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  1. Hi. I came across this video of a strip down of a high mileage 1.5 hybrid engine. Didn’t seem to be many issues except possibly out of spec oil causing sludging in sump, and stuck oil control ring on pistons. Again, might be because of excess intervals. Could be of interest. It was to me. https://www.motor1.com/news/539563/toyota-prius-high-mileage-engine/
  2. Mine might be affected, depending on exact build date. Contact number for recall information is 0800 044 3720. Telcon 5 minutes ago. They know nothing as yet. Awaiting details they say. Toyota will write to affected registered keepers. Or, try dealer. Seem to have heard this before. Has anyone been approached I wonder?
  3. Noticed an ad today pointing out that I really am the 1,000,000th visitor to your site. Again. Something called "prizesworld" . Not clicked for obvious reasons, but thought you should be aware. John
  4. I ran Windows 10 on iMac OK. Used Bootcamp. It worked, but now probably have to buy Windows 10, so I'd try to use someones PC instead if I had to do it again. Alternatively, there seems to be a possible purchase of update via https://www.toyota-tech.eu/Navigation/Base/ModelEvaluation selling a USB stick, but this I have not tried. We use TomTom for satnav and ignore the clunker built in!
  5. Timing belt? Thought the 1.33 was chain drive camshaft. What did the garage replace, and what did they itemise?
  6. Think I would prefer this sort of work to be done or supervised, by the dealer. Recalibration seems quite involved from what I was told by the technician locally. Might be useful to know, in the event of a screen being damaged, and requiring replacement, what steps are needed to maintain a fully functioning TSS. Do Autoglass or other windscreen repair firms, know about the TSS function and its integration with the windscreen? Training? Does a replacement windscreen include the sensor binnacle, or is that part "pried off" the defective screen and refitted, or separately sourced? As to the heater element Maria, it is possible to check whether a heating element is present by using an non-contact infra-red thermometer. I already had one for checking all sorts of things. Then when the modification was done, I wanted to see whether there actually was a heater fitted within the binnacle. There was. Difference between the screen ambient temperature and the area heated was noticeable. Mine cost £12.49 btw.
  7. Good points. Auto headlights OK, and one panic warning (for nothing much as usual) on the pre collision system, so that works in theory. I try not to rely on AI:)
  8. Just to update since the Auris went to RRG Macclesfield for the modifications to the TSS on 7 February. Since then there have been no recurrences of the error messages. Even when travelling on the Cat and Fiddle road and the A34, where it has happened before, in damp, foggy and cold conditions, on several occasions, the latest yesterday in minimum of 3C, and fog over the cat, and heavy traffic in and out of Manchester. Fingers crossed! But seems OK now.
  9. As others have shown, it doesn't need ice to knacker the TSS on Avensis and Auris. Pound to a penny that it's a Toyota PR who added the patronising addenda.
  10. My vehicle apparently did not keep any record of any fault, despite a virtual blizzard of error messages when there were no obvious triggers. The technician did say that at the first attempt to fault find, that there was a message about misalignment. This was corrected, but the error messages continued. Until the recent heater install and software tweak. I think it must be some sort of internal software fault, in the absence of an overt trigger such as a blockage of line of sight. BTW, the technician said there were over 20 "computers" in the system. No wonder they see ghosts!
  11. FOC, but they wanted to check first for the issues experienced and the conditions they occurred in, and look for error codes.
  12. I'll have to look out for turbines, which reminds me that the flight path for Manchester airport crosses the path of the A34. However, flights of fancy apart, the technician who fitted the mod thought that a trigger for the error might have been the retro-reflective surfaces of the serried ranks of cones at the road works. Daylight for me usually, but not impossible. Nothing like field testing is there!
