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  1. hello there, i'll be spending about 3 grand, i suppose the lower the mileage the better, just looking for some answers to my questions before i part with the cash. cheers. gaz.
  2. hello all, looking for some help please. i came on here a few months back looking for advice when i was about to sell my honda frv, and buy a toyota auris, anyway things changed and i never sold the honda.... fast forward 6 months and the frv has now gone, so i'm sitting here with the cash from the sale of the car. dont know why but i never noticed the corolla before, yes its older but i much prefer the look, I've read some worrying stories about the oil consumption on petrols, so im looking for a diesel, we go to cornwall four times a year and my work journey is a long a road, so the poke of the diesel will be nice. is there any problems i should look for in a diesel corolla? do they come with the dreaded dpf filter? the ones i"m looking at do have higher miles on but i wouldn't think thats a problem with a toyota engine. what about clutch costs and general maintenance, sorry to ask so much. i just want to spend the cash wisely. cheers in advance. gaz
  3. Well thanks to all of you for all your advice/answers, the one I went to look at had been sold!!! I'm in no panic, I think I'll get my summer hols out the way and resume the search. I'm going for a late as possible mk 2 estate, as low as mileage I can find, mannual, with s/h. I really prefer the lighter colours than the black/dark blue. Soon as I have one I'll be back with the news! Many thanks. Gaz
  4. Once again thanks for the swift reply, so overall nothing mechanical to be concerned with? I'll be looking at cars with around 50k on I do about 8k per year, normally keeping my cars for around 3-4 years, so should be a safe buy, to be honest the only other thing that come close for the money was a Ford Focus estate, so it's a no brainier that I'm choosing the toyota! My last two cars other than the vw t4 I had have been honda,these have been faultless, did contemplate a used accord estate but I personally think they look awfull. So hopefully going for a used toyota will prove a good choice. Thanks again. Gaz
  5. That's good news!! As this was really bothering me. Not looking for anything sporty, just practical, I looked at one parked up at Asda last week, the boots perfect for camping stuff, anything else I should be looking out for? Am I right in thinking this is a chain driven engine too? Thanks for the reply. Gaz
  6. Hello all, I came on the site a while back asking for advice on a auris, anyway after a couple of test drives, we decided not to go ahead as the boot space simply isn't big enough for our camping gear. .....so we've set our sights on an avensis estate, going to view one on Saturday, decided against a diesel as we only do about 8k per year, my worry is ive been told these 1.8 engines use oil? Is this true or is the year I'm looking at ok? Last of the mk 2 model late 08. Is this a good choice of car? Any advice before Saturday greatly welcomed. Many thanks. Gary.
  7. Once again, thank you for all the posts, what a great forum! It really seems I'm making a safe choice from honda to a toyota, of course any car make/model can go wrong, but you certainly seem a touch safer with a used jap,car than many other makes, one thing I have noticed with all my Hondas they've all been prone to spots of rust appearing around the arches, even had it on the 07 frv. Gaz
  8. Thank you very much for all the responses, it's give me all I need to know when I look at a few. It seems there's not much at all to worry about then? Is the clutch a weak point on the auris? I hope not as I bet this would be a costly job. I always feel the clutch when buying a used car. When I decided to look for somthing different to a honda this time I spent hours and hours looking at reviews, I think I've finally found the right car!! Cheers all . Gaz
  9. Just spent the morning of my day off looking at adverts for auris sr's for sale on autotrader. Definitely a couple of grand cheaper than a same year civic, so.... I'm sticking to my guns and leaving honda after 8 years and switching to a toyota... And sticking to going for a sr model, purely for cosmetic reasons. They do seem quite rare, only about 25 for sale nationwide on autotrader! I wonder how many sr 1.6 owners there are on here. I think I could get a nice 09 plate for around 5.5k. I know I have asked already but could any 1.6 owners give me an idea of their mpg, I know the figures they give on what car etc, are always a touch optimistic. Once again sorry to ask so much, but there's no rush to get one, just want to get it right before emptying our bank account Thanks. Gaz
  10. Thanks very much for all this info, my frv had upgraded 17" alloys on with sportier tyres, felt every bump in the road, I suppose I should also look at the tr model, but it just don't do it for me, the way the sr sits with those alloys, spoiler etc, really sets it off. As I said I have looked at honda again but an 09 civic is about 2 grand more than an 09 auris, just too much for us, and I think my 3 girls would probably have a bit more room in the rear of an auris than a civic, plus reading independent reviews it seems just as good a car. Cheers, gaz
  11. As the sr model sits lower, what's it like with weight in the back? Couple of times a year I'd have 3 teenagers in the back and a few hold alls in the boot, no chance of bottoming out?
  12. So you turn the key with the clutch held down, or press, release then start up?
  13. Thanks for that. I'm not bothered about the speed, just swayed by the looks of the sr model. The interior trim looks very nice. Are the seats comfortable? What sort of mpg are you getting? Why does the cluch need to be touched when starting the car? Never heard anything like this before?? Many thanks. Gaz
  14. Thanks for the replys, as I say I'm going for the 08-09 sr as I have just under 6 grand to spend, and really like that earlier shape, I was getting about 34 mpg from my honda frv, so I imagine it'll be on a par with that? so you think it's a safe move going from honda to toyota then? Many thanks, gaz
  15. Thanks. Looking at an 08 -09 sr simply for cost reasons, plus I really think this model looks loads better than the newer model ( just my opinion) love the deep blue colour option too. I imagine the mpg would be around the same as my 1.8 frv. Cheers. Gaz