'll go even better once I get a new non-slippy clutch! These are old pics as I have just put in an Avensis B9010 colour touch screen sat nav
  3. I have recently upgraded my Celica radio to a B9010 colour touch screen sat nav unit from an Avensis For some reason the screen switches to night mode with the ignition on but I have not modified the wiring in any way and as far as I am aware there is no ignition feed ( battery and ACC only ) This is the behaviour ( results from 'secret' diagnostic mode in brackets ) ACC on, lights off = Day mode ( IGN off, TAIL off ) ACC on, lights on = Night mode ( IGN off, TAIL on ) IGN on, lights off = Night mode ( IGN off, TAIL on ) IGN on, Lights on = Night mode ( IGN off, TAIL on ) For some reason the ignition ( position 2 ) is toggling the illumination input Has anyone else come across this? Also it does have rear camera connectivity ( 20pin + 5pin ) but this is greyed out on the diagnostic screen Does this mean my unit does not support a reversing camera?
  4. Does anyone have a link to a wiring diagram?
  5. I am trying to add A/C to my '96 Celica as I thought it would be fairly straightforward as I appear to have the wiring already in ( spare connectors ) I didn't realise I needed an amplifier for this to work and have managed to source a unit with wiring but need help on the last few bits The car is a bit of a Frankenstein's monster in that it is a 1996 Celica GT ( was 3S-GE ) with a Camry 3.0 V6 ( 3VZ-FE ) and the amplifier is from a 1994 ( ish ) GT4 ( 88650-2B280 ) Referring to the attached images can anyone please tell me where I need to connect the following cut wires: Loose wires near large white plug ( main chassis connector ) - White / Red, White / Yellow Large white connector ( main chassis connector ) - Green / Red, Yellow Amplifier main black connector ( wires cut near large white connector ) - Red / Blue, Brown / Yellow Large 4-pin connector ( 2 pins connected ) - White / Green, Black / White Large 3-pin connector - White / Green, Black / White, Pink / Black Large 4-pin connector - White / Green, Black / White, Red / Blue, Brown / Yellow ( x3 cut Black / White wires but only x1 cut White / Green ) Smaller 8-pin connector ( attaches near blower motor ) - Yellow / Black, Blue / Red, White / Red, Blue / Yellow, Grey, Blue / Black, Green / Yellow I also have a temperature sensor near the cooler but I can't check the wire colours as it is in for rust work at the moment Any help would be greatly appreciated Also to properly test the system, as I think I will need to charge the system before I can properly test it, can anyone tell me which amplifier pins I need to ground or pull up in order to do this? For example grounding the clutch relay will allow me to test clutch operation but "ground pins A, B and C to test pressure switch is working" will allow me to test individual components
  6. CD changer issue: I have just swapped my radio for a B9010 TNS700 ( Gen5 ? ) Sat Nav unit in my '96 Celica, replacing a 2002 Celica 58806 TNS310 Traffic Plus system as I wanted the colour map display I also have the Yatour digital CD changer working with it after buying a different cable ( 6+6 instead of 5+7 ) The CD changer module works perfectly in that it will play from the same SD card as was being used with the old 58806 HU and allows the selection of 6 'discs' and use of the track / seek buttons The 58806 could support 15 'discs' and the Yatour remembered I was listening to Disc13 Track11 even after power interrupt The B9010 played from this point even up to the last track of Disc15 before wrapping around to Disc1 Track1 all while displaying the correct information at the top of the display My questions are these: There are only touchscreen buttons for the first 6 discs but is there a disc up / disc down option to manually cycle through Discs? How many 'discs' can the B9010 handle with the Yatour module? Sound quality issue: I am using the standard '96 Celica GT 4-speaker setup which sounded great with the 58806 and the original stereo/cassette, all of which are internally amplified With the B9010, even with the Bass and Mid-level set to max, everything still sounds a little 'tinny' The Sat Nav voice on the TNS310, I think might also have been controlled by the HU bass / treble, was strong and clear but with the B9010 now sounds extremely tinny but I can't find any way of controlling this sound output I'm not one to drive around with my 'boom-boom' music, but I do like a good level of bass ( max bass without aftermarket amplifier has always been good enough for me ) Is there a way of improving this without adding an external amplifier?
