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  1. I'm not sure if what I'm describing is different to what the OP is experiencing, but in my case it's nothing to do with using auto or switching the car off when the wipers are operating. What I've found is that when using the wipers manually, when I switch them off manually with the wiper switch (NB not switching the ignition off, just the wiper switch) the rear wiper stops dead where it happens to be on the screen instead of returning to the correct park position. This happens now and again on our Avensis and very occasionally on our C-HR. That is surely either a fault or a design fault. The
  2. As a 2017 UK car with 53k on the clock it should still be under the Toyota 5 year warranty?
  3. That's normal. They don't have a fixed idle speed but the ECU varies the idle according to load on the alternator for example. It will be higher when the engine is started from cold in cold weather, and over 1000 rpm is not unusual. As far as I know diesels don't re-learn the idle speed after battery disconnection in the same way that petrols do? You may even find that as you now have a new battery the ECU is running the engine slightly faster to allow the alternator to charge the new battery up to its proper capacity. The old battery would have been greatly down on capacity and would hav
  4. You need to have the fault codes read to establish what the fault actually is. Pretty much any fault with the fuel system, engine management system or pollution control will cause those 5 lights to come on and the auto parking brake not to work. Without knowing the fault code it's guesswork. It may be that the EGR valve is blocked, but I wouldn't assume that at this stage.
  5. Certainly on ours it's nothing to do with the wipers being on auto. Switch the rear wiper off when it's in the bottom 3rd of the window and it will sometimes just stop dead where it happened to be the second the switch was turned off instead of parking in the correct position. They don't always do it by any means, perhaps just one time in 20 or so.
  6. Have you replaced the suction control valve?
  7. My recollection is that you can via a settings menu in the radio/satnav unit, but I was happy to let my continue doing it (hardly any speed cameras round here anyway) so I left it alone.
  8. Strangely the rear wipers on both our 2012 Avensis and 2018 C-HR do this occasionally. I assumed it was just a 'Toyota thing', but having said that my 2009 Auris never used to do it. It's turning it off manually that causes the problem. It seems that the park switch in the wiper motor is perhaps not very well designed, and if you turn the rear wiper off at exactly the wrong point it will just stop part way up the window instead of returning to the park position.
  9. They're going to find themselves increasingly short of work over the next decade or so if they continue with that policy!
  10. Sounds like the speed camera warning. Does it coincide with approaching a speed or traffic light camera, or at least where one used to be? It could be years out of date if the satnav maps haven't been updated recently.
  11. For about £20 you can buy a locking wheel nut removing kit from Amazon and similar. Alternatively I have known garages to weld a piece of steel bar to the end of the locking nut and just spin it off. Locking wheel nuts are one of those pointless things that cause numerous headaches for car owners whilst providing very little protection against actual thieves!
  12. I don't think its anything sinister. Our Auris, Avensis and C-HR all do it, and always have.
  13. Frost on the inside of the windscreen is caused by moisture already inside the car condensing and freezing on the cold glass. Switching to recirc will likely make the problem worse rather than better.
  14. Diesel engines don't have spark plugs! Are you perhaps referring to glow plugs? Denso K16R-U11 is a spark plug so definitely not correct for your diesel engine. Is there any particular reason you think the (glow) plugs might need replacing, such as poor starting?
  15. I don't have either of those features on my Avensis, but my wife's C-HR does and yes it is possible to switch them off in settings if you want to.
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