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  1. Our UK-built Auris and Avensis have certainly been more reliable than the 'crap' German cars we've owned in the past, hence why I stopped buying VW group cars.
  2. Black sticker is not going to work unfortunately. The MOT test requires the lamp to illuminate then go out.
  3. Lovely simple cars. My neighbours ran a Morris Minor until the early 90s when severe corrosion caused it to fail an MOT. They couldn't bear to scrap it so it sat in a corner of their back garden for several years, gradually being swallowed up by a hedge. Eventually they sold it to someone who wanted it for parts to keep another Minor going. We put a new battery on it, connected up a temporary fuel can with fresh petrol in and it started on the second attempt!
  4. A rather over-zealous (American) swear filter reacting to the t word I think.
  5. I completely agree, the Auris is a car that really benefits from good quality tyres. I'm a fan of all-season tyres and have had Michelin Crossclimates, and now Goodyear Vector 4Seasons on our Auris and both are very good. They have transformed the ride and handling compared to the dreadful Chinese 'ditch finder' tyres that were on the car when I bought it.
  6. There is such a wide variety of safety and electrical systems in use in vehicles now that I understand emergency services have access to a database showing specific hazards relating each model of vehicle. These are searchable through registration number or VIN so it shouldn't be necessary for them to rely on external badging to identify whether a vehicle is a hybrid or not.
  7. Hi, It's the standard 16 pin EOBD connector. Since 2001 every new petrol engined car sold in the EU had to have this same 16 pin diagnostic port. The 22 pin connector will be for Toyotas produced before OBD/EOBD became the norm.
  8. The only car I've ever had seriously corroded/porous alloys on was VW Group! (Ok it was a Skoda and perhaps the quality of the wheels was not so good with it being their budget range.) One of the wheels used to lose 5-10 psi per week, regardless of what tyre was fiitted to it. Coupled with the car developing weird blisters under the paint on the doors by the time it was 5 years old it didn't create a very good impression of VW group's rustproofing abilities.
  9. Perhaps, but that is normal on Toyotas. They operate the compressor on a duty cycle of continually cutting in and out, it is how they regulate the output of the AC system. Only in very hot weather should the compressor run continously on these, and even then once the temperature of the interior reaches the desired level the compressor will revert to cutting in and out every few seconds. Both our Auris and Avensis have done this all the years we've owned them and neither is low on refrigerant.
  10. If Toyota say that level of consumption is normal then as far as the garage is concerned there is nothing to 'fix'. What are they supposed to do, put a new engine in an 11 year old car, then find it potentially consumes just as much oil as the old one? My 1.6 uses even less oil than yours, but then the Auris 1.6 engines (in either vvti or Vmatic format) never were oil burners in the same way the 1.33 was.
  11. Is that the Briskoda site? If so, I'm surprised I used to post on there and found it pretty good back then. My Octavia was a 2007 model and although I liked it lot it was a bit of a 'Friday car' in terms of faults which is what led me to start buying Toyotas. I don't think my experience is necessarily typical though, and I've known a lot of people who've found Octavias to be very reliable.
  12. Yes as above its perfectly normal. The AC compressor cuts in and out according to demand for cold air, and each time it cuts in the engine revs increase slightly to compensate. When it cuts out the revs drop again.
  13. Does your reversing light still work? If not the parking sensor issue may be as simple as they've forgotten to plug the reversing light switch connector back in when re-fitting the gearbox, or damaged the connector or wiring in some way when unplugging it.