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  1. I had this with a car some years ago and it was a moth hiding somewhere in the interior during the day, then coming out and flapping round inside the car at a certain time each evening when the sun went down.
  2. Yes agreed. I'm biased as having had some previous experience with certain German cars turning into unreliable money pits I was very dismayed when I first heard that Toyota were to begin using BMW diesel engines. Not that recent Toyota designed diesel engines have been totally trouble free either of course, but our Avensis has honestly been the most reliable car I've ever owned (i know I shouldnt tempt fate by saying that..) I really wish Toyota had produced an Avensis hybrid as I would quite happily have bought one. I bet a load of taxi drivers would too!
  3. Certainly, but I doubt a government scrappage scheme would sway their decision one way or the other.
  4. Personally I'm glad to hear that there will be no government scrappage scheme this time. The last one led to a lot of otherwise perfectly good cars being scrapped for no other reason than a government handout. It started off being about reducing pollution, but increasingly became just a subsidy to the motor industry. The country is now in even more debt than it was last time and really cannot afford to throw money around. Honda are already leaving the UK and Nissan keep threatening to leave so, to put it bluntly, I think sod 'em!
  5. Surely it should be 'don't touch a BMW', as that is where this troublesome engine originated from? Our 2012 Avensis with the earlier Toyota-designed 2.0 diesel engine has been faultless. I wouldn't touch anything with a BMW engine in it either!
  6. Yes, the only time I ever removed my rear lights was to fix the leak! Silicone sealant is easily enough peeled off though if the lights needed to be removed for any reason in the future.
  7. I would take it to a proper aircon specialist, you may find that it just needs the condensor or a pipe replacing. ATS are tyre fitters not proper aircon engineers and it is highly unlikely that the 'whole system' needs to be changed.
  8. Sounds as stupid as my former neighbour. I used to live next to some flats, and one of the residents on the second floor clearly couldn't be bothered to walk all the way down the stairs to empty her hoover bag into the wheelie bin. She just tipped it out of her open kitchen window and the wind scattered the whole lot over my (freshly washed and polished) car 🥵
  9. Yes at least there's not a cambelt to remove either. Plus on some cars where the water pump is driven by a cambelt they recommend changing the pump at either every belt change, or every other one, so perhaps even 55k is not too bad.
  10. What mileage is your Avensis at now Konrad? My 2009 Auris 1.6 Valvematic needed a new waterpump at only 55k, which I was quite disappointed about.
  11. I have contacted 'Honest John' in the past regarding some slightly dubious advice he'd given re. VW diesels and he freely admits he's just a journalist who writes about cars and has no specific technical knowledge. In fact he said that a lot of the information on his website and in his Telegraph column comes from letters and emails readers have previously sent it.
  12. Daft question perhaps, but as it looks like your car is parked on the road are they definitely from your car and not some other vehicle that has previously been parked there? The only time anything has leaked/dripped from my Auris has been when I changed the oil and reused the old sump plug washer instead of fitting a new one. Can you shine a torch under the car and see if there is anything obviously 'wet' on the underside when it's parked? On a car with a plastic undertray like the Auris it can be difficult to pinpoint leaks exactly as any liquid will tend to hit the undertray first, then dribble off in a different area.
  13. Yes I like this app too. ISTR the basic version is free and it lets you save previously searched reg numbers, so avoids having to type them into the gov website each time if it's a reg you monitor regularly. Out of pure nosiness I also keep the reg numbers of a few of mine and my family's old cars saved on it just to see if they are still running!
  14. Mine is just a generic ELM327 Bluetooth dongle. Looking back through my old emails I apparently paid £6.50 for it from Ebay in April 2014, so it's certainly nothing fancy! It looks similar to this one: Bluetooth dongle You can then choose whichever app you want to read the data on your phone. Eg Carista, Torque, etc
  15. I did think it was odd when you mentioned a low coolant warning as I've never seen an Auris with a coolant level sensor fitted. I assumed it must have been an option in other markets outside the UK, but the above explains it! I've got a Bluetooth OBD scanner and they are well worth having.