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  1. Hybrid all day long. Fantastic discounts and 0% finance from brokers. You won't get another hybrid for less than 20k and this one is one of the best if not the best of the smaller cars.
  2. The real reason people get an SUV these days is nothing to do with off road abilities. It is about ease of getting in and out and a better view being high up. If you are disabled or elderly or have some other reason why this might be a problem then they are ideal. Often considered better looks as well these days. Of course they have their disadvantages but as with every car you have to make your personal priorities then compromise.
  3. Generally regenerative charging is good in stop start short journeys but of course in extreme circumstances you might burn some petrol although even with current model we still get a percentage of EV only, in cold conditions. I suspect it will still do a couple of miles and the heater in our Yaris warms up quicker than any car i have had before. I'm glad the heater in your non-hybrid car warms up instantly so you can go out in winter in your shorts and tee shirt.
  4. I prefer the existing look in bi-tone. This looks just like a Ford Ka to me. But that wouldn't put me off if the doors open wide and the seating height is still relatively high. Our current Icon Hybrid is, frankly a fantastic car, now almost 5 years old. It has not had a single fault and with it retaining its £20 tax there isn't a lot of incentive to change yet as it is not our long journey car but my wife's (and mine) short journey runaround. Of course it has a good deal more modern tech in it which will be nice and will get Android/iPhone mirroring. (Hooray!) The 4 miles on EV only and 75m
  5. Surprised how little interest there is on here, in the motoring press and in general. It is a good looking car with a very high spec even at the bottom end. Considering it's actually in the showrooms it is surprising there are no decent reviews yet in the main motoring press.
  6. Went and had a look last week. Looks nice but gtound clearance looks low? Very nice interior. Didn't drive it. Had some good deals but I really wouldn't want to go above Icon and you can only get the really smart looking bi-tone in Excel which is also has bigger wheels to lower the ride standard and fuel economy. Why do they do that? and the price is a lot more for very little else. There is a Design model between Icon and Excel but no bi-tone paint. All models have a lot of tech with all the new stuff like self park, lane departure, road sign recognition etc. etc. The other thing I don't
  7. A lot of people now cast Googlemaps to their screen for sat nav. Perhaps Toyota fear they would lose people buying that expensive option, which they well might. However that applies to all manufacturers and I think loss of sales will outweigh that.
  8. All I can say is my wife's hybrid ICON cost £14500 in Dec 2014 on a 3 year PCP plan which was £67 per month interest free deal with I think a 3.5k deposit. She bought it for just over 8 grand at the end. We still have it because we have still yet to find a small automatic that does over 60mpg around town from cold ! That's what it's for and the motoring press don't get that.
  9. Been hoping for something like this. I love my wife's Yaris Icon Hybrid for around town (a car the motoring media just don't get - what other small auto does 60+mpg on short town journeys?) But I need a bit more cruising ability and space and bigger boot. There are reviews out now and sounds promising. My only concerns atm are it is lower and I want ground clearance and ease of getting in and out as I have some restricted mobility. Also rumour there is no Android Auto. Can you believe that? I thought that was industry standard along with Apple iplay. I wonder id it has anything like the brill
  10. I have a very similar situation with my wife and we opted three years ago for a Yaris Hybrid Icon and never looked back. It was £68 per mth on a 30 month PCP plan (deposit was around £3500) and interest free. Unfortunately that deal which was about £14200 isn't available now so we bought it for £8400 at the end. The reasons are the other small hatchbacks in automatic like the excellent Aygo and Up are single clutch ASG which are apparently jerky and not good although that is based on what I have read and not driving. She rarely does more than 10 miles return and usually about 4-5 miles. We ge
  11. Sorry, it did sound a bit patronising but ti's the sort of thing I might go and do! Definitely get more mpg after about a five minute warm up but that seems to apply to our petrol cr as well. As I have said before though, I defy any other non hybrid/electric automatic car to get 52 mpg from cold on a 3 mile urban trip!
  12. Don't forget that mpg can actually be an irrevelent measure if you are actually trying to save money. It is petrol consumed for a given A-B journey that matters. So e.g In your example taking a longer route and warming up to get more mpg would depend on how much longer. e.g. 5 miles at 60 mpg will cost approx 33% more than 3 miles at 50 mpg
  13. Yes, a bit of a nuisance I know when they are on red but I find it helps avoid accidents :-)
  14. I would be annoyed if I were Toyota to read What Car magazine's article on best and worst cars for "true" mpg on their "special" rolling road lab tests. They claimed the Yaris Hybrid was 37.3% down on quoted at 49.3mpg. Now I don't manage to get some of the figures quoted on here but I do a lot of short journeys (which I defy any small non electric automatic car to beat!) but I have never managed to get figures that low under any circumstances. My range seems to be about 53 mpg minimum in winter in non-ideal conditions to about 68 mpg on longer mixed journeys. The only time I ever get over 70m
  15. A plug in Yaris with a ten mile range and my wife would neber buy any petrol !
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