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  1. yossarian247

    Toyota Auris 1,3 Petrol Code P0420???

    Hi, How much oil does it use? I'm wondering if the engine burning oil is contaminating the catalyst and preventing it from working, leading to the fault code?
  2. yossarian247

    Light failure indicator

    Toyota don't seem to go in for bulb failure warning lights, at least not on the models they sell in Europe. The only cars I've had them on were Volkswagens and they had a habit of telling me bulbs were blown when they weren't!
  3. yossarian247

    Rear brake pads on avensis 1.6 2018

    Our Avensis only gets about 15k out of a set of rear pads, but my wife often sets off letting the EPB auto-release which does wear the pads faster. I queried the heavy wear rate with the dealer and they reckoned the Avensis EPB is known for wearing the rear pads quickly.
  4. yossarian247

    Toyota Warranty

    I'm always surprised when people complain about the number of recalls carried out by Toyota. All car manufacturers make mistakes, and many of them deny it, but Toyota admit their faults and fix them for free. What's to complain about with that? Contrast that with VW who are absolute masters at covering up their mistakes, usually until they are finally forced to carry out a recall by government. A classic example was the problem with piezo injectors in their TDi engines a few years ago. The emissions scandal is just the tip of the iceberg.
  5. yossarian247

    Avensis T27 ride quality

    I'd be interested in a solution to this too. My wife frequently complains about the ride in her 2012 Avensis tourer. It can be jiggly, and my 2009 Auris is noticeably more comfortable over most surfaces. Over the time we've owned it it's had Pirelli Cinturato, Michelin Energy, and now Michelin Crossclimate tyres on without any appreciable change in ride comfort. We did have a broken coil spring on the rear picked up on the last MOT which can't have been helping matters, but even with that fixed the ride quality still isn't great.
  6. yossarian247

    2010 Avensis 2.0 D4d aircon bypass

    The early clutchless compressors fitted to VWs unfortunately had quite a reputation for failing, and if they seized internally the pulley would freewheel to avoid the belt burning or being thrown off the pulleys. I used to frequent the Skoda forum when I had my Octavia and aircon failure on those (and the equivalent model Golf and Audi A3) was a commonly mentioned issue. Luckily I never had that particular problem on my Skoda.
  7. yossarian247

    2010 Avensis 2.0 D4d aircon bypass

    Yes, they have become quite common in the past decade or so. VW for example have been using clutchless variable displacement AC compressors since the early 2000s, my 2007 Skoda Octavia had one. From what I can see our Auris and Avensis have this type of compressor too.
  8. yossarian247

    2010 Avensis 2.0 D4d aircon bypass

    On many recent aircon systems there is no clutch on the compressor. Instead the compressor shaft spins all the time the engine is running with the aircon load being controlled by a swash plate inside the compressor itself. On both our 2009 Auris and 2012 Avensis the aircon compressors don't have a clutch. Having said that, this type of compressor is designed to be run for some time with no refrigerant in the system without sustaining any damage. You can usually identify this later type of setup by the fact that turning the aircon on or off doesn't produce the characteristic 'click' of the clutch from under the bonnet which older aircon systems used to have.
  9. yossarian247

    [Avensis 2.2 D4-D, 2012 ]Front lights are cutting off

    As long as you are careful and don't allow a bare positive lead or connector to come into contact with the metal bodywork you should be fine testing the bulbs with the lights on.
  10. yossarian247

    [Avensis 2.2 D4-D, 2012 ]Front lights are cutting off

    That DRL strip flashing on for a second then cutting out was exactly what our Avensis did when the main DRL bulb had blown. Even though the bulb may look OK it would be worth changing it to at least rule that out as the cause. Or It may be dirty contacts or a loose connection to the main bulb. The electrics on these seem to only switch the strip on when they detect the load from the main DRL bulb is correct. A faulty bulb or connection would presumably prevent that from happening.
  11. yossarian247

    Replacing engine in 2.0 D4D

    That is a lot, perhaps the diagnosis of a worn engine was correct unfortunately.
  12. yossarian247

    Replacing engine in 2.0 D4D

    Using oil is more of a concern, how much does it typically use if you travel at 70mph?
  13. yossarian247

    Replacing engine in 2.0 D4D

    Hi, Is it actually the engine itself which is at fault? Black smoke, poor acceleration etc are more likely to be an issue with the EGR, or the injectors. I would be quite surprised if a diesel engine was worn out at 170k. Personally I would avoid a 2.2 unless it was from at least 2009 onwards when the known problems with the 2.2 were apparently fixed.
  14. yossarian247

    avensis electric handbrake question

    I can't see why this would do any damage, I would probably do the same too if I was leaving the car parked up for a few months. No idea when the cable was updated sorry.
  15. yossarian247

    Radiator top up??

    Most manufacturers take account of that though. The max line is drawn at the point at which the coolant should be when cold. It doesn't matter if the coolant goes above that line when hot and nothing will be expelled unless there is a leak or a faulty cap.