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  1. In fact I don't think that the risk is worth the cost of insuring. In many respects, sprinting is safer than driving on the road---no other cars to run into you and the hardest thing I have hit since 2007 when I started has been a cone. Everybody's situation is different of course, and you will be driving your car quickly and close to the limit, but generally if you go too far and spin out there is usually plenty of run off. Also the way the competition is organised makes it unlikely you will suddenly be faced with a difficult situation. The objective is to put in the fastest time, and tha
  2. Yeah we are getting through cars quite quickly, but I had kept the Aygo for six years! Marvellous car No pictures as yet, but official photographer dude Brian was there so hopefully see some soon. Paul.
  3. Hi everybody! Newbie GT86 owner here Just got the first data point as to how quick the stock car is in the hands of an incompetent driver. Last weekend, the first round of this year's Toyota Sprint Series was held at Blyton Park in Lincolnshire, Doncaster way. Sprinting is a race against the clock, it is not side-by-side rubbing is racing style. The stock 86 fits into class C Street, which means you are up against the fastest normally-aspirated Toyotas with strict limits on modifications. That means we could potentially be up against MR2s, Celicas, Supras, that kind of thing. Last week, I
  4. Superb looking car in the flesh too, Dave! Well done on your class C result---looking forward to seeing you back at Blyton next week. I'm afraid it's all gone a bit wrong with the Supra I thought I would save a few pennies this year and opt for road tyres, in the hope that they would be cheap and would last. However, a new pair of rear tyres were needed after Woodbridge! It was great going sideways everywhere, but the tyres delaminated. It's been so expensive to maintain a 190000km car too. I could have bought another Aygo with the service and repair bills from the last few months. So h
  5. Toyota sponsoring the event big time again is great news! The Supra has been mostly stripped out and is down to 1350kg. Hoping to give it a run out at Barkston this weekend so we will see how it goes :D Paul.
  6. PaulT

    Aygo Mods

    Yes, all true, but remember you have seat rails which weigh a few kg. If you switch to a side-mounted composite fixed-back seat then quite a lot of weight can be lost. Spare tyre and toolkit came to about 15kg iirc, and that's about the same as the back seat if you have the one that doesn't split. You can also remove all the boot and rear trim and rear seatbelts, but the whole lot only comes to about 5kg. My insurer (mainstream, not specialist) didn't mind me adding sports seats, no increase in premium. I guess that something which helps to restrain you in an impact is a good thing. We do
  7. Yeah, you've always got to watch Janey, though, she is fast! I'll have the fear when I line up on the start, don't worry My Aygo wasn't really all that modded, just chose parts carefully. The seats will go into the Supra, wheels and tyres will be sold (maybe, or I might just keep the wheels), the lowering springs, stiffened anti-roll bars and uprated front pads and discs are still on the car which makes driving fun. It's a sleeper B) I can't sell the Aygo yet, it's only done 45k miles. Plus we're double champions, and it costs peanuts to run Paul.
  8. PaulT

    Aygo Mods

    The seats are 14-16kg. You can save half that quite easily with race seats and side mounts at about 7-8kg each. The problem with changing the exhaust is that you will almost certainly add weight and will probably get no extra power. You'll be fine with Red Stuff. They are more fast street pads really, work well on both road and track. Paul.
  9. PaulT

    Aygo Mods

    I'd try 185/55/14 and they won't rub on the arches. Make sure you get offset 38 wheels and not 45, or they will rub. BTW stock alloys will not take anything above a 165. For 195 you need a six-inch rim width. Secondly, don't waste money on an induction kit and cat-back, instead buy the best wheels money can buy and get more of a performance boost for your money (like those in the for sale area, for example) And while I'm here, don't bother removing the rear drums. Fit 3G slotted rotors and red stuff pads on the front and you will not need to worry about the brakes, even at the Nurburgring
  10. I've bought a Supra to race next year so I need some bigger Rays Paul.
  11. I'm selling my Rays wheels I have been using in the Toyota Sprint Series these last couple of years. Note that these are double-championship winning parts! Of course, they work as well on the road as they do on the track. These are forged wheels, as opposed to the usual cast alloys you normally see, and that means Rays Engineering can make them very light and strong. These weigh less than 3.6kg each, which is less than half the usual weight of a cast alloy wheel. Racers say that one kilogram saved on the wheel is worth three saved on the chassis, so I was going into competition against th
  12. This new Street class is an excellent idea for three very good reasons: 1. All expensive modifications are banned so you will be racing pretty much factory-spec cars. 2. You won't have to race MsB who will be in Pro class, phew! 3. I can race in Pro class and people might mistakenly think I know what I am doing, well sounds good anyway Looking forward to seeing more TOCers joining us in 2011! B) Paul.
  13. You notice the weight saving a little bit, but it's more noticeable how much more a part of the car you feel. You can also help the weight situation by removing the back seats, the toolkit and spare wheel to get down to around 760kg for the basic model with about half fuel. I also removed the interior trim at the back and the rear seat belts, but it only saved 5-6kg or so. I guess you could go further and remove the carpet, but I was always going to put mine back to stock in the end as it is now, almost. I still retain lowering springs and stiffer anti-roll bars, but that's it---the Aygo is
  14. Yep, side mounts are lighter than rails but the seat is fixed. The driving position for me was much better being about 4in lower. On the stock seats I sit quite near to the roof but with the Corbeaus I could put the steering wheel in its lowest setting and have a good driving position. Also, you don't realise but the seats effectively raise the gear lever by about four inches too and that is much better than where it normally is. Don't feel like you have to reach down for it any more. If you replace the seats you will need to undo the wire to the seat belt sensor, but that is easy enough.
  15. Yeah, girl's car. I just use mine to potter to the shops and stuff The Aygo has never been beaten in the Toyota Sprint Series, class winner 2009 and 2010 So both a boy's and girl's car I would say Paul.
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