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  1. Can you mention Lexus on here, they are after all a Toyota?
  2. When ordering my Gen 3 Prius I asked to have the reverse bleeps turned into a single beep. Dealer had no problem with this so must be easily carried out.
  3. WeBuyAnyCar advised "Demand for your car has risen which means that the price of your car has changed for the better."
  4. Interesting that Webuyanycar are now offering £13,150 for my Prius, maybe I should just keep it for a while and see how far they will go! Car has just had its final free service (3 free when bought) & MOT (no problems) as well as the free car tax and the best bit ... dealer has finally accepted the battery needed replacing, so it starts OK now (touch wood). When in for battery fault check (3 days) I was loaned a Hybrid Yaris which was much more refined than my Prius so looking for something else, a Lexus CT maybe as the latest model sounds canny although haven't had time to arrange test drive.
  5. Did you try any brokers Skateruk or just go to dealer? Dealer offered £2000 off straight away but still no where near brokers prices. Sorry Grumpy Cabbie, I live in the wilds of the North, not sure how I ended up with that location!
  6. Brokers do not seem interested in taking my car as part ex, as they normally use dealers this seems a bit odd to me. Often referred to webuyanycar who I already have an onine quote from, in fact they have increased it by £80 today! Dealer who is attempting to get me the best deal they can, will not go anywhere near webuyanycar offer which is over £400 more. Anyone else had similar when attempting to get a part ex deal for Prius? Yep drivethedeal is offering best price so far.
  7. How's the PiP? Did you have a Prius previously? Noticed £7000 discount on PiP's. I understood new Gen 4 was coming spring 2014 but it didn't appear in Whatcar new cars for 2014, so 2015 maybe. Has anyone got the Tech Pack, seen no response about this? Cannot handle all that beeping stuff made by modern cars, does this activate a lot of beeps?
  8. Local dealer offered 'special' deal in August, part exchange value then £12,000. Not special enough for me.
  9. Noticed similar offers includes £1000 discount for taking finance. Just started searching, will look forward to what deal I can get.
  10. Hi everyone. It's that time to be looking for a new car and have been looking around to see what prices are available if I change to another T Spirit. Has anyone bought one recently or are in the process of buying one, what deals are on offer? Best offer, basic price £21,119. Any ideas on trade in deals? Checked We Buy Any Car and they value current car (2011) at £12,700. Current car has Digital radio and wondered about going for the Tech Pack, anyone got one, I'd like to find out what they think? Look forward to any replies.
  11. Latest info. Dealer once again can find nothing wrong with 12v battery.
  12. Plugged compressor into car as usual to check tyres before washing the car and it wouldn't work, just very slow chugging. So your all right, it has to be the battery... yes the one the AA found OK previously. So its booked in to get checked and have the dashboard rattle looked at again, the speaker rattle is driving me nuts when the temperature hits 13c. I was chatting to a neighbour and he had similar starting problem with his Mazda, dealer advised him to get a new battery - £80. But the fault continued so he was advised to change the key battery.. it worked! They also refunded his £80!! Disappointed the salesman with the news I was not going to buy a new car, keeping this rattly one a bit longer.
  13. Interesting my 2011 T Spirit was valued at £12K as part ex against a new one.
  14. Dealer is desperate to do a deal and eventually received a promising offer but I noticed quiet a few changes to the spec and must admit to being disappointed with the option for the digital radio being only in an expensive option pack. Got really used to this in current car. Anyone know if you can still get the digital radio separate to option pack? Salesman wasn't sure, not a good sign. Have looked at some of the reports of the new Prius and found some interesting stuff, but what will this car actually look like and what drivetrain will it use (4 x 4 mentioned) I guess we will find out nearer the launch date, early 2014 in USA. Can I wait till the launch date and watch my cars value fall...
  15. The replacement battery in key has not worked, same problem with 'READY' occurred again. Interesting offer from Toyota, new car less vat may be on offer. Anyone else had this?
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