  7. Thank you I already have the user manual but the link has gone some way to matching up some of the connections I did find this while searching but don't know if it is actually for my unit:
  8. I have just bought a Toyota B9010 satellite navigation head unit to replace my 58806 TNS310 Traffic Plus system in my '96 Celica As far as I can tell from looking around the internet it can support a reversing camera so I have bought adaptor cables which are originally for adding an aftermarket camera while keeping the original loom intact https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LZ4XQKT/ref=pe_3187911_185740111_TE_item Can anyone please help by filling in the gaps in my knowledge regarding the rear connectors Looking at the rear and starting from the left: 5-pin ( grey ) - Reverse ( to switch display to camera ) , speed ( for sat nav and trip computer ) and parking brake ( why ? ) inputs 12-pin ( black ) - CD changer port 10-pin & 6-pin ( white ) - Power and speakers 20-pin ( white ) - Camera input , Camera 6V power, MANY OTHER PINS... 1-pin + shield ( Grey ) - GPS antenna 75 Ohm - Standard DIN FM antenna ( top ), Smaller antenna socket ( ? ) This is more to satisfy my curiosity and to know if there are other features which might be compatible in my old Celica Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  9. I am looking for a professional valuation for my vehicle with regards to a non-fault claim My vehicle is a category N write-off with a market value of £500 I have declared the following modifications with my insurer: Non-standard engine - Toyota Camry 3.0l 24V V6 ( Woodsport conversion, 3VZ-FE ) - Approximately £5000 at the time including travel costs GT4 ST205 turbo bodykit - Front bumper, bonnet and rear spoiler - Approximately £500 Original racing colours ( 'SEGA Rally' Castrol WRC livery ) - £1500 at the time The people who should be on my side are challenging me to find evidence of it's true value Otherwise they are trying to force market value as professionally modified Celicas do not generally come up for sale I am not looking to sell and am only interested in a valuation I will be prepared to pay for this service with this in mind Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
  10. I recently installed a Sat Nav system from a 2002 Celica Gen7 into my Celica Gen6 GT It is the Matsu****a 58806 Radio / CD HU with CD-changer control and a TNS310 Traffic Plus with 2003/4 ( I think ) maps disc It works great, other than not having postcode search which would be handy sometimes I am now looking into the possibility of upgrading to a newer colour screen ( not necessarily touch screen ) system Is there such a system which will fit with minimal to no further modification
  11. I'm now thinking of upgrading from this system Does anyone know if there is a TNS with colour screen HU which will fit with no ( or minimal ) further modification to the console surround or wiring loom?
  12. I'm looking at putting the finishing touches to my rally replica Gen6 Celica Does anyone know where I can get a set of sports bucket seats with subframes and racing harnesses for a decent price? Ideally with minimal or no modification to the chassis mounting points
  13. I recently installed a 58806 HU and TNS200 SatNav system into my Gen6 Celica It came with a 2001-2002 maps disc and I had a hell of a job finding a newer version for this system, let alone finding out which was the LATEST version I found a cheap TNS300 DVD unit with a 2004-2002 ver2 disc and took a chance ( less than £10 ) that it was pin-for-pin compatible and would work with the 58806 HU It did and I personally found it to be a better system to use My question is this: I understand the TNS300 DVD can be upgraged to a TNS310 ( is this true, or does that mean yet another DVD drive? ) If this is the case, what is the latest version maps disc for the TNS310? ( or the latest TNS300 if it isn't compatible ) Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  14. Refering to the rear-view connectors image above: CN700 pin3 --> CN702 pin10 ( Data + ) CN700 pin4 --> CN701-1 pin7 ( Ground ) CN700 pin8 --> CN701-1 pin4 ( Battery + ) CN700 pin11 --> CN702 pin9 ( Data - ) CN700 pin17 --> CN701-1 pin10 ( Illumination + ) CN700 pin18 --> CN701-1 pin3 ( Ignition + ( ACC ) ) Basically there's no internal connections between the front panel ( CN700 ) and the radio/CD/Sat-Nav The front panel ( top connector ) needs to communicate with the main unit ( bottom connectors ) through the Data lines It also needs it's own separate power connections I don't have the physical connector CN700 ( and I assume you don't either ), but there was enough bare metal for me to solder wires directly to the pins behind the plastic moulding
  15. It lives! I managed to open up the HU and add my own internal connections between the 18-pin & CD changer port / power connector Just cosmetics now: Slight mod needed for the LH bracket and the centre console needs widening Connect the reverse / speed wires Move the GPS antenna ( just stuck to the rear quarter glass right now ) Find & fit a new antenna for the DRG unit Change the backlights on the HU ( amber ) to match the rest of the interior illumination ( green ) Thanks for the advice