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  1. When Toyota did a diagnostics check they said the software needed updating and the valve gasket for the fuel pump needed replacing. They carried out the work, the lights came back on a few days later. I haven't had the EGR valve cleaned but when I took the car out earlier it was coughing and spluttering when the engine was partially warm...
  2. My car began developing this problem a couple of months ago. When i start the car when the engine is cold, the engine management light, vsc and trc off light comes on then the car drives in safe mode before the engine cuts out. This happens a couple of times until the engine starts warming up, the lights stay on and the car drives under power. When the engine is at normal running temperature, when i turn off the ignition then start the car again the engine management, vsc and trc light remain off. So far i have had the following work on the car: Full service Brake light changed Glow plugs changed - one of the glow plugs was dirty Battery changed I took the car to the local Toyota dealer, where they diagnosed the software need updating and a pipe needed replacing as it had cracked. They said if that didn't resolve the issue then the fuel pump needs to be replaced. After a week of getting the work done, the lights have come back on... Heart has sank!!! Does anyone know what the problem is and has actually resolved this ongoing problem? Thank you
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums Amyanne74 :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides: