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  1. Hi there, did this in june or july, alternator was shot and was not charging at all. Just stopped working while driving. Yes driveshaft has to come off, and oil will come out of the gearbox. Ok job to diy, but driveshaft has to come off, oil will come out of gearbox and the drivebelts have to come off if replacing at the same time. I did alternator, idle pulley, tension pulley and new belts while i was fiddling around there. Very tight space under there so an ubiknal of different size tools is good to have.
  2. I have had kn filters on allmost all my cars, both the open ones and the stock replacements. In my toyota i have the stock replacement. I wash it about twice a year. This one i have had for 4 years and cant see any wear or tear yet. I have this kn filter cleaner spray and the kn oil for using after cleaning. Idk what could damage the engine with a reusable filter, maybe if you use too much oil on the filter?? Anyways im happy with these filters and have had no problems with them.
  3. I took off all the door covers when upgrading the speakers in the doors, if i remember correctly there are only a couple of screws in each door around the door handles, and around the outsides there are only plastic clips holding it in place. A set of plastic prying tools is handy for this job. Took me 2-3 hours for all 4 doors (with speaker replacement)
  4. I had the same problem, on my car it was the rear sway bar bushings. They cost about 10£ or so and are easy to replace. If you drive up on a set of wooden blocks with the rear tires you should be able to check the sway bar for play. It will be stiff if jacking up the rear since the drop of suspension will lay weight on it.
  5. Yes now all is good, the camber is off in the the rear by a bit so i might still get some tire wear in the rear by the looks of it. But the steering is now ok.
  6. Ok so here are the results. The toe in front was off like suggested 👌 they were not able to fix the rear due to rusted/stuck parts..
  7. I live in Norway.. called today and made a appointment on friday for a 4wheel alignment. They charge ~130£. And if there is anything wrong (If they cannot perform the alignment) they charge ~65£ for a full suspension check. But i guess with the difference in wages and etc it is "ok" price here. Still a little steep tho. And these prices is with a 10% discount 😂👌
  8. No not in a while, i changed to winter tires and after that it became noticable. Do they check for worn suspension when doing alignment? It fairly pricy at 170£. So i dont want to do it twice 😂
  9. Hi there, i have a 2006 avensis d4d and i have started to notice the car drags both left and right when pulling the steeringwheel just a little bit. So when driving straight i have to like keep steering or the car drags out to eighter sides. I did a inspection with wheels off the ground and the only thing i found a little off is the tierods. They are easy to turn from side to side, but there is no play in and out. I dont know if this is normal? The rest of the suspension is fairly new.
  10. Check the sliding pins on the calipers.
  11. Ok so i got the new altrnator in the mail, when at the post office the guy who went to get my alternator dropped it from about 1,5 meters and straight to the ground.. so my question. The wheel at the end of the alternator should turn around easy right? It spins half way and then it sounds like the fan or something is scraping inside the alternator and i have to use force to get it to go around. Broken or should it be hard to turn when new?
  12. I only have the 2.0 but i also was looking around for beefing up the Power, but as mentioned before the head gasket is not made to handle much more than it allready has. I made my self a open air filter With some parts for a ford pickup, made a great sound, and i ran With it for a while but went back to the Stock air filterbox With a KN filter. I have lowered the car With the eibach prokit (25mm i think). Have installed a front upper stabilizer bar from wiecher and fitted ventilated (slotted) brakes. The car is now a different car, so much nicer to drive. When my 2.0 dies i will look for a 2.2 With low milage and do the same With that one.
  13. Ok so i have got the alternator out, the brushes were short but as far as i could see they made contact. And did a ohm check on the alternator itself and it passed. I can see that the lower brush had grinded some on the spindle. Checking for spares on ebay now and they are not as cheap as i had hoped. A full rebuild will cost almost the same as a new alternator.. saving 30-40£ maybe.
  14. Ok, so i have finally the time to check out the Avensis. Have it up on jackstands and have removed all the plastic. I Guess the one saying the driveshaft has to come out for this job is correct. Only thing i see on the driveshaft is that it is going through a Mount\support, can you separate the driveshaft here? Or do i have to take Down this "Mount\support" and separate the driveshaft at the end? and where to hit the driveshaft when taking out? (on the other side i hit the inner joint) If anyone have removed the driveshaft on the right side please shout out! 😛
  15. I get only a 0.2-0.5 drain when running it through the multimeter, drops down to 0.03 ish after about 10 seconds. (Can hear some electric motor running inside car). So i guess the brushes on the alternator is shot, since i should get a drain if the diodes are shot? anyhow i will take the alternator out and check it, it has done 270k km and is from 2006 😂👌 thanks for the inputs guys 👍
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