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  1. Thats plain right rude! and is not tolerated here! I suggest you apologise And I suggest you wind your over-zealous neck back in! It is f**king awful, ok, it's her car, but it's still f**king awful! *****, since when did opinions on a forum mean I have to apologise?! Worlds gone mad!!
  2. I've driven both... Obviously, speed and acceleration the CTS is much quicker (140mph plays 120mph and 0-60 in 8secs vs 9secs), however, the t-sport, being much smaller is much nicer to punt along a twisty road and yes it handles significantly better. I drove a CTS and found it to be very 'mushy' and quite unresponsive in the bends, the brakes also were a cause for serious concern! The engine was a let down too, having sod all beneath the magic 7k rpm, very frustrating dropping out of the 'powerzone'. There are no such problems in the YTS, it has enough torque to ebb along without being thrashed and plenty of power for its size, insurance group and mpg/running costs. Depends on your size needs and wether you actually need the extra horses!
  3. Iv found the Toyo's to be weak in the wet and greasy weather, but good in the dry. Dunlop SP9000's are sh*te all the time. BF Goodrich G-Force Profilers were brilliant at everything but hard to get holdof now. Just had two new Vredestein Sportrac 3's fitted and thus far they are brilliant too... noticable inmprovement in cabin noise, not had chance to thrash em yet though!
  4. Yaris are well known for the wheel not being 'dead-on' when wheels are straight. Local garage was bemused but tracking is now dead-on balls accurate.
  5. Magnatec is awful awful oil. Makes a very noisy engine. Use Millers 10w40, brilliant. Standard toyota filter does that job fine. Make sure you replace the sump plug washer too.
  6. If you're not into modifying then that price from Mr T is very good. Cost £60 to get fronts done at Mr T near me. The toyota brakles are fine for normal to light thrashing duties. Any heavy work and upgrades are required.
  7. I'll start with possible solutions beginning with the easiest... Dirty fuel. (poor quality supermarket fuel) Fuel pump malfunctioning (basically, fuel starvation) Dirty lambda sensors (thinks air is too clean/dirty and thus alters the air/fuel mixture to the wrong level) Spark plugs need changing (clogged up due to deposits running rich... also related to lambdas, or the gap has altered with age etc) VVTi Controller (unlikely) I'd say to fill it with a bit of optimax and a fuel cleaner first, reset ecu and take it for a damned good thrashing (amazing how well the Yaris responds to this) I mean a good hour or so, not a run round the block. Then check the spark plugs, if it still does it, then get it checked.
  8. There's a Corsa VXR 888 available now... 225bhp! Niiice. Until you encounter any element resembling a corner.
  9. Mine went at 70k. To be fair, they have every right to refuse as you should hear it... it's pretty loud, it doesn't just go, it decreases gradually in its operation and creates a lot of bearing noise. But there's no harm in asking!
  10. Check the plastic trim that goes into wheel arch, may be moving when the car moves and lightly touching wheel? Could actually be poor oil in the engine if it's a chuf chuf chuf noise like you describe, use Millers 10w40, it makes a massive difference!
  11. My lock button is dead too, I just used the other key. About £80 for a new key iirc.
  12. Toyota OEM yaris discs corrode very quickly, you're just as well putting some local car suppliers versions on, cheaper and don't scrape as much. End of the day, its just a little bit of rust, nothing serious.
  13. What an annoying useless piece of junk. £63?!?! Rather buy some fuel to burn.
  14. I had clutch judder problems on my 2002 1.3 SR, this too was in mainly cold/wet conditions. Took it to dealer and they replaced the clutch plate. Not a problem since. This was at 15k miles, car is now at 70k miles and I have had not a single jot of bother.
  15. 40k service is the same as 60k. As in they're both a major service. Make sure you get the coolant and brake fluid changed for that price as these are necessary at this point in time.
  16. Whatever the cheapest pee on tap is! Although, I do have some standards, the beer MUST be well poured and be fresh. I turn into Mr Hyde if they give me a dodgy pint. One place even tried fobbing me off saying it was the glass making it look off. How about you go frig yourself you stupid student bleeper de bleep! I have to confess though, even though im only 22 im a refined single malt man, I even bought a £50 bottle of well-aged gelnfiddich once, absolutley clucking gorgeous it was too!
  17. I have one on my Yaris, it was the first thing I did about 2.5yrs ago, id actually forgotten about it until I saw this thread! I suppose they are a little chavy, but it's just a larf, doesn't cause offence and gives people behind me something to laugh at!
  18. I said Yaris T-Sport! Not diseasel!
  19. The megan manifold can cause some clunking with standard exhaust mid-section and also causes a heck of a lot of noise! Sounds like you get nowhere, get in touch with office fair trading, get advice on how to tackle it if you still get nowhere.
  20. To quote cliffhanger... "It amazes me, in this day an' age..." When 20-something-year-old men with jobs, women, cars and BEER will argue over the piece of plastic that sits near the telly burning electricity. Yes, gaming is immense fun and my PS2 has had a good battering (had it since day of release!) but these little arguments of who's console is best is like a great big '(pork)sword-fight'. At the end of the day they are exactly the same as each other... they are gaming consoles with nigh-on identical games, they have pads with trigger buttons and joysticks, they have online-play, they have HD, they have wireless etc etc. Ok, one has blu-ray, one has HD-DVD, but both are supported for the next 10 years no doubt as a good platfrom battle makes money for all execpt the consumer. Yes, the PS3 has more features out of the box, but 90% of them you can have on XBOX and vice-versa. The only area that is currently a let-down is the PS3's lack of available games (65?!?! Come on Sony, get the finger out) but the Xbox has been out much longer and Microsoft has a much larger cheque book to wave around. Each console has a few 'exclusives' and each can say it has sold better in one month or another. Iv played both and won't commit money to either, simple reason behind that is the PS2 is still the best games console that there ever was (nobody can argue that, im sure you all had one and loved it) and it still has games being released on it that can keep folk entertained. After christmas both consoles and all their major games will be half price and not too long after, the game we all want will be available... GTA IV. So fella's, what's it to be, arguing over a losing battle or accepting that both are great, you like yours, he likes his? Either way, it's still funny to see you all bickering like the 12yr olds I used to teach!
  21. Lost control and crashed a 1.0l on a roundabout (no more than driver error im afraid) so you're getting a more powerful version?! Makes perfect sense. Hope you keep this one nice! Shame about the owner you're buying it from... 100mph on a test drive? Imagine what they do when they aren't showing it off. Reminds me of when I went with a mate who was looking for a new car... the owner started it up and from cold took us for a quick drive and absolutley revved the hell out of it... needless to say he didn't complete the sale.
  22. 32 front and rear works best for me... below 30 you feel the bumps more. Above 33/34 and grip isn't as good.
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