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  1. Obsidian blue metallic has plenty of sparkle to it, it can appear quite dark until the sun hits it then it changes completely. On this pic you can see the different shades it gives..
  2. When I picked mine up last Friday the dealer said he’ll call me in 3 months to take my order for a MY23 model 😀
  3. Thanks Jeff, appreciate your time replying, the MY22 is a different system, not so easy to find! Thanks for this, much appreciated, They hid it away well 🙄
  4. I may be being dim here but I can’t find the settings for the sound, bass/treble etc??
  5. You’re not wrong! Love the blue, it really sparkles when the sun hits it.
  6. Collected! Nice to be back in a Corolla, I’ve had a VW Up for the last 3 months, this now feels like a limo..
  7. The date won’t appear until the tracker shows the ‘Derbyshire’ location next to each stage and also a map underneath. You should get an email telling you there is an update even though it will still show ‘Processing’ at the stage.
  8. Interested to see if yours arrives with the black roof!
  9. Mine arrived at the dealer this morning, been in to sign the forms and collecting Friday. Had a quick peek at it too. Was good to set eyes on it after nearly 6 months of waiting.
  10. Tempted by this, looks like some significant upgrades, haven’t even picked up my MY22 model yet and already got an eye on its replacement.. 🙄
  11. Ah, thought it may have been the new metallic grey they mentioned in the MY23 announcement.
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