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  1. It's the release arm inside the gearbox thats doing it, not sure if you can grease it up with the box still on the car. maybe there is an inspection plate where you can get to it. J
  2. its something else. i have pm'd you the amp is in the side panel for the premium system
  3. Mine is out of the running at the mo too... :( going in for a clutch on wednesday, then i'm putting all new brakes on at the weekend, along with an oil change (redline oil btw ) and plugs , new coolant etc. and fit my radar detector :D oh and sort out the blowing exhaust too... boring not driving though....
  4. rofl, twin turbo my ****..... looks like a chav bought the car then realised how much they acctually cost to own !!!! would you ever buy a car from someone who rites so krap...... lol J
  5. Nice to meet a few of you :D Rash, top motor mate Thanks to the guy in the silver celica, (penknifes are handy for chopping out broken wheelarch liners) - wee bit too fast on the way there ! - sorry mate i forgot your name ! cheers everyone J
  6. The b rakes on the two are amazing for standard brakes, get yours stripped down and fit some new internals to them, new pads and disks and you'll be laffing. www.brakesint.com J
  7. Get vac tubing from rsonline, the two connectors are for your light on the gauge, tap one into the + from your ciggy lighter and the - off the other, run the tubing along the carpet and up behind the drivers seat, there is a grommet through to the engine bay, tap into the tube that is connected to the boost sensor.
  8. UMBELEIVABLE !!! :D That is one of the best widebody 2's i've seen ! (corked) Hat off to you my aussie mate J
  9. Head over to www.mr2oc.co.uk there are some on the club shop
  10. I've had this on my comp for a while, the best bit is when he steers with one hand whilst shading his eyes from the sun ..... there are no words for the skills..... J
  11. anti-lag ??? ← They use anti lag on rally cars, basically fires fuel into the exhaust which ignites, keeping the turbo spooled - not good for the turbo but probably quite fun all the same ! lots of flames too btw... J
  12. its gotta be the rollers mate, if you've done all them extra bits to your car it cant get rid of the power... Just wait till you get your power fc on then go back to prosport.. J
  13. Had the same thing on the cat and fiddle road the other night stu ! understeering all over the show - my spare wheel and other stuff was at home too !!! Had to keep swinging the back round, just to corner !!! got a bit scary in the fog though so had to come home in the end :( J
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