  13. Update following dealer visit (RRG Macclesfield) on 7 February for modifications. They have installed a heater to the TSS module and reflashed the ECU. Since then there have been two trips to Manchester and return via A34 as well as minor shopping. No recurrence of issues in conditions that seemed to trigger the error messages before: i.e. slow moving traffic, and below zero C with fog on the first trip over the Cat. Today checked the area of windscreen above the module (infra red thermometer) and noticed peak of 22C in an ambient of 9C. So, there is a heater in there! Will send feedback to Head of Quality for Toyota GB following another trip this week, which is likely to be in rain or snow.
  14. OP could get the reference from http://www.toyota-tech.eu/TLLogin.aspx?redirecturl=aHR0cDovL3d3dy50b3lvdGEtdGVjaC5ldS9OYXZpZ2F0aW9uL0Jhc2U= Input your VIN, or model details, and search under "repair" heading to see the TSB titles and issue date, relevant to your vehicle.
  15. Not so far as is known, but it would be prudent to take preventive measures beforehand. The longer this farce continues the greater the risk.
  16. Don't forget that under S3 of the Consumer Protection Act 1987, the maker is also liable if damage is caused. Product Liability legislation applies. As to affecting the primary safety of the vehicle, the possibility exists of the TSS initiating emergency breaking as a result of a system failure. There are 16 conditions listed under which the PCS system could operate automatically (page 237) "even if there is no possibility of a collision" ( phrase taken from the manual p.237). A collision caused by emergency braking for spurious reasons would be regrettable. In addition driver distraction is a fact, as the TSS error messages occur unexpectedly and are persistent. "Driver distraction: Always give your full attention to driving. Anything that distracts the driver, such as adjusting controls, talking on a cellular phone or reading can result in a collision with resulting death or serious injury to you, your occupants or others. " The manual, page 10. I'm not sure that Toyota have got their act together on this.
  17. The method of search chosen isn't really the point. You'd need prior warning of an issue with TSS to want to delve into the detail. The online manual search works well, but unlikely to do that before purchase if the buyer was unaware of a problem that Toyota were still struggling to resolve?
  18. My pdf version has 553 pages. A prospective purchaser of a vehicle equipped with TSS is advised to have a crystal ball, to detect TSS foul-ups!
  19. You might find the VW site reference that follows to be useful: http://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?p=1340914 Point made that the binding of the actuator requires removal of soot internal to the VNT, for cleaning to be effective. Of course, Toyota may use a different method but I guess there is some similarity.
  20. Bit of a jump in size! More the V40 for us. Petrol, proper winterisation, and AWD would be nice, when the boat comes in:)
  21. Which model Volvo do you drive SM? Might need one. Long time since we drove one: 240 saloon auto. 3 speed. Luxury! Very functional but 25mpg. Never more, never less.
  22. So disappointed:) But, for the first time, there is more than radio silence, which is a small step in the right direction.
  23. Update. Response from Greg Culshaw: I have spoken with Richard McKay at Macclesfield and I see that you are booked in on the 7th of Feb with the team there. I have suggested to Richard that they do follow the Technical Service Bulletin as part of the bulletin is related to software logic regarding the system messages that are displayed. (My emphasis) If it is OK with you I would like to follow up with you afterwards to get some feedback on the difference you experience. Please feel free to contact me in the meantime should you need to." Progress at last.
  24. Have sent a note to your contact. Thanks for the lead, Terry and Martin. Will get in touch with CEO if necessary, after the dealer has examined the car again.
  25. Tin foil hat NBG. Further log of errors on TSS. Already emailed to the dealer. Fully expect nil response…. 2 February 2017 Journey from Buxton to Manchester Left at 0945 via Cat and Fiddle as on 27/1. 7C at highest point 518m. Moderate rain and strong breeze. Visibility clear. No error messages until in the slow traffic on A34 in almost exactly the same section of roadworks as before. Roughly SK93PH Temperature 8C, no rain, clear visibility. Warning extinguished itself, but repeated 6 times in all on the A34. Return journey at 1445 via Cheadle and Woodford avoiding the A34 jams. No error messages at all. Dry, with light rain approaching Cat and Fiddle. Visibility OK. Temperature at start 11C, and 9C in Buxton.
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