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  1. I did not have to use the clips, but mines the last of the MK1
  2. I got a set of G3s but I paid £24.79 off ebay lol
  3. I just gone around to the passenger side of my Aygo, its the last of the old Aygos and my bonnet was lifted about 1/2" to 1" from the wing. is this a common fault or has someone tried to brake into my car over night?
  4. Happy Birthday fazeruk!

  5. Do a photoshop and see what it looks like and then post the result to see what other people options are
  6. The one I listed above I feel is as long as you need to go, standard is 300mm the one listed is 400mm, could put strain on the motor after that . Thanks I going to get one of these
  7. I offered my car, but I know they would of picked a white car over black as it photographs better
  8. I think the back wiper blades are too small and would like to know how big you can go
  9. fazeruk

    My 2014 Aygo Mode A/C

    Photos of the Aygo
  10. They look boss them seats, would love a set of them if I can find a bargain
  11. Does anyone else suffer with a Bad Back driving the Aygo, I drove a Volvo V40 for the passed 9 years and was find, started to drive this car and my back is killing me and the only change his the car. and not had back pain like this for years.
  12. Hi Everyone I am new to the Toyota Aygo, I just got myself a 2014 63 plate 10 months old and so far loving it
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