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  1. I’ve turned off the lane departure warning so can’t be that but it could well be the speed limit warning, will look at that next time it happens. I also had a rogue speed limit displayed once, was on a NSL road with a red 40 lit up, not sure where that came from.
  2. Nearly at 1000 miles already so thought I do an update if anyone is remotely interested… Really enjoying the car, feels like the right choice. It suits my laid back style of driving, used to diesels with low down grunt but this has enough with the electric assistance, found myself in the wrong lane at the front of some traffic lights so stuck it in sport and floored it… it’s got some shove! It’s very smooth and easy to drive, I think I’ve figured out how to get the best from it. The suspension is probably the best I’ve ever had in a car, it absorbs the bumps very well while being n
  3. On the GR Sport it’s dark grey/black.
  4. I had similar thoughts when deciding which grade TS to go for. Was all set on Excel as I wanted the pan roof and nicer LED lights but really didn’t want full leather seats. In the end I went for a GR Sport after seeing one in the metal. The subtle difference in the body kit, the sportier looking seats, black 18” wheels, HUD and 3D effect digital display were enough to go without the pan roof and nicer looking lights.
  5. Mid 60’s is easily doable on the 2.0, my commute regular gives me that with very little effort.
  6. While the dealer has your car you may want to ask them to add the global window open/close with a long press on the key fob. Something which is usually standard but not on these cars. My local dealer were very helpful and did it straight away for me at no charge when I turned up on the off chance.
  7. My first commute today, happy with these figures, better than I was expecting. I don’t know how accurate they are though.
  8. Mine is the same, often cruises at 1mph under the set speed, seems odd!
  9. I've got a couple of questions for Corolla Hybrid owners, I haven't got the handbook yet so can't look these up.. Can you set the adaptive cruise control in 1mph increments? It looks like you can only set in 5's. Can you adjust the tolerance of the speed limit display so if you creep over 70 it doesn't go red, set the tolerance to 73 say? Thanks all..
  10. I’ve just collected mine this weekend, really happy with it so far, it’s so smooth and relaxing to drive. I’m sure you will be pleased with it. Mine is solid white but would have happily gone for Ash grey too.
  11. MY21 2.0 GR Sports come with 18’s as standard, the 1.8 still comes with 17’s. Comfort is fine but I’m used to 18/19” wheels on previous cars. Road noise is certainly there, not too intrusive yet but time will tell, only done 80 miles so far!
  12. Thanks, yes it’s got the 18” wheels.
  13. Collected mine today, had a nice drive home, so smooth compared to my diesel Focus. Need to go through the menus and see what’s what..
  14. Best to take the pram and car seat along with you and try them for size. Rear space in the hatch does often get highlighted as not being great. Have you considered the touring sports? It has a longer wheelbase so more room in the back seats and obviously a much bigger boot.
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