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  1. Thank you to everyone for your answers, you have given me a lot of great information to base a decision on. :)
  2. Yikes, that is nasty. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that if I want a Rav 4 I should get it because I like it rather than being under the impression that it is going to be a major benefit in bad weather. Just spent the afternoon going around garages... Toyota, Mazda, Volvo, Lexus etc... Other than the Rav 4, and the Avensis, I didn't see much I liked.
  3. Thanks for the helpful answers everyone. My Avensis is about to have the 80k mile service, so depending on what they find I may look to change it anyway, but I am hoping that I can keep it for a while longer. Putting winter tyres on looks like a good option, although I am rather taken with the Rav 4 :D
  4. Good morning. I have searched the forums and found several threads on bad weather driving. I am not sure what the etiquette here is on starting new threads, if you would prefer me to add to an existing thread, then please let me know. :) I currently have a 2007 Avensis T-Spirit Auto. I bought it in a hurry as my previous Ford Focus was written off in an accident. I really enjoy my Avensis, it has served me well, but I am starting to have to spend money on it. £2500 so far this year, with a new gear box and some sensors failing. I have also recently become self employed and am now wondering about how I can give myself the best chance of reaching my clients even in bad weather. We routinely have roads flooded here, although not deep, deep enough I wouldn't drive the Avensis through them. Also when we have snow and ice it can be hard to get anywhere as gritting is pretty awful. I was once stuck at work as it snowed during the day and I couldn't get home! My mind is turning to the Rav 4. I was wondering how much extra benefit I get from having a 4x4 in the snow and ice (it would clearly be better for flooding) over and above an Avensis with winter tyres. I assume that a 4x4 with warm weather tyres isn't significantly better than a FWD car? Also, as I have MS I need to drive an auto, so does the autobox cope OK in the ice and snow? I see that Toyota have started a Tyre hotel service to house your winter tyres when not using them. Has anyone used this? Is it reasonable value? This is quite a tricky decision as it isn't often that we get snow, but wen we do it is dreadful, but my clients will expect me to make it to their offices nevertheless, so I need transport which will hold up! I'm sorry for such a long post, but I would value your opinions, and my internet searches aren't giving me much in the way of robust information.
  5. Hello all!, I found this site when I was looking for some advice on the Rav 4. I currently own an Avensis, but am thinking about changing it in the next year or so. It is nice to meet you all :)
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums DrNewton :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum-0/announcement-49-how-to-use-our-forum-video-guides/