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  1. Probably yes. Ideally you shouldn't see any smoke at all, our 2012 never produces any that I've noticed.
  2. TBH I've never been convinced of the necessity of this on diesel engines. On petrol turbos yes, the turbo can get so hot that it will glow cherry red after sustained hard driving and allowing them to idle for a while afterwards does help the turbo to cool down. On turbo diesels however the turbo doesn't get anywhere near this hot. It obviously concerned Toyota enough to put a note about it in the manual, but I can only point to the large number of diesel vehicles we have at work. They are thrashed up and down motorways pretty much constantly, often with little mechanical sympathy by the drivers, kept for sometimes 200k plus, and I can't recall ever having to replace a turbo on any of them.
  3. If not, you could always use one of these: Seat belt buckle
  4. What tended to let the early Auris down was the quality of the interior trim. The plastic on the dash for example feels a bit flimsy and can be prone to trim rattles. However, none of this seems to translate into poor reliability. Mechanically they seem no less reliable than the Corolla they replaced in my experience. I've owned my Auris for approaching 6 years now and its been the second most reliable car I've ever owned (only beaten by our Avensis). As above, at the sort of age your are looking at I would buy on condition rather than going for a specific model in preference to another.
  5. How very 'helpful' of him! 😕 Breakers yards are probably worth a try for a replacement, but you may of course find that they are just as corroded as the one which came off your car.
  6. You really need to get the exact fault codes for anyone to advise further, but unfortunately Valvematic issues are not unknown on this engine. For some reason cars built in 2010 and 2011 seem to be particularly prone to it
  7. Mine's been 'fixed' with the base out of a Coke can for a couple of years too!
  8. What issues are you referring to with the manual? I can't say issues with either manual or auto boxes on the Avensis get mentioned very often on here.
  9. I have heard that the Prius has two cats close together on the same pipe, thereby making it twice as valuable. Not sure if that's true? Certainly there are plenty of thefts of catalysts from diesels. At work we supply fleets of vans to the utility companies and many are now specifying cat-locks on them for that very reason. Ground clearance does seem to be a factor because it makes the job easier for a thief.
  10. It's a risk in theory with any vehicle built in the past 20+ years. All diesels have been fitted with catalysts since 1997. However thieves tend to go for easy targets, ie vehicles with high ground clearance such as vans, 4x4s, SUVs, simply because its easy to crawl underneath and get at the exhaust. The Avensis doesn't have a particularly easily accessible exhaust so probably isn't likely to be a prime target.
  11. Yes as above, totally normal. Common rail direct injection diesels don't rely on glowplugs anywhere as much as old IDI diesels, and only really need them for starting once the temperature drops below about 5C. Above that most common rail diesels will start quite happily even with all 4 glowplugs dead/disconnected.
  12. Petrol cats were compulsory from 1993 K reg onwards but diesels escaped a few more years and only had to have them from 1997 P reg (when Euro II came into force). The early diesel cats did very little in practice and are not monitored by the ECU in any way, or tested on the MOT, so even if they cease to work it doesn't really cause any issues.
  13. Is it likely that you've covered 14k since March? The most likely explanation is that the odometer is correct but the tripmeter has previously zero'd itself. Has the battery ever been disconnected or perhaps run flat? That will zero the trip meter. I have heard of Auris tripmeters spontaneously zeroing themselves for no apparent reason too.
  14. The Techstream version I have (bought back in March) appears to be quite old, its apparently v 10.10.018, but the driver for the cable is showing as 2.0.1. I've sent the full setup disc to the OP by WeTransfer for them to try with their cable.
  15. I bought one of these earlier this year: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/16-Pin-Mini-VCI-TIS-Techstream-v14-Version-fits-Toyota-Car-Single-Cable-12V/112063076923?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Works fine with both our 2012 Avensis and 2009 Auris, and doesn't need any workarounds to run on Windows 10 64-bit.